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Rantoul Township High School Reviews

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What I liked about Rantoul was the diversity of all the students. I also enjoyed how dedicated the teachers and staff are and how much they care about their students. The staff was constantly working to reward the kids who worked really hard in school and I greatly appreciated that.
The amount of groups, activities, and diversity is what really stands out for the school, especially compared to schools in the area. We have groups such as FFA, National Honor Society, Student Council, D&D club, Scholastic Bowl, Gay-Straight Alliance, Interact. Then, there's also Dance, Color Guard, Marching Band, and so on. We have many sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, and others. I take part in a lot of those including leadership positions. I am Historian for NHS, Drumline and Front Ensemble Section Leader for Band, and a Captain for Cross Country and Track. The diversity is amazing as there is a mix of a lot of LGBTQ+ and straight people, and ethnic backgrounds of African/White/Mixed/Asian/Mexican Americans. The thing that needs more focus in our school is behavior issues(like fights), more opportunities in AP classes, and strive to have education be the main focus over sports(students first, athletes second).
I'm still currently in rths still but things that i like about rths is the choices of classes, the teachers. The teachers they care about their students if something is going on and they do help. Things that i would like that rths could change is the bathrooms!! Also the food they serve to us, and also to have lunch outside like to eat outside of school like have a cafeteria but for everyone to sit outside not just the "good" kids.
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RTHS has provided me an opportunity to take a wide variety of classes. This has helped me narrow my interests. I also was able to participate in many different extra-curricular activities.

RTHS could improve on the number of different advanced classes that are offered. More dual-credit opportunities would be helpful.
Rantoul Township High School is one of the best schools in the area. There are many choices for classes from art classes to child care & home ec classes to zoology and advanced science classes. The administration is very invested in each student so that they can achieve the best they can. The teachers care about the students and help then to become the best they can be. There is also a diverse student body including international study abroad students. RTHS helps its students prepare for college and beyond. The school also have a very active music program which includes jazz band, concert band, marching band, concert choir, women's chorale, madrigals, and show choir. The school also has an active sports program for both boys and girls which includes football, basketball, wrestling, golf, soccer, weight lifting, baseball and track. For a small town school this is one of the best in the area.
It's a rather small school which gives more time for teacher student interactions. If teachers are unavailable we have sophomore to senior mentors who try and help the freshman adjust to the school and even help with their grades and finding classes. The school is constantly changing. There's a new PE dress policy which leaves more freedom to the students to dress for PE and they're even contemplating open campus lunch! However, with such a small school there's a lot of fights that break out, a ton of gossip, lots of drama, and tons of bullies and not many people stick up for others, so I'd love to see that changed as well as the school lunch.
I liked how many different classes they offered. I want to see teachers help students one on one and to go over what the student did wrong on the homework so next time the student won't miss it.
Rantoul high school is a school with great variety and they have great diversity where you can learn new things everyday. So rantoul is the place to be.
Attending Rantoul High School has been one of the best experiences I have had, it's diverse, friendly, and I have never had a day where I did not enjoy it. A lot from the outside look down on our school because we are different than schools around us, but we are far from the words said. Rantoul brings people from different backgrounds into a common learning environment. There are people involved in all different types of activities that are supported by people all around the school. If someone was to ask me if I enjoyed my time at RTHS I would say yes and I am not ready for it to be over because of all the teachers and friends I have had, I always feel noticed even on the bad days.
My experience at Rantoul township high school has been great i've received lots of help with the teachers in areas I would need help in the school greatly prepared me for things in the future. Ive been prepared for what i want to do in my future and the shop classes prepared me greatly. The teachers and administration are great and nice and will show respect towards you as a young adult.
A few things I enjoyed while attending Rantoul Township High School was the free range, self expression, and acceptance. It was a place where students could just be themselves and not get ridiculed for it. New classes were constantly being added and taught, which always paved the way for an interesting and innovative school year, and the teachers (although sometimes not the best) we're usually willing to help.
Rantoul did not fulfill me with that high school experience. They have very poor school spirit, administration and coaches favor kids over other kids because they are related to somebody part of the administration.
My experience at Rantoul High started off really well. My freshman year I felt as if everyone was in support of me. Now, I am a junior and it's not the same. Kids bully, and bullying has not been handled well. Honestly, I can't really wait to start college, and I do not feel as if my high school experience was fun.
I personally really enjoy the school, the education opportunities, and staff. The school is in a good location, is very easy to get to, and has great facilities. The school offers honors and AP classes, and the teachers are readily available to help any student.
I like the support we get from the counselor and o want the food to change it nasty because we always have the same thing I wish they would switch it up.
The school is really big and nice which is a pro and a con would be that theres a lot of fights and a lot of drama ! Other then that we have really good classes you can take that helps you out in the future!
Rantoul Township High School's staff have made my four year stay one I have enjoyed thoroughly. Though the students may not come from the wealthiest upbringings, there are many teachers who accommodate this by making their classrooms safe zones where there is no separation of students by where they come from; the staff accepts all students for who they are.
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Most students at RTHS are involved with many clubs or sports. There is never peer pressure. Racism is not an issue at all.
There are many special study options for all students who seek it. Teachers make sure they give the students all the information they need to be successful.
Bullying is never tolerated at RTHS. Although, there is not metal detectors, for example, I still feel very safe in the school.
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