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I love the people here! They are all willing to put in extra time to help the students. They are also helping me get ready for college.
As a Senior at the school, I feel like I have enough experience to speak about my days at it. Honestly compared to others the curriculum is not hard. However the community and caring teachers, as well as the selection of upper level classes help balance it out. The school has nice sports departments, however the arts are severely lacking.
At Rector High School I have achieved many goals. I have been able to learn and attend classes that interest me. The teachers have always helped me and I have learned a good work ethic. I would like to see more students encouraged to take AP classes or college level classes. This would help students achieve credits earlier.
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Rector High School used to be a great place to go to school in the prospering town of Rector. Now a majority of students are low income and their attitudes reflect it. Drama is always a foot and lack of opportunity for many students.
Dress code at my school is strictly followed. Bullying is not allowed. Attendance is kept up with daily. If you are not there, they call your parent/guardian to see why you aren't.
Once again, small school. If you get in trouble at school, it will follow you home. The teacher or even the principal may be your neighbor. "Student Handbooks" given at the beginning of each year which must be signed by parents and students. Policies are enforced.
Small school/less to choose No foreign languages except distant learning. No drivers' training though a license can be obtained at 14. Share a lot of space with elementary and middle school students. School spirit is great though...and team players are to be congratulated due to the distance traveled to play.
This is a very small school so many students excel at different sports. The football program is in a rebuilding phase so it is in an equal win/loss season. It will probably be another couple of years before it begins to dominate. This will be due to the younger grades moving up to high school. The basketball programs are excellent. Both boys' and girls' programs have excelled to regional representation. A number of players have be nominated to district, conference, regional, and state representation. The gym and all it includes is second to none. The baseball program is considered average with some thought of domineering this year. A lot returning players may make that possible. The same can be said about the softball team. Fan and student support is second to none. From the parents, friends, and regular fans: they can always be counted on to cheer the teams.
There are many clubs and organizations here at Rector High School. For a school our size, we are very fortunate to have this many areas of interest to participate in. The teachers are always helpful and make these activities fun and memorable. We have strong clubs and organizations.
We have a wonderful athletic program. Most students are envolved in some type of sport. Our coaches are wonderful, our facilities are incredible, and our players are awesome.
Overall, I would not want to go to any other school. I love my school, and I am glad that I came here. I love that I know everyone in the hallway. The teachers really work with us and try to help us understand. Also, there are many activities to be envolved in. I love this place!
Our school is not too strict but runs in an orderly fashion. I believe that the policies that are enforced are reasonable and for our benefit.
I feel very safe at my school. We usually do not have any violence, and we are always well taken care of.
The food at Rector High School is average for school food. Of course, it is not a fancy meal, but it usually satisfies hunger. I would love if there were more choices, because I do not like every item of food they serve. The food, however, is always healthy in some way.
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