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Great high school if you are confident, independent and secure. Prestigious so there is a lot of privilege. This causes cliquesbetween haves and have nots. Admin does a good job keeping things level. Large student body so you can find new groups if you want, but it’s easy to become invisible if you don’t make an effort.
Everyone at Redwood is there to help students succeed. The school offers endless opportunities to get involved in many different activities. It also offers a wide range of challenging classes. In addition to providing many science and math classes, the arts and theater program are also exceptional. There are many resources available to students who attend this school.
The arts were very well funded and supported. However, there wasn't a strong integration of engineering and fine arts which should have been as the engineering department had the wood shop which limited 3D artists to only ceramics.
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It was a great time and you meet a lot of people with similar interests. The school is big with many students. There is no reason to not be able to find a friend. Staff and student are welcoming and nice.
Very focused on academics and sports. Every year there are kids that go onto Ivy League schools, UC's and other public institutions.
Coming to a large public school like redwood from a small private high school has been quite the experience for me. From small things like the demeanors of the individual students, to larger more pressing topics such as the competence and fairness of the staff, there is plenty that is different between these two worlds. In the case of redwood, I have found that college preparatory academics have been just as easy to find at redwood than at my previous high school with a tuition of nearly 50,000$ a year. On top of this, I have also found the staff to be much more friendly and accessible when faced with questions and issues. If there is one complaint I have about redwood, it is the occasional safety threat that the school gets, however safety issues are usually addressed promptly by the nearby police.
Redwood High School provides many resources for students to succeed in college, but fails to provide or emphasize courses for life skills. The facilities are very well-maintained, and the sports fields are really high quality. An interesting distinction between Redwood and other academically focused schools is that while there is little school spirit, a large portion of the student body does participate in a sports team of some sort. While some courses seek to expose students to a variety of views, there is little political or ideological diversity at Redwood, making it often difficult to have meaningful conversations about important topics.
I had a great high school experience at Redwood. I thought I was provided a great public school education that challenged and prepared me for college. I like the size of the school and the community and club opportunities the students could be involved in. I played on a couple of sports teams and had a lot of fun on those too! The one thing I wish it had, that I wish all high schools had, is a home ec class to help students learn more about applied world tasks.
Teachers and school staff are incredibly talented, the students however are not very diverse but there is a lot of school spirit
Redwood has excellent teachers, the majority of which have master's degrees in their chosen subjects. My senior year, 4 of my teachers had Master's degrees from Stanford. I found college to be easier than my AP courses at Redwood.

The administration is top notch and their happiness trickles down to the teachers and from them to the students. Everybody LOVES Redwood!
It was a good experience. Its a nice campus with good academics. I made a lot of good friends there and overall enjoyed it. Although I didn't go to a four year right out of high school, there are plenty of resources there to help you with that path if you choose it.
Redwood is a strong community. Its not hard to find people/teachers you get along with. Extreme competition in athletics and academics. That being said, cliques exist and sometimes its hard to collect yourself when everything is going at lightspeed.
I think the classes at redwood were taught very well with a rigorous curriculum and great teachers. However, I noticed a lot of bullying and social class amongnst students.
Redwood is highly competitive school with so many opportunity’s to learn so many new things. The culture of redwood is extremely spirited and a great place to be
Loved the academics and teachers. They help you with anything you need, especially the AP teachers! Very hands on education.
Good teaching Staff and proactive Administration. Keep the school safe. Would like to see the workload reduced as students get too stressed out. Wealthy community fosters entitlement attitude. Most of the kids receive birthday cars that are more expensive than the cars we own.
I enjoy Redwood High School. I came here from middle school with a few friends and I was easily able to find a new group of friends and find my niche. The facilities are wonderful and the teachers are very helpful.
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Good overall experience, but there's an unhealthy attitude of "I have to be better than everyone else if I want to go anywhere in life."
Academics and opportunities are endless since the school is so large. However, it's hard to make friends and social life and school culture needs improving. Students are pushed to be independent and responsible for themselves and many teachers are very passionate about the subjects they teach. There are many courses offered as well.
My experience at this school was okay overall due to the fact that it wasn't very diverse and that impacted the structure of the school.
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