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What I loved most about Redwood Christian High, is the community. How united the student body was and how the staff knew you by your name within the first two weeks of school. Going back to school to Redwood was always a fun and exciting experience because the school activities even before classes began were a nice welcome experience for new students; I already had friends even before the first day of class.
My son has attended Redwood Christian School since kindergarten and is now entering 5th grade. He has grown and thrived in the wonderful school environment that Redwood provides. The teachers are very caring and it’s like one big family. Redwood offers so many programs that public schools have done away with but are so vital to a child’s development, the best part is the Christ centered education that my son receives reinforces what we teach at home. Redwood Christian is a great school that offers a top notch education as well as nurturing a child’s mental and social development.
It has overall good teachers, but do not go to this school if you are the type of person who question things. They have a strong christian view of the world and anything you do not agree with them is wrong for them, even in Biology classes.
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i have many great memories at this school! very thankful for the teachers & students who have shaped my high school years!
Great school, good environment, but some teachers aren't very good at engaging students and the rules are unjustified.
Redwood Christian Schools is an awesome private school with good and loving teachers, by coming alongside their students and helping them spiritually, emotionally and physically. If there was one thing I would prefer that they do is to become apart of the Classical Christian Schools Organization.
Amazing Staff. Teachers not only care about teaching the students, but they will also help them one on one during lunch when needed. Numerous Opportunities to get involved. Students can join many sports and clubs. Going to this school has helped me not only grow as a student academically but also to grow spiritually as a Christian. Chapel every Wednesday with different speakers and messages are amazing.
My Experience at Redwood Christian has been amazing. I have had an opportunity to make friends who've became family. The academic level since I have attended Redwood Christian has expanded. The thing that i would change is the fact that the atmosphere is very judgmental on everything that people do. One other thing that could change about Redwood Christian is adding more student.. most of the people that come to Redwood Christian have been going since Kindergarten, and when we get international students and new students our school gets kind of segregated, and they stay to their own group and is not very inviting
It is typical of the U.S. school system; an average American school. What sets it apart is how teachers care more about students and teach them through the lens of God's Word. I feel like many classes were way too easy, not taught in a learnable way, and/or creatively restricting, but there are gems that made my time here more worthwhile.

Fine arts programs (especially band) are generally underdeveloped yet growing. The school and students seem to be much more invested in sports. Some clubs are active, but many seem to start and disappear after a bit.

RCS is very Christ-centered, but can sometimes lack depth in its teaching of the gospel, especially in chapel. Faculty and teachers are godly men and women but there are very few strong Christian student leaders.

If you are considering RCS, my best advice is to visit it yourself and see if you would thrive there both as a student and as a person.
The school is very diverse and the students are fine but a lot of the teachers don’t know what they’re talking about and the administration finds too much enjoyment in disciplining their students.
Redwood Christian School is a private school with excellent English, Sports, Music and Arts programs from K-12. However the school lacks in the following areas:
Mathematics: no teaching credential and unable to present material.

Counselor: Not equip to guide student-athletes with requirements for Division I, Division II, or Division III programs.

Administration: Tendency to employ deceptive tactics and psychological manipulation to confront student with wrongdoing.
Falsely accuse a student of wrongdoing until proven otherwise.

Teachers: most of them do not have a Teaching Credential.

The high school has about 90 International students and impacts the national students because the science teacher was relocated to ESL programs.
While the academics are decent, the school itself is hateful and constantly gives you backlash for being anything outside of their “norm.”
I love the teachers and the way that Redwood Christian Schools educate there students in a friendly and christian environment. The teachers really care about ther students and want them to succeed. RCS schools creates a second home, with the way they involve your whole family, classmates, and administration to come together, they really have made my last years of highschool a blast!!!
This school has been pretty good and is does a good job preparing students for college. Although there is not much diversity, I appreciate the readiness that comes with graduating from Redwood Christian highschool.
The teacher is very good and kind for teaching students, and all of the equipment is very nice. School have the require classes, and there are some ap classes.
I like the diversity and the teachers. I can not wait to graduate from Redwood Christian Middle and Highschool.
The school is excellent, and the students and teacher is all friendly. Even though we are in the different country to study, I feel like it is home for us.
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Redwood Christian is a good school overall. There are classes that are offered for college readiness for those willing to take it. Redwood has a ride range of classes. The atmosphere itself is great and positive.
Redwood values the growth of their students, and does their best to incorporate a variety of experiences for the student body to participate in. As an organization and schooling system, they hire teachers that prioritize the subject as well as the individual growth of the student. The schools partners along with the student and the families to give the student the best outcome, and a person education.
I've been at Redwood Christian For 10 years. As I have grown up and matured, I feel as if the school has changed along with the student body adn along with the generations. I would like to see very minimal changes
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