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Worst school ever!! Horrible lunch, teachers with no degrees, and no extra curricular activities. This school is a joke compared to other schools. You will leave high school to enter college and still feel like you're in the second grade. The lunch consists of pasta and soup which is served every single day and tastes absolutely disgusting. We barely go on any trips even if we offer to pay out of our own pocket. I'm glad I left this school last year and I am learning so much more than I ever did.
The school has no extracurriculars, none. Don't even hope for it, none.
The weak link of this school is mostly the administration. The teacher are either fine or great and the students are okay. It's specific staff in the administration that really bring the school down
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Only a few teachers really give their all and challenge the students
There is no bullying or drug use in this school. It could be a healthier school when it comes to the meals.
I've been in this school for a very long time. It has some good teachers.
Not a great school but not terrible either. I wouldn't recommend this school.
It isn't as selective as it offers an opportunity to the Islamic community to evolve and excel to become fruitful individuals in society
To get in, students are required to pass their admission test with a very high grade.
Going here made it hard to maintain a high average because of the academic levels. But it helped me prepare for high school.
Principal and guidance counselors aren't always involved.
Lots of teams and tutoring.
There was barely any fights, bullying, and acts of disrespects between students. The school was very safe.
Condition of the school was good. Because there were fewer students than average, more attention was given to students indivisually.
Most teachers were amazing, going out of their ways to help us. Some didn't do as much as others.
It's not the greatest school, but i share a lot of memories and moments with both my teachers and colleagues. My presence in that school is definitely productive.
Everything is presented, from an effective guidance counselor to a much enhanced environment which provides us with the necessary tools to advance.
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The school isn't really interested in the health of the students. I haven't seen much effort to ensure the well-being of he students
It has absolutely no extracurriculars
The principal is very understanding and comprehensive with solving school-related issues efficaciously
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