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I say throughout my four years in Redan High is that is is indeed a truly good school, its that most of the people that go to the school that ruin the experience. The resources and safety are very poor. I knew and heard of many kids that would bring weed and other miscellaneous objects into the school grounds that could harm the students. The clubs and programs that you can join are pretty average, but the band is amazing; an experience that anybody would love. I was in Accelerated classes so the academics were there but nowhere near college remedy. The only thing that´s not average about Redan High is it its BAND!!
Redan high is a great delicate school that treats every one equal. Going to Redan high school was an amazing experience. I learned how to love one another equally. Treating everyone equally is a hard thing to do as a teenager. Being a ranger is already stressful. So going to school everyday where you meet multiple challenges is a difficult task.
Redan high school is a good school its just the people that are in it. Can make it seems that this is not a good school to go to. Going there at first was okay but seeing new people and welcome them to your own circle and experience new things that I never experience before. But you can at it oh it's just regular high school. But it's not its Redan High School that win as a unit. We are one big school spirit that loves challenges. We don't give up. We strive to be better in sports and getting our education. I am REDAN RAIDER!
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They need to have more clubs for the students to participate in. They should also provide transportation for students that stay after school.
The faculty is pretty bad, the students are bad and there are not that many academic opportunities. The counselors do not do their jobs.
My high school experience at Redan high school was overall a great experience even though things resources for students and clubs are extremely low with not so great school food. Most things that weren't good at the school can be blamed on a lack on school funding making clubs lack materials to making them more engaging for students. The education felt lacking unless teacher made it interesting which still felt like the class weren't preparing me for what college is like. Most of the school is kept in a poor condition for the years of unmotivated students, but on the bright side the school spirit and clubs use what they have to fullest making most clubs and sports done with passion.
I loved the energy at the school and the involvement of the teachers and students. I also love how the sports teams got together as a family.
Redan is a decent school to attend. The school does its job well. The teachers are great. Attending this school has taught me how to function in the world. This school will yield life changing experiences. The staff is very supportive of its students.
I enjoy going to Redan. I'm getting the education I need and maintaining a good grade. The school has teachers willing to help you and will go above and beyond. There is lots of different programs and sports teams to get involved in and they make education fun at times.
I have spent 4 long but good years at Redan High school. This school is and will always be a be part of who I am today. Redan high school gets a bad reputation amongst most of the Dekalb county schools but no one mentions all of the good that comes from the school. Redan high schools baseball team alone leave high school signed the college of their choice with a scholarship. Redan high school has many clubs and opportunities to get involved.
What i liked about redan was that the environment at the school was very positive. It was like a second home to me. It was well safe and protected.
When I first came into this school it had a lot of clubs that others schools didn’t, also the interior was interesting for a whole month or so. However, the school needs to get their priorities in check, they aren’t that good at time management.
The school is predom black of course, but there is a little diversity among teachers and students. I’ve been there all four years of my high school career and I hated it. The majority of the school really enjoys the band. teachers were horrible and very rude making education hard & there were some that were so sweet and dedicated to teaching (mostly the electives teachers and the E.L.A or the Social Studies Department). Administration was horrible. Lunch was never good but the principle offered us zaxbys and chicfila from the restaurant reps she hired to come in. The student population was pretty much everyone knowing each other since middle and elementary school, cliques, and so many physical altercations. Currently there’s active duty police on site and a k-9 just in case there’s another brawl and I mean that literally. There’s also a new no cellphone policy which includes headphones, airpods etc.
Redan High as a staff is excellent. They enforce the school rules and regulations. But the students tend to give the staff a hard time. Overall, I love Redan High School. I would like to see some rules changed such as, the cell phone limitations and the hoodie rules.
the school is controlled by the police and has k9 dogs there.Very unsafe place to live. ALL BLACK SCHOOL
In Redan High School, you will find yourself finding friends, or people you connect to, very quickly. The teachers always try to push you to achieve more than you can even think you can. The classes are very diverse. We have very exciting pep rallies, which every student is very excited to attend.

I would like to see Redan to expand on the sports diversity aspect. There are many people that are wishing to see a Men's Volleyball Team. I think this would be a very positive addition to not only Redan High School, but also DeKalb County.

This is my overall experience with Redan High School.
While at Redan High School I met lots of nice people. It is about the people that a student decides to surround themselves around and not necessarily the school. Although, there are a lot of staff members that do not support students and support them you have a few that do which is what made my experience well.
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Redan High School is a school that strive for academic achievements with the purpose to help students to scholars. With many helpful and engaging teachers who truly seek to help you in your academics and give you various knowledge in your career goals on professional and personal levels. The school faculty truly seek to teach you without any alterations on their job. As a raider, students are expected to exceed above the norm and thrive for something original, unique, and self definition. It is a place where students were more than high schoolers, a place where young adults are transformed into scholars who seek and thrive for knowledge and prepare themselves for their futures, whether to a be an entrepreneur, math teachers, or scientist, Redan High School is a place where young adults can learn and define their futures.
Loved Mr. Roth , best English Teacher ever . Mrs. Boger was an awesome principal. Anyone can attend and succeed with help of magnificent faculty and staff .
I believe that Redan High School has the potential to be the great school that it once was. With parental participation, full effort from the staff, and open character from the students, we could make that happen. My experience here, I would say was average. There was a lot more that could have been put into my 4 years to really provide a great high school experience. Many efforts to make changes should be encouraged to improve the school. It will only be as good as the people who make it up. With that being said, the improvement of Redan High School, starts with us.
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