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I really like most of the teachers in the school for the most part. There are some bad apples here and there but most of them are very kind-hearted and look out for your future. The administration needs improvement in many aspects and I hope they find a way to do so. Student life is a very important topic here. They want you to join sports and clubs to spend your time in a productive way. They also encourage community service. Overall, pretty decent school.
Rawlins High School is a smaller school and that comes with both good and bad things. The school is very passionate about sports, maybe a little too passionate at times. Due to this, there are less fine arts classes. Those classes/programs don’t receive near the funding the sports programs do. Despite that though, the school does a great job of trying to include everybody. One of the clubs: Best Buddies, has become such a large part of our school and what they’ve achieved is really great.
I like that our school provides help to all students if they would like, and that since our school isn't jam packed full of kids so the teachers can help even more
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Rawlins High School is a very good school with amazing teachers. They have many opportunities for clubs, sports and classes. One thing I would like to change is the administration. I would like them to help us a little more and prepare us better for the real world/college.
You get a lot of help from the teachers considering it is such a small school. Compared to other schools I have attended in the past, It is very accepting and diverse of other cultures. Our sports teams and clubs seem to always be our strong suite. Our swimmers are top three in the state. The club, Best Buddies wont the best chapter of the year among 350+ chapters when they went to Indiana leadership conference this summer. Overall it is a pretty successful school that leads you toward bigger schools and goals.
It is a very helpful school with many different sports and activities, however college classes are not weighted which I don’t like.
Rawlins High School helps you get ready for your high school graduation and college acceptance. I met numerous kind and caring friends.
I especially liked the choir and theater programs at RHS! The Arts classes and activities were absolutely amazing!
My high school years went fast. The thing I favor the most about RHS would be the teachers caring for all their students and making it possible for our best future. I would like to see more visual learning then tests and quizzes.
The school is decent. Brand new school, great athletics. Great opportunity for youth athletics taught by high school students. Great finance and math teachers. Great office staff. Safe environment.
Rawlins high school is such a great school. It has great education and teachers. This school may not be the best ranked over the grades, but they always try to push every student to be doing their best. They are very strict on the dress code, and so far have always enforced the dress code when students brake it. The staff always try to get every student involved and know what they need to be doing and needs to be done. This was probably one of my best experiences going to this school. The activities in this school are great, the coaches always try to make the team better, and in some sports we have done real good. The activities director always try’s to get as many kids involved in either a sport, activity, or club. A little more than half of the school is involved in some type of activity.
I attended two years at Rawlins High School and what I liked about the school was the small community where people knew each other. What I would like to see change is students being more focused.
I personally enjoyed attending this high school mainly due to the fact that it's the only high school we have here in Rawlins, WY. When a person has to attend the same school for four years, you learn to love it and appreciate it. But our school district has graciously been able to fund our school in helping us build a new school building, although by the time it is finished I will be very close to graduating, the new building will be a very beneficial change to our community. The school overall could be better including teachers, coaches, and administration staff.
I wouldn't choose Rawlins High School if I had to do it all over again because the social classes in this school are ridiculous and some of the teachers follow them as well. Also my test scores have drop from freshman year to senior year because they are to worried about dress code and students not eating during classes.
The teachers at Rawlins High School it depends on who you have as a teacher. It also depends on who you are as a person and if you fit in to the social clique that is most popular.
I feel as if I got a pretty decent education here at RHS. A lot of teachers will go the extra mile into getting you a quality education. Other teachers are either coaches and don't care about you other than athletes, or some teachers just really don't care what you do in general. This school has definitely played favorites in this school. Favorites as in: athletes, your last name, etc. You're basically a nobody in the school unless you're an athlete. The administration is the worst about this and always have always been like this. Other than that, my education was good. Teachers are understanding and helpful most of the time.
This school was total, I mean TOTAL hell for me. I was not athletic, so any teacher that I had who was also a coach paid NO attention to me. I simply didn't exist to them. My only positive experience was choir. This school has a grade A choral director who knows what she is doing, and is highly UN-appreciated. The school gives more credit to the coach of our losing football team than to a highly trained and highly professional music educator. I would not come back here if my life depended on it. I WOULD NEVER send a child of mine to this school. Not if I wanted them to succeed in life at least.
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You have two options. The frozen food that they fry up for the entire school district, or the dominos pizza which is ordered EVERY DAY.
They are working on making things better. However that't what they've been saying for the past twelve years.
Seeing as sports are given priority at this school, it is weird that the facilities don't reflect that.
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