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Ray D. Corbett Junior High School Reviews

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I like the layout of Corbett. It is very safe and easy to navigate. The seventh grade classes are to the left and the eighth grade classes are to the right. All of the staff are polite and highly educated. My children all have earned an outstanding education from this school.
If your child has an education plan/learning differences I do not recommend this school as they have done little to accommodate my child's learning style. She is bullied/teased/in tears almost daily so I am looking into alternatives for her to attend elsewhere. She tried out for the school play but dropped out because she was laughed at and teased for struggling with her lines and the theater teacher didn't do anything to stop it. She feels alone at this school w/ no friends & no teachers who truly care about her learning. I am not sure if administration/teachers look the other way due to the # of students but there seems to be an acceptance of students treating other students badly. I am active duty military and wish I hadn't moved into this school district. If you are military & moving to SATX look into Randolph or Fort Sam schools. If your child doesn't need any extra help they will probably do fine here.
I loved Corbett! It was a great school with awesome teachers who really cared about their students. It's a fairly new campus. Halls aren't as crowded as the high school, but can still get congested during the passing period.
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This school was a very good school to put your child In for the best education. It was recommended one of the best schools to go to for high education with no problems and great teachers that are willing to help you.
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