2017 Largest Public High Schools in America

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  1. 1
    Niche User:I would choose this school again if I could, but just because its online and I can't go to "real" school. I wish that my teachers had expected me to succeed. I wish that they would have held the students to some sort of standard.
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  2. 2

    Ohio Virtual Academy

    • Maumee, OH
    • 416 reviews
    Niche User:I would choose this school again. I have recommended it to many friends. The teachers are nice, and it is perfect for people who have other priorities in addition to school. My favorite part of this school was being so in control of what I did each day. The school provides a solid education without the pain of public school bullies, rude teachers, and absurd time consumptions.
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  3. 3
    High School Senior:I've had a lot of teachers and aside from one they have all been so kind, helpful and fun! They're flexible with meeting with me to go over homework or catch up if I'm behind. The staff are very nice, the system is easy to use, and as long as you communicate with your adviser and teachers when you need to you'll be just fine. Everyone says this school isn't the best because "you can't socialize" but honestly you can. There are clubs you can join, field trips, and most of the teachers will let you talk to other students as long as you make sure you're paying attention to the lesson.
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  4. 4

    Agora Cyber Charter School

    • King of Prussia, PA
    • 235 reviews
    Niche User:Agora Cyber Charter School was amazing! I was going through a really bad depression in high school and the thought of going to school made me physically sick. One day I started looking up online high schools and came across Agora. I enrolled and everything was great! The website was very easy to navigate, I was sent a laptop and all of the supplies I needed. The school even paid for our internet! The classes were challenging, but not overly difficult. This school was wonderful and I am so glad I graduated through them!
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  5. 5

    Noble Street College Prep

    • Chicago, IL
    • 412 reviews
    Niche User:My freshman year was horrible. It was so different from what I knew and what was expected of me. The teachers definitely cared about the students and I started to realize this during my sophomore year when I started to have some problems. When I got to my senior year (like any other senior) I was ready to graduate! I got all of my work done and took school very seriously. Now as a freshman in college I really appreciate the school and the rules. I wouldn't change my decision of going to Noble. It has made me into the person I am today and I am really proud of the person I am today!
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  6. 6
    Niche User:The school was okay. But I do wish I would've attended a different highschool. I feel as if I didn't get what I need out of highschool education wise
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  7. 7
    Niche User:I attended this school to be able to graduate a year early. The teachers and staff were so helpful with helping me achieve that goal! I work two jobs so it was great having such a flexible school schedule. If I had to do my senior year all over again I would change nothing.
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  8. 8

    Texas Virtual Academy

    • Lewisville, TX
    • 63 reviews
    Niche User:Very involved, but teaches self--discipline and accountability like no other school could. Students can graduate with mature organizational abilities.
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  9. 9

    Brooklyn Technical High School

    • Brooklyn, NY
    • 1,452 reviews
    High School Senior:Brooklyn Technical High School contains the most talented kids. We can express ourselves within the different majors provided. I would choose this school again if I could because of all the opportunities I have come across.
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  10. 10

    River Springs Charter School

    • Temecula, CA
    • 117 reviews
    High School Senior:My experience with this school was and is great. I'm a very independent person, but I've never felt out of place at this school. The classes are small, so you have a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher. It's a lot more free flowing with homework, and you have a lot more opportunities to make up work.
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  11. 12

    Paramount High School

    • Paramount, CA
    • 648 reviews
    High School Junior:My experience so far at Paramount High School has been a great experience despite the several flaws. Our school does have a major trash problem which causes sea gulls to surround the school. The school isn't very sanitary in the restrooms. There is toilet paper in the floor, no toilet seat covers, and runs out of hand soap really quickly. Although Paramount High is very unique because there isn't much fights. Since Paramount High School is majority Hispanics, everyone gets along. Overall Paramount High School is a great school to attend.
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  12. 13

    Visions In Education

    • Carmichael, CA
    • 140 reviews
    High School Senior:I really enjoy this school because of its many different vendors. Through this school I was able to do many unique extracurricular activities such as horseback riding and gymnastics. In addition, our CT was the greatest. She was always on time to our meetings and just about the nicest person. I would definitely go to this school again!
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  13. 14

