2017 High Schools with the Best Teachers in Albany Metro

Explore the public high schools with the best teachers in your area. Ranking based on student and parent ratings of teachers, teacher salaries, teacher absenteeism, teacher tenure, student-teacher ratio, and the Niche Academics Grade for the school.
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  1. 1

    Niskayuna High School

    • Schenectady, NY
    • 181 reviews
    Niche User:I had a great experience here. There are lots of AP/Honors classes, and they really push you to be the best you can be. I've found that most of the AP classes are more rigorous than their college counterparts (and I attend one of the best colleges in the country). This school is great at almost all it does, whether that's sports, music, art, or academics. Although the student diversity here is lacking, the opportunities here are endless. Students go on to attend top colleges every year.
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  2. 3

    Shaker High School

    • Latham, NY
    • 70 reviews
  3. 4

    Guilderland High School

    • Guilderland Center, NY
    • 207 reviews
    High School Senior:I have enjoyed going to Guilderland. It has given me one of the best overall experiences by offering honors courses as well as AP courses that have helped me prepare for college. I have enjoyed playing sports for the school, have enjoyed how involved my parents are with my education as well as with my sports. Guilderland has offered a wide variety of clubs that I've been able to be involved in. I would highly recommend a student to attend GHS.
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  4. 5

    Colonie Central High School

    • Albany, NY
    • 193 reviews
    Niche User:I wouldn't change anything if I could go back and do it all over. High school, especially this school, has taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. You have to learn how to make it through, with all of the people, and the curriculum given. Teachers are always there for you if you need their help also! It's a great school.
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  5. 6

    Clayton A. Bouton High School

    • Voorheesville, NY
    • 32 reviews
  6. 8

    Columbia High School

    • East Greenbush, NY
    • 136 reviews
    Niche User:Most of the students attending this school don't care about their education or the education of others, which makes it difficult to learn sometimes. Most of the teachers are good, but some seem to hate students with a burning passion. The best teachers seem to be saved for honors or AP classes. Students are not allowed to leave during free periods and only Seniors are allowed to go to the library during their free periods without permission from a teacher. The cafeteria is the only place where you are allowed to use your phone even if you have a free period or a study hall. The principal is rude and unhelpful but most of the rest of the faculty are nice and willing to help.
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  7. 10

    Saratoga Springs High School

    • Saratoga Springs, NY
    • 237 reviews
    Niche User:I was very pleased with my experiences at Saratoga Springs High School. The help and support of the teachers and staff has helped me succeed academically as an individual over the years.
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  8. 11
    Niche User:Scotia Glenville High School is a large public school that offers a plethora of courses to their students. The school supports academics, athletics, as well as the fine arts. One of the great opportunities that I had while attending the high school was to take courses that earned college credit through Schenectady County Community College. This helped to prepare me for the transition from high school academics to college academics. In addition to these perks, perhaps the best quality of the school is the staff. The staff members bring a sense of community to the school and their hospitality, guidance, and friendship encourages students to pursue their dreams. Scotia Glenville High School has taught students to give back to their community and always give forth their best effort in all they do.
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  9. 12

    Maple Hill High School

    • Castleton, NY
    • 25 reviews
    Niche User:Really loved this school. In a tight community, we were able to all know each other and be friends with one another. While I was there, there was a huge stress on balancing athletics and education. The teachers were really amazing as well.
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  10. 13

    Schalmont High School

    • Schenectady, NY
    • 43 reviews
    High School Senior:Schalmont is a very accepting and diverse school. Students feel free to express themselves and the majority of the students seem to really get along. The teachers are very helpful and everyone is very friendly.
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  11. 14

    Troy High School

    • Troy, NY
    • 143 reviews
    Niche User:My class was like a small family. We all supported and helped each other. Most of us got along very well with other classes too. The teachers helped their students in every way possible and were a great help. Such a great school.
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  12. 15

    Albany High School

    • Albany, NY
    • 161 reviews
    Niche User:Great school, has a lot to offer, regardless of what the media makes the school look, it's a great school and you will learn a lot. Kids here are so down to earth and different. So many different races. It's who you hang around with depends on you. Great school few bad kids but there was never a dull moment
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  13. 16
    Niche User:The teachers are great and really care about their students. They always make sure they are able to provide extra help. If you care about what you put in your body, don't eat the cafeteria food.However athletes are at a disadvantage because there is no school spirit and a prevalent atmosphere of apathy to the sports department.
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  14. 17

    Shenendehowa High School

    • Clifton Park, NY
    • 215 reviews
    High School Senior:Most of the teachers are really good, however there is always the one teacher who could be better. It felt very big when I first started going but once I joined a club I made friends and it seemed to shrink the size of the school. I started to recognize people in the hallway and it did not seem so big anymore. Also, elective classes classes are great. We have almost every elective you can think of and those teachers are great. They are very involved in what they teach and you can tell they like what they are doing.
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  15. 18

    Mohonasen Senior High School

    • Schenectady, NY
    • 89 reviews
    Niche User:This school offers a competitive marching band and color/winter guard. They compete across NYS in SA2 divisions. The band and club experience at the school is great!
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  16. 19

    Averill Park High School

    • Averill Park, NY
    • 133 reviews
    Niche User:I've had a great experience at my school and I would do it all again. Our class has really become close and almost everyone gets along. The school encourages students to be involved in anything from clubs to sports to pep rallies. Teachers always show their spirit and the stands are filled with students, faculty and teachers rooting our sports teams on. It's a great school and truly feels like a tight knit community.
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  17. 20
    Niche User:The school lacks many modern amenities such as air conditioning throughout the building and so I feel that makes learning in the hotter temperatures in September, May and June very difficult. I also feel that the school lacks a bit in technology to some degree. However, the teachers are all very knowledgeable and many will go out of their way to see you succeed. I have felt a very strong community-feel in my years here.
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  18. 21

    Hoosic Valley Junior Senior High School

    • Schaghticoke, NY
    • 29 reviews
    Parent:As my son is a senior, the overall experience has been positive and he has enjoyed the school and loves how close most everyone is. Sadly as a parent of younger kids I see many things changing and I'm not too happy with some of them. I think the biggest fault I can report is that some teachers don't care about the education of the students and they only see it has a job and a paycheck. My senior son had an overall positive high school education.
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  19. 22

    Stillwater Middle/High School

    • Stillwater, NY
    • 33 reviews
    Niche User:I had a really wonderful school, even for the really small size. The teachers were great and really had your back when in the need for help with schooling. The administration was a little less helpful but it was still there when you needed it. The clubs were wonderful even if there were only a few, but they really got you involved in what the club was all about whether it be drama, art, or sports. The school size is nice and it makes it so you know everyone and you befriend them. It was a nice school.
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  20. 23

    Schenectady High School

    • Schenectady, NY
    • 117 reviews
    Niche User:The school had good programs, like the fine arts departments. The cafeteria is was your typical highschool cafeteria, food was pretty good as well.
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  21. 24

    Green Tech High Charter School

    • Albany, NY
    • 21 reviews
    Parent:I appreciate the fact that my child can focus on his goals and has a strong support team at this school. I enjoy the teachers dedication to ensuring that the kids are well prepared for college.
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  22. 25
    Niche User:I would definitely go to this school again. I have noticed that it tends to have a more comfortable feel than some other schools, and I love my classes. I have been able to work closely with my guidance counselor for the past few years and it has worked out well for me. At least most of the teachers here genuinely care about how well we do, not just on their ratings, especially a few of the teachers that I have had. Although I have been disappointed by recent budget cuts, I would go to this school again.
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