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Reagan College Preparatory High School Reviews

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Everything at Reagan has been good along with the teachers teaching the students. The majority of the teachers really do care about the students while there were some of them who didn't care as much as they should have. The diversity along with the college readiness was very well done at the school. Along with the clubs and sports is probably one of my favorite things here at Reagan. The safety of the school could be better improved to better the safety of the students that go here as we had an incident last month with weapons. But other than that Reagan is a really good school overall as it preps the students for actual college work and all.
I participated in multiple extracurricular throughout high school and I met so many kind people and gained access to many great opportunities. Reagan has the largest female wrestling team in Wisconsin and being a part of it has allowed me to meet new people, gain connections to colleges, and travel around the country. There's a lot of good sportsmanship shown from the whole team at all of the events we attend. In fact, there is good sportsmanship shown from every sports team at the school. The staff is very friendly and helpful. We have awesome counselors who have helped me progress through high school. The school offers challenging courses that will have prepared me for college. 10/10 recommend.
Reagan was a great school! Although it was tedious work, the staff was extremely helpful and I believe they really prepared me for my future.
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Overall, I felt that Reagan prepared me well for college. the resources and staff support was there. There can be a lot of pressure to perform well and I don;t think this school is for the weak-willed. Be ready to work and put in the extra time , although homework doesn't count you will still be expected to do it and there will be lots of it.
Reagan is not perfect, (no school is really) but I can say in general that it is a good school. For MPS students who came from schools where homework was a sheet of paper you completed in less than 10 mins back in middle school, brace yourselves, as freshman year at Reagan will change you A LOT. However, a 4.0 is NOT impossible. The school community is huge, and there are a million different things you can do after school. As a senior, I can definitely say that Reagan prepares you for college-- if you are up for it. I mean, the school is not perfect, given that there is an extreme pro-Full Diploma culture, however you do not necessary have to be Full Diploma in order to go to college. However Reagan students who get accepted to prestigious universities are almost always Full Diploma.The school is a great school mainly because of its curriculum. Students are the ones who choose their pathways, and the responsibilities that come with it. Think about that as you apply.
I believe that the majority of the teachers I have had (a high majority at that) are all helpful and understand the things that we go through. They understand that we may be stressed out, and they are always here to help. However, they also enforce the rules and due dates. They are encouraging, and I believe I can talk to the majority of staff in the school if I am having trouble.
I am a freshman and so far my impression has been very good. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and is very diverse. Some teachers don't know how to teach, but other than that there has been nothing wrong. There's no fights and I am yet to run into a racist or homophobic. There are also multiple choices for lunch, which helps a handfull of students not go hungry.
I am extremely grateful for my experience at Reagan. It is named college prep for a reason! The IB curriculum is rigorous. In fact it is said, senior year in IB is harder than freshman year of college. However, there is racism among some students and some staff. Reagan is a very diverse school, but the Full Diploma Program is dominated by white students. This might be because the fact minorities are held at a lower standard by some staff. Most teachers are passionate about their subject, which is a great quality to have. However, most of them only care about grades, test scores and their students as just a statistic to maintain Reagan's reputation as one of the best High Schools in Wisconsin. Most don't care about students as a person. However, the few teachers you do find that actually do care about their students, are amazing. As a community, Reagan needs unity and needs to break the racial barriers that clearly divide the students and staff.
Being a student at Reagan has been an amazing experience in which I have gotten so many opportunities. Students are filled with the utmost school spirit and try to create a friendly environment, teachers genuinely care.
As an IB school, Reagan is an amazing college prep school and really prepares all students for not only college, but life after college as well. Having the full diploma program and the career related program gives students options to excel in what they see fit, while all programs are 100% beneficial. There are programs that specialize in Technology as well as Health Sciences that encourage you to find internships which gives you professional experience and is beneficial for your career. All teachers there are fully dedicated and care about the students. Overall it is an amazing school.
I can say for a fact that I love my school. I honestly do and I know a lot of kids will agree with me. The love everything from the neighboorhood to the teachers. However, the reason why I didn't give my school 5 stars is the fact that although it's high in academic standing, the administration is controversial. For example, the administration called in a number of students during school to talk about them protesting for immigrant rights in the state capital, Madison during the school year. The administration described their actions as inappropriate and many students have spoken up about this. I think this just shows that even in the best schools, there are always flaws that can be found. Despite all this, I simply adore my school. The diversity is amazing for a city that's known for segregation and the student atmosphere is very positive and comforting.
My experience at Reagan has been great. I have been challenged through the International Baccalaureate program to push myself to be the best student I can and to work hard to achieve my goals. I feel like I am prepared for the rigors of college and tested high enough that I do not have to take some of the freshman level college courses! The IB theatre and music programs have made me a well rounded person and have helped me grow in my abilities to feel comfortable with public speaking and performing in front of large groups. I know that being a member of the Reagan and IB communities has prepared me to succeed in college and beyond.
It's a very diverse school, in which each and every student gets the help they need in order to be prepared for college and or life after high school.
Reagan College Prep High School is a school that requires hard-work and provides exciting opportunities for its students. The arts and music are highly important in the school and has provided students with amazing opportunities to work with companies such as the Florentine Opera and Present Music. The school also encourages students to get real-life work experience while studying and encourages them to be responsible financially. The curriculum is also difficult since it is correspondent to IB standards, which is not always the best for each student. Other than this, Reagan College Prep High is a very, very good school and will prepare you for a good amount of real-world work and college studies experiences.
Teachers were very nice and were willing to work with each student if they needed help. Highly rated sports teams with great coaches and great staff to get the teams prepared.
Work load was generally difficult which was very good at preparing me for the college work load. Reagan was very diverse which allowed me to understand other cultures and allow me to learn how to be open-minded. The teachers and staff at Reagan were very good at preparing the students for college level classes.
So far Reagan is not that bad, it is way better than my middle school and I am happy here. This school does prep you for college and has an IB curriculum that is vigorous. It really pushes you hopefully in the end it is worth it.
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My experience at Reagan High School was pretty average, wasn't very good but wasn't bad. Going into freshman year I didn't know what to expect and struggled throughout the year. I struggled with my self identity and who I was becoming. Adjusting the a new environment where I had to do everything on my own was hard for me. I didn't have many friends throughout high school but began making a little more throughout my junior and senior year. Reagan High School is a good school for Academics and getting you ready for the future but students to get more involved with other students.
The teachers are all amazing, they know exactly what they are doing. There is no bullying. All grades are helpful and amazing.
Reagan is not just another High School. The teachers are dedicated to you and you education. The counselors meet with you regularly to ensure you are not only completing basic requirements, but taking the extra steps to ensure your future success. Reagan is the standard all other High Schools should be measured to.
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