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I liked the Music Department the best. Our Band/Choir Director is the best teacher any student could have. He is very dedicated to his students. I also liked the teachers. They were very caring and helpful to all their students. Reading also has very good sports programs. Reading is always being recognized for outstanding sportsmanship from the students.
Reading offers a great education love attending there there moto is once a ranger always a ranger and it is true
Very nice school, not without the standard foibles of most modern school systems mind you, such as budget problems and levels of disorganization. but on the the whole, the place is exceptional as are the teachers; the staff work their hardest and even with the budget of a smaller school it is remarkably up to date and greatly clean.
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It's small, so the teachers really know you and want to help you. You are in their best interest. Something I would like to see more of is teaching the students more about personal finance (doing taxes, financing college, buying a house and a car, budgeting, saving, managing credit) and career preparation (resumes, cover letters, interviews). I took ONE class over some of this in 7th grade, and that was the end. It would have been more helpful my Junior or Senior year because it would have been more relevant.
I went to Reading High School once when I was taking my SAT. I also live not even a mile away from this school. My experience is bad and is all because the students are not polite. A lot of dis respectfulness in the air.
My school is in a very small town, so as a result, there is not much funding for non-athletic events at our school. I am involved in band and choir. It is my favorite part of school. Most of our sports teams aren't the greatest, but they have a unique family bond that stretched beyond that particular season. We have a chess club, and art club, and a drama club.
I love my school because we are small, but proud. I am a part of the music program at my school, and the bond that we have is very unique. It has definitely made my time at school better.
The teachers will always help you if you need it and they are super friendly. They are prepared for the lessons and have material ready.
Were a smaller school so we cant come out on top of the totumpoll everytime but we still cheer our hearts out and support our teams!
The teachers make sure your staying on track and they give you every oppurtunity in the world to better your grade.
Reading High School has lots of extracurricular activites. ranging from sports to drama club. If any student wanted to get invloved into an after school or in school activity it would be very easy to get into something you like to do.
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