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I enjoyed IB at my high school. I felt like that was the only thing that really helped prepare me for college.
I am a junior at ray and I love going there. I am in the International Baccalaureate program RHS and it has helped to get me ready for college in some ways. in the program I didn't feel like we were pushed very hard and the teachers would get off topic during class and we would not learn all we needed to. However keep in mind this is only some of the teachers. When I tried to get out of IB this year so that I can get some of my hours out of the way for college but counselors where not very helpful. But other than the academics, RHS has the best pep rallies and everyone shows a lot of school spirit at them.
I loved that everyone on the staff was always very helpful with all the students even If they didn't know them.
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I love all the opportunities offered through not only sports, but student made clubs! The fine arts also plays a big part in my high school experience, because I am in band! They care so much about the fine arts department, from Theater to the Drill team.
My experience at W.B. Ray High School has been incredible. I transferred to Ray for my senior year of High School and I sincerely wish that I could've attended all four years. We have an International Baccalaureate program which is extraordinary and a variety of On Ramps classes with the University of Texas at Austin. The culture is so diverse at Ray, the counselors and the registrar office workers are so patient and friendly. The students are so welcoming and our student body has so much spirit! I'm so proud to be a fighting Texan! One thing I would like to see changed is having the theatre department renovated. The theatre hall is a bit outdated and could just use a bit of TLC! Other than that, I have no complaints!
I’ve been going to Ray for 4 years now, graduate in 3 months and everything’s been great. Only thing I’d fix would be more personal help with students, because no one listens to announcements, so as they’re speaking, all the students over speaking over them therefore I can’t hear anything.
My kid is a Junior this year and I like that they offer help on selecting colleges and how to receive financial help. Also has him interested in looking into different colleges that he would not other wise know about. The school keeps them safe and they offer several electives to keep everyone interested and participate.
ray high school has been so far a very good experience for me all the teachers are really good and very easy to talk to if you are having any trouble with anything, and they are always willing to put the students first, for example some teachers will stay for tutoring till 7 o'clock just to help us and not many will do that. And the sports here are really good and everybody is always welcoming.
I have been here all 4 year of my high school career and have had a good experience. The teachers and students are nice and it provides a good education. Although the school is a little old, don’t let its looks deceive because it’s really good.
Great school! Everyone is so nice! I love the teachers and the staff. Everyone is so caring. Teacher help students when needed. Staff is always there when you want to talk. They care.
Ray high school is an IB integrated school, unlike any other high school in Corpus Christi. IB students and non-IB students alike can attend this school. The community is helpful and the staff are relatively professional. The school has multiple extracurricular opportunities to enrich students' lives.
Through the rigor of the International Baccalaureate program at Ray High School, I have been adequately prepared for college. However, the administration and the counselors are subpar. The counselors are incompetent and don't have the students best interests in mind. My peers and I have been called "lazy" and "dumbasses" by one of the counselors. They are more intimidating than helpful. The administration is equally detrimental to the student experience. The rules being enforced at the school are purposeless, outdated, or both. I have been scolded for not participating in the pledge of allegiance. I have been dress coded sheerly because of my unique fashionability. I have been written up for walking in the side entrance of the school. In most other ways, the school is satisfactory.
I love the school spirit at Ray. The pep rallies and football games always make me feel at home. But things like their dress code and the 6 week grading periods could definitely be modified for the benefit of the students. And like most other public schools, there are some serious issues with drugs and fighting at Ray.
Since the campus became a closed campus, leaving lunch for my son is a task. The lunch has to be dropped off by the front office and nobody is there to watch it. As a result, sometimes the lunches get stolen and your student doesn’t get to eat. The staff doesn’t seem concerned when it is brought to their attention.
At Ray High School it is very fun when it comes to football games and pep rallys. most of our teachers really care about us but some are just here because they need the money. The students sometimes have to teach themselves when it comes to certain subjects. A few of the administration is very nice but some can be rude at points.
My high school experience was overall great. I made really good friends and met some really great teachers who guided me to where I am at now. I enjoyed all the clubs I participated in, all the events they had like the burning of the "T", but most of all the pep rallies were the best part.
My mother went to Ray and my grandfather was a football coach at Ray for 27 years but he left in the 80s. I was captain of the football team and ended up going to play college football for hardin simmons until i was injured ending my football career...Loved this school and its history i am proud to say I am a Texan.
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I love all the activities, they are all fun and entertaining.
All pep rally’s are just as fun as always I love to be here
There is significant importance placed on college readiness, including a center with much information and people willing to help. However, there are some notable negatives. One is the fact that although every once in a while I will encounter an amazing innovative teacher, I often find myself being taught by someone who is somewhat lazy or uninspired. I have had some unique teachers at Ray that have helped me a lot and made their class fun, but I have had a significant many that could be described as below average. Since I am in the IB program at Ray, I often have many unique teachers, as would be expected, but too often I am faced with difficult times when it comes to teachers. Also, it sometimes seems as if regular and AP classes are pushed aside in favor of IB, or vice versa. As far as safety goes, there is rarely a focus on it unless a scare has recently occurred, such as a threat, or in the last week of school.
The administrative staff at this institution care more about "tardy sweeps" than the mental health of their students. Moreover, class stratification is prevalent of preferring I.B students over "on-ramp" students, and they often stigmatize these students to the stereotypes that are present. Lastly, the administrative staff do not know how to handle situations appropriately, and students often feel unconfident in the school system.
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