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In my first year at Red Oak High School I have learned a lot. I have made many friends and can easily get involved in the activites. Like every other school, the food is average, the teachers are not as strict as they should be, and sometimes you just wonder why you're getting taught the quadratic equation instead of how to count back change. (It seems simple but it took me awhile to learn:).)
Red Oak High School is a very typical school in Southwest Iowa. It could be doing better, but it's not terrible. More than anything, if there's something you want to see happening within the school, you just have to start it yourself and be a leader, because that is what Red Oak needs.
Red Oak High School is not a good school to attend, but it is the only school I am able to attend high school. The teachers, especially the principal and vice principal are awful, they show favoritism, cast kids out, don't help us when we need it, if I had a choice to go to a different high school, I wouldn't have any second thoughts about it. My experience here was awful.
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I liked how great the environment was and how everyone celebrated everything, like academics and sports.
We can pretty much do whatever we want
There are numerous clubs that any student can join, however, I wish we had a Letterman's club.
This school has a great home-like feel to it. I would choose this school again because of the administrators that are in charge.
The teachers at Red Oak High School are some of the best in Iowa.
I'm not in any sports, but I have friends who are. They enjoy the sports they are in and are given good equipment to use. The teams typically form a bond, almost like a family. The cross country team is a close-knit group of kids who love to run. They and their coaches get along very well and they are very supportive of one another.
Most of the staff are good, helpful teacher who enjoy being in the classroom with kids. However, there are also several teachers who seem like they don't enjoy teaching or being with the kids. The guidance counselor is very helpful with scheduling and he's very nice to students. The office staff are always kind to everyone and they're always smiling. They have bubbly personalities.

The dress code, however, is not enforced very often. Kids can get away with wearing almost anything except hats and clothing with offending words/pictures on them.
Our school has tightened security for the students lately. It's a lot different from how it was a couple of years ago, but it's safer now. The students and faculty feel safe in our school.

There is bullying in the school, but there are only a handful of students who are the bullies. Many of the students have been taught to tell a higher authority when they are being bullied. This works in many cases and I've seen it happen.
There are many college classes offered, and the available technology is incredible and very beneficial.
There is diversity and from what I've seen, there has always been a good level of acceptance regardless of their differences.
Physical education classes are offered during every period. There are also a variety of sports offered throughout each season.
I love the drama department. We have an excellent music teacher who is passionate about music as well as teaching. He puts his everything into his teaching and wants the best for his students. Our speech coach is the same way. She bends over backwards to help her students reach their potential. I am grateful to have such positive influences on my education and more importantly on my career.
The food is always healthy, and many varieties are offered for every meal.
Students are given a fair amount of homework as well as a study hall at the last class period in case athletes or someone who is busy that evening will have the opportunity to get the homework finished on time.
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There are many extracurricular activities offered. The sports are football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, bowling, tennis, track, golf, baseball, and softball. Other clubs and groups include book club, speech, all-school play, musical, honor choirs, minisingers, honor bands, jazz band, Nation Honor Society, Student Council, and yearbook.
My Spanish teach is from Spain and knows seven languages, so she's very accredited. My science teacher is very knowledgeable and has a passion for science. My math teacher explains step by step problem solving skills so that everyone can understand. My English teacher has been a teacher for several years and went back to teaching even after he retired because he absolutely loves it and has a passion for teaching. Overall, the teachers love what they do and do an excellent job doing it.
There is a no drug policy that is very strict throughout the whole campus. Bullying is something that we students have all been advised about and encouraged to report immediately. If there is a bullying incident, students do report it to our athletic director immediately. High school as well as college level health classes are offered at Red Oak. Overall, I feel as though it is a very safe campus.
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