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Basically starts off fine but grade by grade you feel like you’re deteriorating and everything just starts falling apart. if you want your child to be happy at the school they are at, please don’t send them to redeemer unless your child is absolutely perfect or something. i am currently a student there even though i wish i was not and i want to come home and cry everyday. honestly wish i was joking but im not unfortunately.
I love the atmosphere that the school has to offer. I feel as if I’m. Extremely prepared to head off to college this fall. All the Teachers, Administration, and Staff have been so helpful over the years with preparation for life outside of Redeemer. Redeemer will forever be a second home to me and I’m forever grateful for all that they do for me and my classmates.
This place was great for my childhood experiences but ruined so much of my years 8th grade through 12th. I attended the school my entire life, kindergarten through senior year, so I know this place like the back of my hand. The academics in the english and history department were great, but math and science departments lacked greatly, and that has shown in my college experiences. Athletics are horrible, so if you're looking for your child to be recruited or grow in athletics, this is not the place for that.
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I have gone to this school since Kindergarten! The teachers really care and the curriculum is very rigorous!
I transferred into Redeemer Classical Christian School as a senior and the administration and teachers could not have made it any easier. All of the students are so kind and welcoming and made me feel comfortable since the first day of school. The school has wonderful college preparation and the counselor is so kind and helpful, and will guide and help you with anything you need while applying to colleges. The teachers are willing to help and answer questions whenever you have them, and will make sure you understand what you are learning. All of the students are so positive and there is a sense of unity and school spirit. Overall, I have no complaints about Redeemer Classical Christian School, and can say I have had a very positive experience.
Good: Made great friends, had a few good teachers

Bad: Religion class was a complete joke, teachers disrespected students, terrible athletic programs, unreasonably strict,
At Redeemer I have made many great friends who I still hang out with to this day. However, many of the teachers at this school don't treat their students with much respect. For example, In homeroom, we were only allowed two visits to the restroom PER WEEK. This was a daily class that was right after lunch. However, the most disappointing part of this whole school is their extremely lackluster "religion" class, where you just do worksheets. Finally, the administration is very unprofessional. If you don't fit their criteria for a good and well behaved student by just a little you are marked by them and they will watch you like a hawk and be way more harsh on you than the other "good students." All the other teachers besides Science, Computer and my former Math and English teachers have poor lessons consisting of many youtube videos, bland worksheets that make up the WHOLE class, or just plain bad attitudes.
My experience at Redeemer has made me who I am today. Everyone at Redeemer is great! The teachers are willing to work one on one with the students. The students are all really awesome and everyone is really close. The classes that I have taken have definitely prepared me to go into college. If I had to change one thing about my school it would be the strict rules, that are not enforced equally. The point of these rules is to keep everyone safe, however some teachers decide what they want to enforce and what they do not want to enforce. I feel that if all the teachers were on the same page then it would make our school even better. It is not necessarily the teachers fault. It is just the classic case of miscommunication. Redeemer Classical Christian School has better enabled me to go out into the "real world" and survive and thrive.
My favorite part about my time at Redeemer was the connections that I made. Over four years, I've made life-long relationships and my class has become my second family. One thing I hope Redeemer fixes is the allowance of sports members to wear their sports jackets or pieces of clothing that distinguish them as athletes.
Our school is super safe and takes many safety precautions to ensure the safety of the students. They do back round checks on about everyone. They have security cameras, inside and outside. They have security doors that will only let people in with a fob or they can get buzzed in. They make sure there is always access to a medicine kit and a defibrillator. They have a school nurse with hospital experience and still sometimes works at the hospital. They have countless people who have been trained in CPR and other health maneuvers. They also run safety test every month like fire drills, evacuation drills, etc.
They have at least 20 extracurricular activities, giving students a wide variety to choose from.
There was so many options for extracurriculars. There is never an outcast. We all come together for events and try to make the best we can. We encourage one another and I am really going to miss it once I go to college because Redeemer was a part of my extended family and nothing will ever change that. I mean there was some like cliques and groups but not in like a bad way. And in the end we were just one big group. You could always find a place and a friend, no one was a stranger and everyone knew everyone's name. It was like I said earlier, one big family.
The teachers at Redeemer just want to see the student thrive and hope for the best for the student. They try there best in every way to come up with new and interesting ways to learn and fun activities. Students respect there teachers but also form an unbreakable bond with the teachers because Redeemer is just one big family and no one gets left behind.
I have gotten a great education in terms of learning to write papers
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