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Redwood is an amazing school, with so many different opportunities and classes, and amazing resources, such as lab equipment, teachers and travel abroad options. redwood is very well rounded, with a well-run theatre company to 40 kids in BC calc. there a lot of people at redwood that are very academic competitive and get into top tier schools which keeps everyone on their toes.
this high school gives way too much homework as well as tests. it’s not diverse at all because everyone who lives in marin is a rich white stuck up kid but otherwise the school’s ok and a good experience in general.
It's a very good school for collage prep. Could use a little more diversity though. High stress at this school but academics are superior to most other high schools.
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Redwood really allowed me to thrive as both a student and a person. Any opportunity I sought was there for the taking, and if it was unavailable, I could create my own opportunities. This school truly developed me into a leader, initiator, and role-model, as well as helped foster my confidence and my empathy for others.
Excellent high school. Academics, athletics, and the arts are truly top-notch. Teachers and other staff members genuinely care about the student wellbeing and success. Fantastic resources and extracurricular opportunities, has something for everyone.
Academically Redwood high school is very well off and I believe that it has prepared me wonderfully for college.
Redwood highschool was a good high school which overall prepared me for college very well. It was a normal experience with nothing out of the ordinary.
Great 4 years here at Redwood High School. Great teachers and coaches. Feels like a pretty inclusive school for the most part.
Redwood High School has been a welcoming place to spend four years. Although the cafeteria food is atrocious and the administration is often too uptight to let students enjoy their time as young adults, the teaching staff is great and I've had a wonderful education here.
Most of my teachers were excellent.
There were many clubs and sports to get involved with.
I felt well prepared for all of my standardized testing, SAT's, and AP testing.
Supper good academics, but very competitive and challenging climate. Lots of sports and extracurricular options.
I loved my time at Redwood. There are many activities and clubs to get involved in. Teachers really care about their students and the administration is supportive. The best thing about the school for me is the therapy access, which is phenomenal!
As an immigrant who moved to the US in the middle of my sophomore year, I can say that going to Redwood High was the best decision I could ever make. Even with a Poor Diversity on the school, all the students get along very well even the ones with totally different backgrounds. In general, the teachers and all the staff including the principal David Sondheim <3
The ELD program is excellent, Redwood was the place where I met friends that I will have for my whole life and I just have good memories from it, I will miss Redwood once I leave for college but I hope to come back one day as a teacher and be able to give that school back everything they made for me!
Redwoods teachers are extremely caring and helpful and the atmosphere is great. Everyone is really friendly and the classes are interesting and prepare you for college.
I love the community Redwood has. Coming in my freshman year all of students were very welcoming and the teachers/admin helped us get used to such a large school. One thing I would like to see improve is the freshman and sophomore science classes. The way the science program is currently set up it puts kids at a significant disadvantage to other schools because you don't have time to take chemistry, biology, and physics all before you leave high school.
Great high school if you are confident, independent and secure. Prestigious so there is a lot of privilege. This causes cliquesbetween haves and have nots. Admin does a good job keeping things level. Large student body so you can find new groups if you want, but it’s easy to become invisible if you don’t make an effort.
Everyone at Redwood is there to help students succeed. The school offers endless opportunities to get involved in many different activities. It also offers a wide range of challenging classes. In addition to providing many science and math classes, the arts and theater program are also exceptional. There are many resources available to students who attend this school.
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The arts were very well funded and supported. However, there wasn't a strong integration of engineering and fine arts which should have been as the engineering department had the wood shop which limited 3D artists to only ceramics.
It was a great time and you meet a lot of people with similar interests. The school is big with many students. There is no reason to not be able to find a friend. Staff and student are welcoming and nice.
Very focused on academics and sports. Every year there are kids that go onto Ivy League schools, UC's and other public institutions.
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