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Redwood High school does an outstanding job in bringing spirit to students. When I was a freshmen I remember all of the rallies and how exciting they made us feel. I felt proud to be part of this school. As I continued my high school years I realized that Redwood has a culture. Its not just at rallies or home games but as a whole school, there was pride and joy. Students, staffs, and teachers were happy to be there. However, just like every institution they also have their faults. The students were proud to attend this school but the spirit out shined the under lying issue of student diversity. As a minority myself I experienced some bigotry. I know many students minorities, LGBTQIA, and students with health problems also being discriminated towards. This issue was brought to staff members and talked about to the whole school. But, never fully resolved because the students were not disciplined. Redwood could definitely work towards creating a safe environment for all students.
Redwood High School is pretty average. The teachers are either 1. amazing and love what they do, or 2. really mean and clearly hate their jobs. Bullying runs rather unchecked, and the admin really only care about keeping us in school for attendance. They really don't care much about the students, but at least the teachers and other students care. Once you find the right people and activities, it's a great school. The spirit is unmatched by anyone else in the district.
Redwood High School has given me the best high school experience, I have always been involved and that made it even better. I love how the administrators really like to take care of the students on campus.
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As a freshman, the campus was huge and overwhelming as there is a bridge to connect both campuses. The amount of students that attend the school causes a gap in the education for some students. Help is needed to be seeked for rather than provided. My advice would include seeking for the help if you need it other wise its a swim or sink situation. The student life is great in most cases alot of people tend to be friendly and the Friday Night Lights are full of life in the student section. After the freshman year however I noticed some issues to arise such as cases of infractions between students that got covered up. Overall if you do the right thing this school was a great place to be.
The campus is beautiful and large enough to resemble a college campus. Every staff member and teacher is so nice and shows they are interested in teaching you about their classes. Counselors are constantly involved with their students and greet and talk with them whenever they get the chance. Many after school clubs and events are constantly happening as well as pep rallies and dances to keep the school spirit alive throughout the years.
Redwood is a great school with a large sense of spirit! All of the staff is welcoming and they work to help students efficiently.
Redwood High School always encourages students to always do be A T.R.U.E Ranger. Having various extra curriculums and academy’s, they are truly invested into their students.
Redwood is a great school! There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, you just need to actually take them. Just like most public schools there are some really great teachers and some not so great ones.
Personally, my experience here is pretty good. However, the only issue would have to be the fact that they only offer a limited amount of Advance Placement courses. In addition, sometimes the academic counselors can be little to no help. Other than that, it is pretty good.
It truly felt like one big family! The teachers really care for their students no matter their differences!
My school is one of the best in the Visalia school districts, academically, with sports, and an overall good environment. My 2 years at this school has been very fun. They really care about their students, and know what they want to not make being their boring. Whether it is the assemblies or the activities at lunch, my school makes it the years to remember. You have some freedom and you don't always feel stressed to be there. The one thing I would change is for faculty to be even more hands on and invested in their students, subjects can be challenging, as well as life in general, and even if students don't ask for help, teachers should be prepared and understanding. Redwood High School is a great school and a very memorable place.
Best School in Central Valley!!!! Great academics taught by knowledgeable and kind teachers. Basically all of the sports teams win their division. Wonderful environment that prepares students for college/university.
Great music and sports programs and students are involved greatly. Despite how the school handles situations it is a great school and they make sure everyone is involved with school activities
I enjoyed last 3 years at Redwood. I met good friends and teachers who encourage me to do better. However, I wish they had more classes for students.
Going to Redwood High school was a wonderful experience. Sadly my last semester got cut short, but it was still an amazing time. Filled with awesome school traditions like cowhide and homecoming week, there are many great things to the school overall. There are a few bumps in the road you may face while going there, but overall, I probably wouldn’t pick any other school.
I loved high school it was some of my best years,I built long lasting friendships, and played softball all 4 years. The school morale and energy always kept the students engaged. We always had the best support on and off the field.
I have loved my experience so far at Redwood. The teachers and staff care about their students and always look out for their best interests. There are many clubs that give students the opportunity to feel included, supported, and loved through whatever it is that they may be dealing with. My experience at Redwood has shaped who I am, and I am proud to be a Ranger.
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Redwood High School is a very large school with a very diverse student population. Redwood is unique because the staff really care about the students success and offer all of the help they can in order to help their students succeed. Redwood is a very competitive school when it comes to sports but its sports programs are excellent and bring home a lot of wins. Every year students and the community all participate in events like Cowhide and Homecoming. Redwood is able to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds and races and bring them together. #RangerBlue
Redwood has been a great school for me. The counselors are involved in making sure I'm prepared to succeed. I'm also a baseball player and the coaching staff is top of the line for our area. Redwood is an older school and could use a few upgrades to it's facilities and equipment. I also think they could take into consideration some of the working parents for parent involvement, I know my mom would be involved more but she doesn't get home until 6 each night.
I loved my experience at Redwood High School. The administration and staff have always been there to help me through anything. I felt that I had a variety of classes to take that were challenging and had great teacher involvement. Throughout my time on campus, I was involved in ASB all four years. I felt that Redwood has one of the strongest school spirit and tradition I have ever seen. I have also been involved in the athletic program. We have always done very well in the athletics and we are a "school of champions". You can always count on Redwood students to do their very best in academics, the arts programs, and sports. I am very proud to be a Redwood student and I know many other people on campus feel the same way.
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