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I believe that there were both positives and negatives about Redfield High School. It was a tight knit community, and students supported each other. Some negatives came about in the more academic side of things. Teachers seemed to be not as adequately qualified for their jobs, while treating some students unfairly, while favoring others. Administration didn't treat some situations, such as bullying as seriously as they should have. Otherwise I believe the school adequately provided opportunities for student involvement, and encouraged success.
The students are very close to one another and it feels like a community at Redfield School. The teachers are very encouraging to all students.
my experience at this school is okay. I have had some good experiences and a lot of good memories have been made with friends. If I could do it all over I would more than likely go to this school, only because it's so small and most of the teachers try to help students as much as they can
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There is a minimal amount of English and Grammar Classes. There are a few more science classes but not nearly enough variety.
The food is obviously heated up frozen food. I personally hate it. I have stopped eating lunch at school. There is no variety what so ever.
We do a lot of bully prevention workshops, but they don't do a lot to help.
The computer labs are absolutely horrific! Our computer applications class is terrible!
Our school facilities are good, but they can be better.
I give us average because we still need some help.
My school is very divers. We have different types of groups.
Redfield school does offer many sports teams for students, but there are not many fitness activities available for those students who are not interested in participating in a team sport. I think the school should have a recreational gym where non student athletes are allowed to work out and lift weights rather than participate in team sports. The school spirit at Redfield was great when I was in high school. Most students attended the sporting events to support the student athletes.
The Redfield school building is old, but it doesn't have poor qualities that affect students' ability to learn. It has staff that are nearly always available to help and willing to reach out to students. The technology at Redfield School is fairly up to date with several computer labs, laptop carts, and personal laptops available for students who are in honors and/or AP classes. Most classrooms have Promethean learning boards, which are helpful resources in enhancing learning experiences.
This school offers a variety of classes to suit each student's learning abilities and interests. Redfield offers many shop, music, art, and also general academic, and AP/honors classes. The scheduling process allows students to take the prerequisites by the time they are able to start the honors and/or AP classes that are offered. The workload for the honors and AP classes can be stressful, but it is definitely worth it for the learning experience.
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