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I loved the programs and the people, it is great! I would like to see a bit more engaging school-wide activities that welcome more students.
I'm into the performing arts, which more specifically, the theatrical arts. And this school offered the best opportunities to practice and gain real experiences with professionals. The student led productions have also given my training for upcoming career goals. With the best education system, and honoring AP courses, I've developed a well academic history displaying to colleges my abilities. This school has definitely prepared me for my future ahead in college and career life.
Red mountain has a lot of great teachers that are willing to help and support your needs, but I have also ran into some teachers that are not that great. As for counsel and advice I do feel you have to really search and ask around for who to ask.
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My experience with Red Mountain teachers, counselors, and coaches has been very professional and pleasant. there is something to do for everyone and lots of support. Red Mtn's only obvious flaw is the poor school wifi.
Teachers helpful and care about students, but administration was not helpful in college prep and inconsistent communication.
I feel like the staff and teachers try and enforce to much too where the students just don't care anymore, the school in itself is not bad at all I have no trouble in school, getting to school, nor leaving school. The learning environment in all of my hours are great and I actually do enjoy going to school
Hi I attend Red Mountain high school currently as a sophomore and some experience I have had is being apart of a sports team, going to dances including homecoming and winter glow, being involved with clubs like Biology club, Avid club and a few others. I have had the most positive experience with my teachers. They will give up their lunch and after hours to help with tutoring. What I really like about Red Mountain High school is that overall we have great amazing teachers and staff who really care about their students, and the awesome clubs. However, there are some things that do need to be changed that I see happen at the school a lot of times. This includes bullying and harassment for one. These bullies should be put in a anti bullying program to teach them a lesson that bullying isn't okay, or to just be simply suspended. High school should be a free and safe environment although my experience has been quite good but some changes do need to be changed.
I really like the sports programs because it makes it easier to have a social platform. The sports are really good here but it also makes it feel like Red Mountain High School is a family. One thing I would like to see change is the teacher student relationships. Many teachers are seemed to be "rude" because they are very strict but I think we would all have better relationships if we were given more resources and fell comfortable in this environment. Overall I do think this is a good school academically and sports wise but can always improve in feeling like a strong community.
I liked all the new friendships I made and also the community, but education-wise it could change. the environment itself was a good one but the teachers need to work on how they teach and change it up more for the students.
The teachers are awesome and always caring. They always want to know how you are doing and making sure you are ready for college in all areas
I like the teachers at Red Mountain High School, it's a beautiful school in general. I am a sophomore. My teachers are amazing. I am so thankful for the them. The staff is amazing and really friendly. The food is pretty delicious as well. And a really safe school. One of the best.
I really enjoy the sports at Red Mountain High School, I personally believe that it is a good community and all the teachers are very friendly.
Everyone loves this high school, yeah theres things that happen but things happen at every high school. I love the teachers here, everyone is so nice.
I have been attending school at Red Mountain High School for four years and there has not been one complaint from me. I really love the atmosphere that Red Mountain High School has and the amount of diversity the school is filled with. I am an academic student who always got help teachers who always were open to questions or helping students. Red Mountain High School sports teams are constantly exceeding records being recognized for their achievements as well as the music and arts. There is a lot of good things that this High School offer.
As a sophomore of RMHS, I do not have any significantly negative feedback about the school. There is handfuls of opportunities, like clubs and sports. Yes, many high schools have these but Red Mountain is extremely passionate about what they offer which results in the students being passionate about and preform better than most. Personally, playing basketball and being involved in service learning clubs has majorly impacted my enjoyment of the the time I have spent there so far. Additionally, they are extremely involved in the future of their students, there are always opportunities to talk to and visit colleges. Not only that but the teachers are amazing as well. Off that note, the one thing I would like to see a change in is in the students. They are with their own generation, it is vital to treat other with more respect, understanding, patience and kindness.
Everything at red mountain is a community and helps build eachother up. there are issues but we fix them and overall its an amazing school
What I liked about Red Mountain was all the clubs and extra curricular activities provided. Something I would like to change is, if we could pick our own teachers for each subject like in college. But over all my experience so far has been a good one with minor bumps along the way. I have made great friendships along the way teachers and students. The staff in Red Mountain is very motivational and they really put forth the effort when it comes to our education and for that I believe Red Mountain is a top tier school.
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Red Mountain is a great school. Most teachers are kind and good teachers but a lot of them can work on their teaching skills .
Red Mountain High School is a school that I preferred over all the other high schools in the area. I'm a sophomore now, but I remember my freshman year well. Over that year I learned that the school is very diverse and very excepting of others. I haven't seen any bullying and a recently found out they have a club for the kids that feel alone or left out. They have this amazing STEM program that I personally came to this school for and a capstone program I am considering to do. Above all, Red Mountain has the most amount of school spirit I have ever seen. I can tell that the other highschoolers are proud to be at this school and I am too.
Red Mountain High School is a great school the people at the school are really friendly and the teachers are always there to help whenever needed. The school provides great resources for students and support if the students feel like they are not being heard.
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