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Redwood Middle School has some of the most dedicated teachers and administrative staff. Ms. Christoffersen, the Principal, goes above and beyond for the safety and education of her students. My son, an 8th grader, has learned so much under the guidance and commitment of his teachers over the past three years. The music program, under the leadership of Mr. Uren, deserves praise because it is excellent despite the lack of funds. Sports activities and club opportunities could be improved with better funding too! Overall, it’s a great school with a beautifully maintained campus and facilities for the enrichment of student life.
The reason I gave it four star was because the school does not have a lot of money at it's current state. Other than that this is a very great school.
It was a great school that focused on academics and getting students prepared for high school. The students at this school have come this school and left the school prepared for life in high school.
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I loved all the teachers and classes I took. The campus is big and easy enough to find a way around.
While attending Redwood Middle School, they had a unique opportunity such as a Video, Speech, & Debate class that essentially allows the students to run the course and create their own content that is aired for the entire school to view. Honestly, that is the nicest thing I can say about it. The staff - especially higher up positions - don't care about their students as they should.
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