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I would like to see technology change. Our Chromebooks are bad and hard to use. I enjoy the teachers, however. They make it easy for me to succeed in the classroom while preparing me for life beyond school.
Red Bud High School is mediocre at best. While we have some very good teachers, we have some that make school almost unbearable. Our food is never that good and they even run out sometimes. Our administration has screwed over the English department and the Art department does not get much funding.
My overall experience at Red Bud High School was mediocre. Some improvements definitely need to be made to the education provided. As a college student, I feel behind because my high school did not provide many college level courses. There are many students that I know at my college that have come to school with 30 plus credits while my high school did not even offer enough classes to obtain 30 college credits. There are many clubs and athletics to join. I personally was recognized many times in sports. Though this is true, I feel like Red Bud High School could have done more to promote sports and student involvement. Along with sports, drama should be given more focus. Though I was not in drama, I do know that they were put on the back burner lots of times. I think that Red Bud High School has improved in the past several years, but they still have a long way to go to make sure that their students are getting the educational experience they need.
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Red Bud High school is a very good school. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The teachers are always trying to help you out and give you the best advice they can. All the students are really helpful and seem to care. No school is perfect, but I loved my time at Red Bud High school.
I enjoyed my high school experience overall. It is a small town and a small school so everyone knows everyone but I still loved my time there. I just wish there were a few more academic options to pursue.
Red Bud is a small community, so this means a smaller school district. Because of this, you go to the school with the same people for four years. This may sound terrible, but the family feeling the school provides is comforting. The small community and school always come together to help out a family struggling or going through a rough time. The teachers always want to see their students succeed.
Honestly Red Bud is a good school, but it depends on what school and your last named on how your high school experience is, and how much you played in sports, favoritism is plays a big part of this school.
I had a good time for the most part but I was displeased with the fact that they put a lot of money into sports rather than academic improvement.
I believe this school has given me a well rounded education.
teaching staff loose the kids homework, then they suffer, dont write the grades down. HORRIBLE
if you are the sport player
They sit on their personal cell phones and laptops. they do not care
the school has never gotten any better, continuing to get worse
Gotta be a football or basketball person
anyone can walk in the side doors of the school. they are never locked. just ask the homeless man 2 weeks ago.
I feel like I learned "from the book" things but when it comes to the real world, I learned absolutely nothing except how to keep a check book.
I really only liked a few teachers and those were the teachers that would stay after school and engage with students and tutor them.
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I feel that the students who should be punished are too popular with the teachers and faculty to actuallly get punished.
I feel the only club that really "did" anything was art club.
Well our air conditioning and heating isn't really controlled so you're either sweating or freezing. Not many teachers actually care either. There's a select few that care about their students.
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