    Carmel High School

    • Carmel, IN
    • 835 reviews
    High School Junior:Carmel is a great school to go to with only a few bad characteristics about it. Most everyone is polite and friendly. The teachers are very helpful and are very committed to ensuring that you understand what you're learning about and making sure you get a good grade. Despite the overwhelming size of the school, it is a very nice school to attend and there is a place for everyone to fit in regardless of who you are.
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  14. 15

    North Shore Senior High School

    • Houston, TX
    • 358 reviews
    High School Junior:North Shore Senior High is a wonderful school to go to. There is lots of friendly people. Everyday you will always learn something new. At North Shore you will be prepared for the future and have fun doing it. You will never have a boring day at north shore.
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  15. 16

    Skyline High School

    • Dallas, TX
    • 867 reviews
    Niche User:This school has a very large student population. It also has numerous different programs that students can join and study throughout their time at the school. Some of the programs include architecture, culinary arts, mathematics, automotive, and cosmotology .
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  16. 17

    Polytechnic High School

    • Long Beach, CA
    • 861 reviews
    Niche User:I had the best years of my life at Long Beach Poly. My family are all alumni, and it was my desire to follow this schools rich tradition. I love this family-oriented school, it is the highlight of my young life. It is were I failed and were I succeeded, in my academics and in sports. I created life long friendships and met extraordinary people.
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  17. 18

    Arizona Virtual Academy

    • Phoenix, AZ
    • 166 reviews
    High School Senior:My overall experience has been amazing. The teaches are helpful and they respond to your work very fast. There are many places to help find your work so you won't get lost. Cyberbullying is a non-issue and all students are respectful.
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  18. 19

    Allen High School

    • Allen, TX
    • 1,199 reviews
    High School Junior:This school is like a fantasy! They have so much to offer academically to prepare you for college! The sports programs are out of this world, the fact that we won 3 state championships in a row is incredible. The support that we get from our teachers and administrators is a true encouragement to want to do our best in school. I am on the drill team at AHS, and I have made my life-long friends and have experienced stuff never would have been able to if I didn't attend AHS. For example going to the Rose Bowl!
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  19. 20

    Cypress Bay High School

    • Weston, FL
    • 1,247 reviews
    High School Senior:The environment at this school is amazing. there is always something going on and everyone is very involved in academics as well as social activities. The diversity makes everyone very accepting and supportive. i have made so many wonderful memories here that given the chance i really would do it all again. Especially because joining chorus was the best decision i ever made.
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  20. 21

    Waukegan High School

    • Waukegan, IL
    • 422 reviews
    Niche User:What makes this school different is that it's full of diversity. It's not your typical high school where you find yourself in one specific type of group to socialize.
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  21. 22

    Downey High School

    • Downey, CA
    • 509 reviews
    High School Senior:It is what you make of it. If your involved there is a large amount of support for you. the teachers care if you talk to them and the Principle is always in the quad talking to everybody.
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  22. 23

    Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • 60 reviews
    High School Senior:I think, considering my situation, that this was a great year at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. I don't think I'll do something like this again, but if I had a smaller workload, possibly.
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  23. 24

    Fort Hamilton High School

    • Brooklyn, NY
    • 502 reviews
    Niche User:This school is the best with amazing teachers and variety of cultures involved in this school. It is amazing to share a class with students from different countries .
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  24. 25

    Granada Hills Charter High School

    • Granada Hills, CA
    • 1,058 reviews
    Niche User:I loved this school so much. I spent my entire freshman and junior years, and spring semester of my sophomore year. I was sorry to leave and I would have loved to have graduated from it. I really liked the structure of the school, the people I met and the environment in general. It felt very welcoming. Most people would say high school was hell, but for me it was a wonderful experience. My teachers were all very helpful and I liked that their classes challenged me without being overwhelming, something I found myself missing when comparing Granada to the school I transferred to. If I could have stayed for my senior year, I would have. But I think everything turned out for the best. I did get into UCLA, after all.
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