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The staff members are very kind and funny. They are all very welcoming, the students are as well. The sports programs are extremely good and everyone gets along great.
Red Jacket is very small school. As such you know everyone and they know you. If you were to drop your books there would be three to five people trying to help you. The teachers very kind. They understand that the last thing a child wants to do is sit in school all day, so the make it fun. They make games that are simultaneously fun and educational. You relay can tell that they care about there students.
Wonderful school and staff. Very small class sizes so you become very close to your classmates. It's a wonderful place to learn. Athletics are very good for our size and are very appreciated in our district. The school does a lot for the community as well.
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I wish the foreign language program was stronger and did not rely so heavily on online classes. The band program is minimal. The marching band plays the same songs year after year and doesn't even go to any games. The math, science and ELA teachers are excellent at the high school level. Very dedicated to student success.
This is a small town with a small school. You'll know everyone and everyone will know you. Ther are advantages and disadvantages to that. I personally loved it because the faculty gets to know you and your classmates in a way that a school with 300+ kids never will.
Small size allowed teachers to be very personal and hands on with students. But, like any small school, it often lacked resources that a lot of other schools in the area were able to provide. There were no SAT classes offered and APs were limited.
Red Jacket has its pros and cons. The administration is the worst part of the school, specifically the corrupt Superintendent. They hold back the school from making progress. Teachers are good, when they stay. RJ's turnover rate is unbelievable. Small school, small town. Football, football, football....
Everyone is the exact same, almost all white with the exception of about 10 people of color. Teachers seem to think they are prepping students well for life outside of high school, but almost every single graduate you speak to will say that the teachers and staff helped minimally or not at all with the real world. Administration does not take any input from students and will brush aside any student complaints or suggestions.
Red Jacket is an amazing experience. The teachers all love to see you succeed, some will even go out of their way just to provide the help you might need. Not many things need to be changed academically but the sorrundings can be a little disastrous; such as the building itself. But that will change in due time. Overall my experience with Red Jacket is fun and despite being a small school not much drama goes around. Yeah there are people who don't like you or may not want to associate with you but everyone is overall nice to one another.
My high school experience at Red Jacket was very unique. The district is so small that the elementary, middle school, and high school are all connected in one building. This is what makes it so special. The relationship between teachers and students is very warm and friendly. The same goes for the community of the two small towns, Manchester and Shortsville, that share this school district.
The facilities at my school are average and have been updated accordingly.
Food here wasn't always the best but there were some good days..
There are mostly sports for after school activities and some clubs, mostly in middle school, and musicals/plays yearly.
I personally tried every sport you could at my school, most students were involved in some sport or activity. Athletes were very supported at my school.
After high school I chose to continue my education at a community college and upon receiving my associates degree I will transfer to a four-year school. High school left me prepared for community college but had I not gone that route things may not have been as easy for me. All in all as I continue my education I believe I continue to better myself as a person and a student.
I feel some administrators at our high school were biased in their disciplinary actions regarding certain policies.
not alot of support from staff. Drama is the best way to say it. Most times its who you know that gets you further with with things from coaches.
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Since the school is on limited funds and there is little student involvement outside of sports it is hard to motivate students to do extracurriculars outside of sports.
There is no cultural diversity. Everyone is the same.
Overall, the teachers at the school are good. Some teachers are better than others. Since it is a small school a lot of the teachers gossip and are off task while doing their job. The teachers should focus on helping the students rather than gossiping about them.
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