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I was a sophomore transfer into this school and ended up leaving in second semester. many of the teachers are horrible and don't care what so ever for the students. although, I had two teachers, Ms. D and Ms. Curtaz, who changed my life forever. as far as students, they all suck. there is an extreme sense of entitlement in the students and they waist no time putting others down for their economic standing. there is a large culture of racism, including may white students saying the N word! the administration has predispositions on a small group of individuals on campus. as being a part of that group, everything I did was taken as a threat and I was followed around by school security. if your child is not white, rich and/or has mental health issues,(such as anger, depression, bipolar, etc.) this is the worst possible school your child could attend.
The academics are rigorous and I felt extremely prepared for all the AP tests I took. I felt like I was constantly being challenged, which was stressful but I felt like I grew as a student. Redwood is a highly competitive academic environment, which definitely took a toll on my mental health, especially during college application season. Redwood has very little diversity, and there are a lot of stuck up, white, rich, out of touch kids here. Overall, though, my experience at Redwood has been valuable and I feel like I am ready to tackle college and beyond.
I enjoy the learning environment in Redwood high school and as well believe the teachers are great academic providers.
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What I liked about redwood would have to be the attention given to students teachers, also the wellness center provided for the students at redcwood. Some not so great things would have to be the mass majority of white students and not many students that are bipoc.
It has great math and science department, the language department is weak however. Furthermore, the sports are very strong and there is good support for all the teams at the school.
Overall, I like the variety of people that attend this school. While it may be difficult to make friends at times, there are people who are amazing and really care for one another. The teachers love the students and really care about how they are doing.
Redwood was like a second home to me! The teachers and the staff that are there make you feel safe and welcome. If you had the choice of here or another school I would 100 percent go to Redwood
Academics were very important, you could tell by the way teachers would emphasize they’re help hours and the rigor of the courses. Additionally, the social atmosphere was almost always positive and there was always something going on. However, although I was able to form a couple close relationships with teachers, the majority of them I felt like were pretty uninvolved in my learning which in a way was a piece of my life.
If you go to this school, I promise you, you find your place here. Most teachers care about your success so long as you are willing to put in some work. Of course, you will find teachers that most people dislike. On the other hand, the quality of education you will receive is 100% top notch. Although it's academics and teachers are amazing, it lacks a bit of diversity, considering the area, makes sense. The campus is well maintained and quite clean. The most dangerous thing I have witnessed is a fight. Out of my four years being there, there were only three. Our security guards resolve those as soon as it came to their attention. In the past, some of the office ladies in were extremely disrespectful to you but it seems this year, those ladies were replaced with much better people. For juniors and seniors, there is a college and career center to find job postings and ask questions about your plans and college questions. Becky in the college and career center is amazingly helpful!
As a senior, I feel that this school ranks above many other schools in the county in regard to both curriculum and educators. Being a student who is involved in the arts I feel that we have copious amounts of both class options and material wich other public schools nearby may not have. Redwood also ranks nationally among public institutions so I think that is worth being notes. All the teachers are very supportive and there for a student's best interest. It is also worth mentioning that the student body is very spirited and everyone is proud to say they are a giant!
What I like about Redwood is that it can be as challenging or as easy as you'd like it to be. You have the option of taking easier or harder classes, which determines the rigor of your academic experience. The majority of the teachers also want their students to succeed and are always there to talk if you need any help or are falling behind. However, with the debt and growing population of students, Redwood is starting to have larger class sizes and fewer opportunities to take more than 7 classes.
I love the staff and the atmosphere, it is a very inviting school, where everyone is ready to learn. The environment is a bit competitive.
There was a lot of resources there but there needs to be more diversity. A big issue that was no secret to anyone was that the school district is not spending their money very well, and this has caused a lot of problems. It is really a shame since the cafeteria food is very subpar, overpriced, and many of the extra curricular activities are losing funding because of this.
Amazing school. Lots of good classes, many very good teachers (and a few less so). Large class sizes, single block schedule.
School provides you with one of the best experiences it can possibly provide. Teachers are awesome and most of them know their subject really well.
Redwood high school has a great academic program, you will have every opportunity to be able to move on into a 4 year university, but the negative was that you will experience some form of racism since it is a predominately white school.
The academic support at this school is unparalleled in my experience, and it truly preps you for college. The athletics are quite well rounded and offer options for every student to experience something that they enjoy with few exceptions in a public school, as well as this the performing arts programs are stellar. One caveat I had while at this school was the social hierarchy and how segmented it feels. This isn't something that can be controlled and I guarantee almost every high school suffers from this for the most part but you had to figure out who to be really quick or be left behind.
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Great teachers including Mr. Dibley, he was so nice to me. I love how he was an inspiration to all of us in our driving lessons and I hope he comes back in the near future. Also would recommend checking out the Teen Lab and Mr. Dave, he is a very cool and nice teacher.
Redwood is an amazing school, with so many different opportunities and classes, and amazing resources, such as lab equipment, teachers and travel abroad options. redwood is very well rounded, with a well-run theatre company to 40 kids in BC calc. there a lot of people at redwood that are very academic competitive and get into top tier schools which keeps everyone on their toes.
this high school gives way too much homework as well as tests. it’s not diverse at all because everyone who lives in marin is a rich white stuck up kid but otherwise the school’s ok and a good experience in general.
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