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The people here are really nice, they are fun to be around and you will always find somewhere to fit in. I love the food choices they offer for lunch. They have a lot of opportunity's. I think one thing they could do better is help kids get more involved other then that its a pretty good school.
I like Red Bluff High school because the teachers are nice and collaborative. They have good sports. I like their class selection. They have a good library.
I enjoy attending Red Bluff High School very much. The teachers are all very respectful and the academics are engaging.
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I am an advanced student and they have always given me what I have needed. They even gave me the opportunity to skip my junior year when I asked for it.
It's a great place to learn and be social. It is in a small town but I have experienced a great time in all the things I have participated in.
I really liked Red Bluff High School because I was involved in so many different things ranging from performing arts to multiple sports. One of the best things is the community environment. Many people around town are big supporters of the school and fund the programs to keep them going.
Though I am only a freshman, my experience at RBHS has been so far great. It has a good college preparation curriculum (all students are required to complete a pathway in Career Technical Education that prepares them for a specific industry), teachers with personality, large groups of students, plenty of sports, and a convenient cafeteria (food’s free this year!). The only real problem I have is that there are certain areas the school tends to focus on more than others (I blame it on the rural location) and not an abundance of non-athletic activities. However, I enjoy my time at the school with a wonderful community and even some options not available to other schools (NASA internship).
My experience at Red Bluff High School has been nothing short from ideal. The faculty has been extremely motivating and helpful when a problem arises. One outstanding factor about this school is that there are endless amounts of people the students can contact when they have questions regarding college, scholarships, and academics overall. The students generally are great about showing their support and school spirit, and never fail to make school events memorable. However, factors that Red Bluff could improve upon includes challenging their students more and creating more of college style teaching techniques that allow students to explore their style of learning that suits them the best.
This campus gives every student a well rounded experience that not only pushes each student to experience things outside of their comfort zone, but it also gives them the ability to explore any gateway career they really want. Whether it be Art, Fire Science, careers in Math and Science, Agricultural Sciences, Meta and Wood Shops and even Health Care, this school has it all.
There are many teachers and students that will help you get through high school. I had so many teachers who have helped me throughout my 4 years going here.
Great school. Teachers are always available to help and respond quickly to emails too. The councilors were also very helpful.
The environment isn't set up to be all that conscious nor is it inclusive of all of its attending students. Red Bluff is a small town located in the region of Northern California where there isn't an abundance of diversity taking place. Although, because it is a smaller community there are higher opportunities of students gaining one-on-one time with their teachers.
That very basic needs some changed in the system and many teacher are leaving resulting the the students aren't getting the best educations.
They offer amazing classes but the school is very traditional based. Teachers and staff support all kids though.
Overall red bluff high is a great school and provides a safe and good environment for everyone. A change that would improve this school would be the bus routes. There is only 2 buses that commute to Gerber and 1 bus that leads into town . There should be more bus stops in gerber and more staff to provide the best transportation. Other than bus routes I think it’s a good school.
I love the family vibes I get from some of my classes and teachers. I would love to see some more environmental changes to the campus as well as more trees around.
This school is excellent for a student who wants to get hands on help from teachers who care about your well-being and success.
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Red Bluff High School is a great campus for students. The teachers truly do care their students and want the best for them. Red Bluff High is ready for anything that comes its way. The only thing I would like to see change is the food; I've had some some experiences of the food being rotten or spoiled.
Red Bluff High School is quite unique, for it is the only high school in the country with a NASA Internship program. The education here is quite good for what is offered, and the teachers usually know how to connect with their students. Downsides of the campus are the destroyed bathrooms and the locker rooms, which need some repair.
If you work hard and study you'll end up in classes where the teachers actually care. There are plenty of teachers on campus who are just there to make easy money. But you'll also end up meeting teachers who are genuinely concerned with your education. You just have to show them that your dedicated to your education first.
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