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Love the experience at Redondo! The campus is great, along with the people and administration there.
I couldn’t imagine my high school experience being anything else. The school is very spirited and passionate about aspect, especially sports. Everyone is accepted and celebrated for who they are.
Redondo is the kind of school where there are opportunities for everyone. If there isn’t a club you like, you can make your own. The college counselors are extremely supportive throughout the entire process, and the teachers are extremely involved in sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars, not just their classes.
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I absolutely love this school. It's big so there is every type of person you could imagine and it's so diverse . It's so nice because everyone is super friendly and including. There are so many different ways to get involved- clubs, sports, ASB. The sports not only have phenomenal athletes, but there is a huge sense of community. Redondo is so amazing I definitely recommend it!
Overall, I had a great four years here. There are some problems within the administration and with older teachers who rest on tenure.
As a parent, I think the campus is beautiful. You can’t beat a view of the ocean while at school. The counselors are wonderful. They offer a lot of clubs and sports to participate in. I’m very happy my kids get to go to school
Redondo Union Highschool. The only Highschool in Redondo Beach housing over 3,000 students. Redondo Union has amazing sports teams with an immense amount of school spirit to back them up. Well to the public eye at least. When you attend this school it's a different story. Things are very fabricated to make everything look nice, safe, and Welcoming. Throughout my years, I was always told how great Redondo was going to be. Once I go to Redondo it was a little be of a letdown. Teachers and faculty can be rude, Hardly any school spirit and the bathrooms are always locked since people vape in the bathrooms. I'm not saying that Redondo is all bad we have some great teachers who genuinely care for there students and their success. We have a great program called "School To Career". Where students with IEPs can get on the job training to prepare them for life after highschools. I'm very fortunate to be able to go to a good school in a nice neighborhood.
My experience as a Seahawk at Redondo Union High School, was amazing. The views from campus, as well as the campus itself is so beautiful. The staff and teachers genuinely care about their students and work hard to make you understand whats being taught. Best 4 years of my life!
RUHS supported my dreams of being an artist with several art classes and AP studios. I am now in College at OTIS College of Art and Design. MY favorite teacher in highschool was my art teacher. She not only taught us art history but culture as well. I learned about the elements and principles of art and design and explored several mediums. I took AP Studio Art twice because it gave me time to explore my style and different techniques. We were given an abundance of quality supplies to check out.

I also enjoyed my Language Arts experience at Redondo. I took honors for two years and AP for one year. I had wonderful teachers that helped me improve my writing.

RUHS has beautiful facilities such as sports fields, a swimming pool, an auditorium, and a nice cafeteria. The food, however, is not the most nutritious.

I did have a difficult time making friends and was bullied. due to health reasons, I decided to graduate early. I was well prepared to take the exit exam and move on to college.
The campus culture is spirited and inviting. There are tons of activities, clubs, sports, etc to join so there is something for everyone. The staff are also extraordinary and really care about your well being.
In my first couple of years attending Redondo Union High School, there was a very encouraging environment both academically and socially, but after a shift in the administration, the support for the performing arts decreased significantly. This impacted my learning environment, especially as an aspiring music major, as the department had limited resources for what I needed. It was necessary to seek out outside resources and opportunities and I ended up being accepted in the competitive music performance major at my current university. Despite those challenges, I still feel that the school prepared me well and I have many fond memories.
Redondo Union is an overall amazing highschool. Not only have they gotten me prepared for college and the future, but the school also has terrific athletic programs, as well as clubs and organizations fit for everyone! The administration team and teachers are super helpful. The school also provides students with plenty of resources to help students be prepared for the next chapter in their lives. Last but not least, the school also has extremely clean and nice facilities; from their gyms to classrooms, the campus is absolutely gorgeous. Students are even able to have a view of the beach from certain spots on campus!
Redondo is a great school. Almost all of the staff are completely engaged with the students. The facilities are great and the NEST does an outstanding job with preparing students for college. The campus prioritizes academics very highly and is successfully able to hold students to high standards.
Redondo Union High is a very large school filled with many different activities including Arts,Sports, The sciences etc however the school is focused on maintaining a reputation to the point where it feels like going to a 4 year college after high school is the only option. Most teachers are fantastic however with any other school there are a few who students try to avoid getting. Overall Redondo is a highly competitive school who focuses on Sports and Education but not the arts or sciences
RUHS is a pretty good public high school. The teachers I had really made an effort to help me learn the material, and were understanding of my learning needs. As with any school, there's good and bad staff. In my experience, they were mostly great teachers who really cared about us students and who were passionate about the class material. I especially appreciate the counseling staff, who have helped walk me through the college application process, and have helped me so much with my class scheduling.
My high school has lots of challenging academic classes. I have enjoyed have some great teachers. My favorite memories will be being on tennis team all 4 years. It has been a good sport and really rewarding being with my team.
I loved the diversity of the school and the outstanding athletics along with the harsh rigor, which is to help students be prepared for college. Not only is the school diverse, but it's also very large. My graduation class is almost 800 students and I think with so many students, it really allowed every student to fit in with people they relate to and who they bond with. I loved the camaraderie among the students of each class. Outside of school rallies, each class gets along with the others and there is a unique bond that creates a unity between them. The teachers are also a huge part of the reason I enjoyed this school. While sometimes they could be boring, mean, weird or annoying, I can say that almost ever teacher I've had at the school really cared and wanted the students to succeed, whatever their methods were.
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Redondo has continued to update its campus in a very technological way. It is fitting for the students and incoming students as we move into a more technological era. The campus, in general, is very up to date.
I enjoyed Redondo Union very much. I always felt challenged in my classes and my teachers pushed me to do my best.
Redondo Union is an amazing school and I wouldn't trade the last 4 years for anything! I love that the campus is spread out and well maintained. The teachers are very caring and helpful, as well as all the other administration at this school.
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