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Redland Oaks Elementary School Reviews

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We love this school. My son has had amazing teachers and wonderful support from all the staff. The teachers are dedicated, loving, and so caring. They listen and answer all questions and will even follow up to see how things are going. The whole reason we haven’t moved from this area is because of Redland Oaks.
It is a school populated by 75% white teachers and 100% white professionals. There is a lack of understanding of social justice and meeting the needs of students who struggle academically. If your child has no academic needs then this is the place to be. If your child struggles you will find out after receiving a grade report with 3 grades below 70 (no parent contact). Few teachers here are actually true teachers the others are part of the problem of public education. As for the building, the open classroom concept (partitioned walls) needs to go. This school should have been demolished and redone a long time ago. Students can hear other classrooms all the time from all directions.
My child has enjoyed attending the school for the last three years. As compared to three years at other schools this school/ teachers are visibly more involved with excellent communication with parents.
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The teachers seem to go above and beyond and organize extracurriculars on their own that they feel will be beneficial to the students. As witness to some of these efforts, I must say other parents need to help teachers with the costs they are taking upon themselves without expectation of reimbursement. I make sure to give the teachers something additional with a letter thanking them for what they do.
The teachers are very protective of the students in their charge and they seem to truly care that their students are advancing and are not singled out or bullied. If a student is exceptional they are identified and entered into the Gifted and Talented Program and likewise for those that are underachieving and are given supplemental help to get them to the class level. All of these actions are done with no knowledge to their peers, allowing the kids to all treat each other the same.
What seems to be the norm of the day is that teachers teach to the tests students take. This is not the case for the teachers at Redland Oaks, this is not to say that they don't ensure the students are ready for the exams they are going to be taking, but that they strike a balance of preparing the students for the testing that will be coming at the students as well as going beyond to prepare their students for their future learning with unique approaches that are obviously not done just on a whim. The preparation put in by the teachers is very apparent and seemingly more than one would expect from them, the teachers I have encountered are truly doing what they are suited to do and they seemingly enjoy their jobs.
The school obtains 100% PTA participation and prides itself on this statistic. The teachers are very aware of the helicopter parents that the local neighborhoods contain and go over and above to make sure that the parents are aware of what the students will be taught and are open to a free dialogue over parental concerns. Teachers are willing to bend over backwards to accommodate any concerns from parents or students alike.
This school is one of the best in the city. It has been kept up to date along with all of the other schools in the district. The property taxes are well spent and it truly shows at this school in particular.
Very secure both in visitor access as well as the safety of the surrounding neighborhoods. Teachers were always very concerned for the students in their care and were very willing to go over and above to make sure that parents had a good feeling when leaving their students off for the day. Teachers truly cared about the health and wellbeing of all students schooled at Redland Oaks.
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