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Red Cloud Indian School claims to be a college prep school, but nearly all alumni have said that Red Cloud didn't prepare them for college at all. There are also very few course choices and we aren't able to choose our classes.
The school offers many opportunities it is just the case for the student to be responsible enough to look for them.
Red Cloud is one of the best schools in the country! Red Cloud prepared me for college academically, emotional, and physically.
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I have attended Red Cloud from kindergarten and I have always loved the at home feeling you receive from faculty and staff. Also, being a Catholic school you would expect it to be very strict on only believing in catholic beliefs, but Red Cloud has always supported the students in making their own paths and finding what fits them. The support system here at Red Cloud is crazy amazing, but there is plenty of things that need to change or at least needs to be better.
Red Cloud needs better teachers and find teachers that understand the hardships that we as Native American students face on the Reservation.
I really like what Red Cloud offered me. It has given me the opportunity to move on. I find peace when I come to this school every day. Red Cloud has helped me to become a better person, gave me a lot of opportunities to get myself out there, and keep me out of trouble. I don't know what I would be doing right now if it wasn't for Red Cloud.
I really like the teachers and the sports that are available at Red Cloud. I love the extracurricular activities you can participate in after school. The food is not the best, it does not have much flavor.
Attended Red Cloud from Kindergarten all through high school. I feel like I had the best educational experience along with the best school environment possible. Best college prep courses, I academically felt one hundred percent ready when I went to college.
Red Cloud Indian School has been in my family for as long as I could remember. I know of family that went there before they changed the name to Red Cloud Indian School. Before the school used to be known as Holy Rosary Mission. I have a lot of memories from spending most of my life going to school there. From learning how to stand up for my self to knowing who is and isn't a good influence on my life.
My experience at Red Cloud was amazing. I learned a lot there, academically and also life wise. It is a great place to learn and make life long friendships.
My experience so far has been great. I love the discipline that we are taught as students. Although I dislike that there aren't as many clubs, I do like that we do have cultural clubs such as hand games and singing. There could be some improvements among administration but the school and education itself is pretty great.
Red Cloud feels warm and welcoming once you first step into the building. There is hardly any bullying at this school and the teachers are really nice. I honestly wish that Red Cloud was a performing arts school. I always wanted to go to a performing arts school but I never had enough money to even do anything at all. That's why I want to go to a performing arts college, it had always felt like that's where I belonged.
The teachers at this school are very intelligent and nice to talk to. Their ideas and plans about their classes are very well planned, well sometimes, but they do have themselves and their classes together.
There isn't a school nurse but very rarely there are people being injured so it doesn't really matter.
The teachers here are very ranging and overall do a good job.
They're a decent amount of extracurricular clubs but there could be more.
Its a school very rich in culture. It is refreshing to go to a school that involves itself in the students needs so much.
It's so easy to make friends here but there are some possibly problems that come us. Some might not agree with a certain persons lifestyle but its overall accepting.
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Some of the memories we're made here with all the outgoing students and fun teachers. This school is a small community of students who treat each other as family. All strive for success.
Teachers always make sure you understand the information being dispersed. They challenge you but make sure you aren't struggling too much.
The staff focus on the student and want them to succeed in life. They're very helpful.
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