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Worst school, uneducated and poor school. No diversity or culture anyway. Drug epidemic is at its worse. And the staff of the school take no responsibility for their actions whatsoever, they would blame a student before excepting blame. Bullying and segregation are horrible. Students are just passed through instead of being pushed to their potential. Forget the staff caring about students unless they are apart of a click.
If I am to be completely honest with people about my experience in high school I don't know if it'd be too pretty. High School is rough, the work isn't the only thing rough it's also the people.
My experience here has been fair and I like the classes offered. I would like to see things in the student body change!
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Attending Ravenswood High School was the best 4 years of my life. I had the best teachers you could ask for who know how to build a relationship with their students. Even though my junior and senior year have been chaotic with the construction of a new middle school next door, our school has made sure that we have had the best time we can under those circumstances.
Ravenswood High School is an excellent public school in Jackson County, surrounded by an extremely dedicated and supportive community. It's not perfect, but nothing is, and what it lacks it more than makes up for with incredible staff and students. Ravenswood High is constantly striving to improve its resources, its academics and other extracurriculars, and its students.
The school is OK, I got a good education there. Though some of the teachers aren't the best and they slide some kids through. Kids that have learning problems don't really get the help they sometimes need. The administration has since gotten better with the retirement of the principle and the vice principle taking over.
Pretty nice school with good, easy going teachers. The classes are not overly challeneging but somewhat stimulation. I would rank it a 7/10 because its about like any avarge American high school.
Ravenswood High School is a great school overall. My favorite thing about my school would have to be the teachers. They are very interactive with the students and make sure that we understand the material being taught. The thing I like the least would have to be the food that they sere us at breakfast and lunch, but other than that Ravenswood High School is a great place to go to school.
It's a normal school for normal students not much else goes on. The sports program is alright if that's what your into same can be said for band and pretty much all the other programs you get out what you put in
The music programs at Ravenswood are wonderful and I had great mentors when I went to school there. However, I do think Ravenswood has a bullying problem that no one seems to pay attention to.
Ravenswood High School is extremely concerned with getting you where you want to be and making sure you are prepared for your future. The teachers are as helpful as they can and give us the tools we need to succeed. I would like to see Ravenswood High School expand and get a larger attendance.
There are several great qualities my school holds. The teachers are overall wonderful, they help you the best they can. Smart lunch is my favorite quality of Ravenswood High. It is a new program we started this year to better each individual student. If a student may have a missing assignment, low grade, or just need extra assistance, then they are sent to tutor A or B during lunch. The thirty minute tutoring sessions are beneficial. I love going and getting one on one time in subjects I struggle in making it easier to learn and understand. Our school is very fortunate to have Mac Books for each student along with a bag, charger, and extension as well. I would like to see more parent involvement and friendliness since we are such a small community. These qualities make us better people as we grow into adults while starting our careers. The more support we have as a group the more likeliness for success in individuals.
Attending Ravenswood High School has been a note worthy event. Usually students do not enjoy the four, long years in high school, but Ravenswood has made my high school experience unique. I have made new friends, met new teachers that I have grown to love, and more importantly, I have expanded my knowledge for the future. A few ups and downs have occurred in my time at Ravenswood High School.The time used to move from class to class, should be extended an additional two minutes. The extra time would permit students to exchange books and arrive to class with time to prepare for learning . I have loved being in High School and I am sad that it is almost over, but I will never forget the memories that I have made at Ravenswood High School.
It's a small school, which means a lot of one-on-one help from teachers! The staff sincerely cares about all the students and go out of their way to help. In all the time I've been going to Ravenswood, I've never once seen or heard of any bullying, which I know is also a major concern. I have no negative views of Ravenswood High.
People try their best at this small school to work hard and get things accomplished.
Students can be overwhelmed sometimes, and some people just take things too seriously.
The clubs and extracurriculars are very organized and open to every student at the school.
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Many teachers do a great job at making sure students get the help they need, but there is always room for improvement.
The High School is great, because they allow you to join in school activities and be involved. High school is high school though, so I wouldn't really want to relive those years again.
This school has a ton of extracurricular activities available. The only down side is that they're not all quality programs so not many people do them and they don't actually accomplish much as a group.
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