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Red Oak High School Reviews

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In all honesty, my experience at Red Oak High School was amazing. Everyone in the community, along with everyone associated with the school in anyway, are so much more than welcoming and supportive. There is absolutely nothing I would change about my experience or the school itself.
A quaint school with good teachers and a small student population. It provides a real ability to interact with everyone in the school.
What I love about this school is that, since we have such a little school, everyone is friends. We have amazing state bound sport teams. All the teachers care about our education and future and they work very hard for us here. I've had several teachers and coaches behind me while I fill out scholarships. We are something different from every other school, and I enjoy it.
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Red oak doesn’t constantly force you to have homework and they allow you time to communicate with them and your classmates. Therefore, you get to learn and enjoy it while you’re there.
I loved the fact that students and parents alike have a strong sense of pride to go to that school. They have an incredible archery and academic team. I would like it more if it had more electives but overall I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
Red Oak is a very laid back school and is such a friendly environment. Everyone in the community knows you and your family that's how close of a town Red Oak is. All the teachers are very nice and helpful on anything (not just school work). Behind academics sports come next, everyone who particates in sports really works hard at everything they do! Great school and wonderful people!
I am the first and only openly gay student at Red Oak, and I have been accepted by my peers and the staff. There have been few instances in which I had maybe heard of someone calling me inappropriate words, but none of these occasions have happened while at school.
The campus is the safest place in the entire town. I feel just as safe at school as I do at home. The school is always amazingly clean.
The teachers at Red Oak are amazing and they take care of their students as if they are their own children. I have passed all seven "End of Intruction" tests due to Red Oak's amazing academics.
It could definitely be better.
Red Oak is unique by the overall success of the athletics program. I probably wouldn't want to attend Red Oak again, only because it's rather small, and I have always wanted to attend a larger school. I want to experience the things kids from larger school experience. Red Oak is an all around great school, because bullying is usually not a problem, due to how involved out teachers and administrators are.
I honestly could not have picked better teachers. They have influenced me in the best ways possible. From high school, I have received more than just an eduation. I have received support from all my teachers through all of my endeavors.
It was good, could have been better but it was good.
Our teaching, athletics, and the activities is great.
We have an unbelievably amazing staff.
The Extra Curriculars usually are bland and boring.
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