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Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Senior High School Reviews

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Overall, probably could have had a better experience. There's a bunch of things wrong with the school coming down to administration. Since it's a small/medium school, there are not many clubs or involvement. This also affects sports and culture as not many people participate because of jobs or responsibilities. Academically, our school can prepare you for the average college, but a majority of the students usually go into a trade. Despite some of the negative drawbacks, there are some things that shine out. The music department is very strong. The best sports are wrestling and track. Some of the teachers will be the best you will ever meet, but some of them not. Being one of the three Asians in the entire school, I can safely say that it is not a very diverse school. In conclusion, I would have rather gone to a different school even if not that far away like Coxsackie, Bethlehem, or Shaker.
My experiences at Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Senior High School isn't so fascinating to hear. It's just like every other school out there. You come in students who want to go back home, teachers lecturing students, and receiving homework on a day to day bases. So it's really not that interesting, but I got to admit the activities that the school has won't disappoint you at all. It's a very small school but with lots of different clubs, sports, and many different types of classes to take. Now you must have 22 high school credits to graduate with a high school diploma. I already have my credits but I'm just taking the required classes in order to graduate, which isn't so bad. Now I play 4 sports a year, one in the fall, two in the winter, and one in the spring. Not only that I have to balance it out because I also work too. But besides that, I got to say I enjoy the school it's just the students in the school that make it awful really.
This is a small town high school. Although it is a good school, i feel it does not prepare you for college. Also, there could be more focus on academics rather than sports.
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Ravena, at times, can be a decent school. However, most of the time it's not very good. The administration is too obsessed with PBIS to worry about education.
RCS is very interesting to say the least.The rating of the teachers really do depend on which teacher it is. Some are great, you can tell that they enjoy their job and students, where some only seemed to be annoyed by their job. The most annoying issue with some teachers is that they tend to rant on topics with have nothing to do with the class, things like chocolate sculptures and how car payments killing the youth of america.It also seems that teachers only care about having you pass the year, not going to college. As for Academics, there are so many different classes. However, the classes also depend on the teachers.The class isn't going to go far if all you're doing nothing but thinking about chocolate darth vader right? There a kinds of clubs within the school. There Ten as of now.
I could probably write a full length paper on RCS, and honestly i would if you asked me. It's nothing special and nothing horrible either, landing somewhere in between. An average high school.
It isn't the best school yours want to send your kids to. Though, it does the job. I have been involved in multiple activities after and during school. One thing that bothers me about this school is the education itself. The teachers only want you to pass, not learn. Which is quite unfortunate because we need to know the information for later years.
There are anti-bullying measures put in place but they are very rarely acted on. The teachers just don't care. There have been a couple of cases of rapes happening which scared me a bit but there wasn't anything while i was there. There is an unarmed police but again, he doesn't actually do anything.
Because i moved to the district in Middle School, everyone already had their "friend groups" and i have moved around a bit but especially here i found that they would not let anyone into these groups so that has been very hard as I've gone through high school here. The teachers there though are, with a few exceptions, fantastic.
There were many teachers that i had a really hard time with and just couldn't really connect to but there are also some really amazing teachers that truly inspired me as a student and a person. They were great at teaching and connecting with the students. Most of the time they were very knowledgeable about there material.
I would do it again because I made some good friends
some of the teachers aren't very engaging.
The teachers are great and really helpful, even if you didn't have them or if your a past student.
The teachers for the most part really care about their students. The music and theatre program is excellent and supportive, although the visual arts program is dismissed. It grew smaller every year, until only 2 classes were offered during my final year there. Sports are really popular, and the whole town is supportive, of football especially. The town is extremely rural however, and very racist, homophobic, sexist.
Security in our school is pretty good but the bullying issue is getting worse by day.
The food is good, but I would like to see more healthy options in the menu.
The principal and guidance counselors work hard to help students and enforce dress codes as well as other rules.
We have a lot of school spirit and we enjoy attending school activites and games. A lot of students are involved in after school activies and sports teams.
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Teachers are devoted in their works and want to help the student pass. Not all teachers are the same but most teachers chose teaching because they enjoy spending time around students, therefore they preform their job very well.
Our school has many extracurricaular activities ranging from the arts to science and language. Clubs such as Spanish, French, Art, FCCLA, Drama and many other science and english clubs. We also have programs including all county, area all-state, jazz band, harmonics and many other musical programs. Our school also has many sports oppurtunities.
Nobody likes the dress code and girls are always getting stopped in the Halls for thier clothes. It's a really obnoxious policy because calling out a girl on what she is wearing only draws in more attention to her inapropriet attire
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