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Both of my children have graduated from Red Lion Christian Academy. They attended since early elementary school. I was impressed with the love that the teachers had for the students and the level of education that they received.

The school administration and teachers have a commitment to Christian education and a desire to see the students grow in their relationship with the Lord.

My daughter was active in sports, drama, choir, and student government. My son was active in sports. Both children took Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

My husband and I are very pleased with the education that our children received at RLCA and our children enjoyed their time there.
Red Lion used to be a great school that was Christ centered but sadly that has changed. The behavior has gone down hill and it's a revolving door of teachers.
No diversity amongst the staff or leadership team. Leadership team lacks diversity training. Incidents that happen are not immediately addressed unless it’s brought to their attention.
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I have been at Red Lion Christian Academy since 2nd grade. In Elementary school (grades 2-5), the school was enriching and wonderful. However, as I grew older and entered middle school and high school, the teachers were not nearly as good and the classes offered were limited.
I've been to both of Red Lion's campuses, but I prefer the Glasgow campus. The high school was a lot smaller, so everyone knew each other and everyone had their own friend groups. Because we only had to be physically on campus once a week, drama was seldom. Everyone came to campus for class and left until next week.
We love our experience at RLCA 9 years and counting, love the small school nature, the close knit community and the really good kids that attend
I have been a student at Red Lion Christian Academy for almost all of my life. It’s education is phenomenal, while staying connected with the strong Christian faith the school stands on. The teachers not only teach very well, but they help farther than they have to and care about the individual student. I really appreciate what Red Lion has taught me and how it made me who I am today!
I was in Red Lion Christian Academy (RLCA) from my sophomore to senior year and while I did enjoy some of my time there it had a multitude of problems. The most crippling problem the school has is its lack of communication in which the administration would run the show with little care about the issues the student council put forth. The school's safety is minimal at best, there's no security guard just cameras. Diversity is discouraged as the school would push its religious agenda heavily and this would come from both students and staff in that during morning chapel the staff that acted as pastors would claim"we are at war with Islam" and "homosexuals will go to hell if they don't repent". There is little positive things to support it, the school has an alright amount of academics, sports, and clubs but that's just it.
I have attended RLCA for six years and getting ready to graduate. RLCA has the teachers here have equipped me to enter college and succeed. I will be attending my dream school in the fall to major in music education. The fine arts department has been a catalyst to help me sharpen my music skills, and to venture into being on stage. Without the constant support of my music teachers, I wouldn’t have stepped out my comfort zone and explored the area of drama. My time at RLCA has been great, and I will forever be grateful to the facility and staff.
Red Lion is a good school to be in, it provides students with a good community of other students and faculty. It also provides a good christian education and in this high school the teachers are supportive academically, spiritually and mentally. The education is okay, it is not the most challenging curriculum or the best in the area academically. You are really paying for the community and Christian atmosphere. The sports are not the best as far as winning streaks, but they are an amazing opportunity to connect with other Christians, have fun, and build good team leadership skills.
I had an amazing time at Red Lion Christian Academy. Not only was I able to be involved with multiple sports teams year round, but I also took part in the incredible school musical, choir, arts department, and student government. I was class president for 3 years and the student body my senior year. I was very close with the students, parents, and faculty. I tried to do every extra curricular activity offered, and they were abundant! No matter what you are interested in here, teachers care about you and your needs and want to help you in any way possible. They go above and beyond to create real and lasting relationships that are still strong even after graduation. Every school has ways to improve, RLCA included, but they are doing a great job keeping up with the times and making sure they are Christ, student, and family based.
Red Lion Christian Academy was a "Christian Academy" but lost the religious portion about five or six years ago. At that time, there was a principal there that really cared about the children and how God played an important part in the need to educate them. When he left, so did the Godly spirit. The school needs to get back to a place where God and the children come first. Winning is not everything especially if God is not involved. Teachers should lead by example. Children thirst for knowledge so remove the robotic teaching method and teach them.
My first year was my Junior year and I absolutely adored it. I loved the religious aspect and I truly felt love and care from administration and students. My senior year was horrible. There was a change in about 3/4 of the admin and everything about the school changed. I did not feel the same as I did a year before. It pushed a lot of people away from the church and the school, creating a bad reputation. The classes there did not in any way prepare me for college either. The math classes were extremely behind and poorly prepared me for my next steps in college.
The education is centered around the Bible and its teachings. The teachers genuinely care about the students spiritually as well as in terms of education.
I really enjoyed my time at Red Lion Christian Academy, made some friends here and there, as well as participating in a couple of sports. The administration there still needs some work as there is usually a lack of communication, other than that good school.
My child began RLCA in middle school and quickly adapted to the students, faculty and culture. Red Lion offers all that I expected by way of a Christian education by incorporating Christ in all of the classes and the culture. I am pleased with the academics at RLCA. My only concern is the diversity of the staff at the school. Although the faculty and staff are great people, it is not very diverse.
Generally, there are not a lot of bullying or safety problems.
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There are a lot of options for students to choose from, and there are activities for every age.
The classes are small and you get to know everyone, but not every student is friendly.
The teachers try to keep students interested and not bored.
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