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Reagan College Preparatory High School Reviews

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Over all, Ronald Reagan college preparatory high school is a good school to go to. There are many activities and celebratory programs for culture which is welcoming to incoming freshman. The level of college readiness we as students acquire is very high especially due to the rigorous academic programs. If i were to pick a high school that would make me feel involved, challenged, supported I would choose this school all over again.
It is a friendly environment amongst students. The IB classes and college prep really does help prepare you for more rigorous courses and college level material.
Reagan is a very good school. Our academics are some of the best in the state. The teachers sre here for you every step of the way. You can also choose to try and get your Ib diploma.
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Great Staff

All of the workers were caring and supportive. If you need something just email your counselor and they will get back at you within 1-3 days. The principal will be outside waiving everyone goodbye when school is over, and drinking coffee when everyone is arriving.
I felt very prepared when I went to college thanks to the preparation we had throughout the years. However, I wish there were more options in regards to clubs and the courses we could take.
Currently now a senior. I enjoyed my experiences at this high school so far and it has prepared me for the future.
The administration is very helpful, and the teachers are very helpful. Many of the teachers want to see the students succeed
Reagan is the best high school in my opinion. It challenges you towards success and makes you work for your future. From the beginning of freshman year we are introduced to the IB learner traits that shape us through the years. The challenges you face with managing different classes and other extracurricular activities is diluted by the amount of help that is offered. At Reagan I feel more like a family than a school with the connections students and teachers make. One of the things that make Reagan stand out more is the appreciation of cultures. There is not much that I would change from my experience at Reagan.
My personal experience at Ronald Reagan was pretty good because of the connections I made with the teachers. I was able to connect with most of the teachers and create a bond with them. All of the teachers are pretty cool and are really good teachers. The only problem is that the school is so small so for sports there is not much room for them.
Reagan is one of the best high schools in this state. Reagan is one of a few high schools to offer band, orchestra, choir, art, film, and sports medicine.
I liked the strong academics, and sports, but the facilities seriously need improvements. The full IB program offers vigorous classes that prepare you for college, but it limits the type of classes that you are allowed to take. The staff, and teachers are very friendly and helpful. The sports are an excellent opportunity to find new friends, but the sports facilities are poor to nonexistent.
I think Reagan is a pretty good school. I think that extracurricular activities should be stressed more in the earlier years of high school.
I love how diverse and accepting Reagan is. We are so involved in current events and are challenged in classes. The teachers are kind and understanding and have great teaching methods. There's so many clubs and sports to join as well as after school activities. There is lots of leadership by the students and support by the staff. Our voices are heard and everyone wants to succeed. Our sports teams are pretty good too.
Everything at Reagan has been good along with the teachers teaching the students. The majority of the teachers really do care about the students while there were some of them who didn't care as much as they should have. The diversity along with the college readiness was very well done at the school. Along with the clubs and sports is probably one of my favorite things here at Reagan. The safety of the school could be better improved to better the safety of the students that go here as we had an incident last month with weapons. But other than that Reagan is a really good school overall as it preps the students for actual college work and all.
I participated in multiple extracurricular throughout high school and I met so many kind people and gained access to many great opportunities. Reagan has the largest female wrestling team in Wisconsin and being a part of it has allowed me to meet new people, gain connections to colleges, and travel around the country. There's a lot of good sportsmanship shown from the whole team at all of the events we attend. In fact, there is good sportsmanship shown from every sports team at the school. The staff is very friendly and helpful. We have awesome counselors who have helped me progress through high school. The school offers challenging courses that will have prepared me for college. 10/10 recommend.
Reagan was a great school! Although it was tedious work, the staff was extremely helpful and I believe they really prepared me for my future.
Overall, I felt that Reagan prepared me well for college. the resources and staff support was there. There can be a lot of pressure to perform well and I don;t think this school is for the weak-willed. Be ready to work and put in the extra time , although homework doesn't count you will still be expected to do it and there will be lots of it.
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Reagan is not perfect, (no school is really) but I can say in general that it is a good school. For MPS students who came from schools where homework was a sheet of paper you completed in less than 10 mins back in middle school, brace yourselves, as freshman year at Reagan will change you A LOT. However, a 4.0 is NOT impossible. The school community is huge, and there are a million different things you can do after school. As a senior, I can definitely say that Reagan prepares you for college-- if you are up for it. I mean, the school is not perfect, given that there is an extreme pro-Full Diploma culture, however you do not necessary have to be Full Diploma in order to go to college. However Reagan students who get accepted to prestigious universities are almost always Full Diploma.The school is a great school mainly because of its curriculum. Students are the ones who choose their pathways, and the responsibilities that come with it. Think about that as you apply.
I believe that the majority of the teachers I have had (a high majority at that) are all helpful and understand the things that we go through. They understand that we may be stressed out, and they are always here to help. However, they also enforce the rules and due dates. They are encouraging, and I believe I can talk to the majority of staff in the school if I am having trouble.
I am a freshman and so far my impression has been very good. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and is very diverse. Some teachers don't know how to teach, but other than that there has been nothing wrong. There's no fights and I am yet to run into a racist or homophobic. There are also multiple choices for lunch, which helps a handfull of students not go hungry.
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