2017 Best High School for Athletes in Colorado

Explore the best public high schools for athletes in your area. Ranking based on student and parent reviews of athletics, student participation in athletics, and the number of sports offered at the school. Compare the best high school sports programs in your area.
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  1. 1

    Cherry Creek High School

    • Greenwood Village, CO
    • 739 reviews
    Alum:I absolutely loved my time at Cherry Creek High School! There are so many opportunities there and most teachers are seriously invested in your success. The teachers I had at Creek were always available to meet during office hours and were willing to schedule meetings before and after school if necessary. While the courses were challenging, they prepare you very well for success in college and the expectations the teachers place on students mirror the expectations students will face in college.
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  2. 2

    Grandview High School

    • Aurora, CO
    • 467 reviews
    High School Senior:My overall experience has been great! The teachers and classes have really pushed me to do what I thought was impossible . The obstacles and difficulties of schools have made my high school career into a journey and l found myself apart many families within the school like in performing arts, athletics, and the clubs. My high school has impacted my life and i would definitely choose it again.
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  3. 3

    Cherokee Trail High School

    • Aurora, CO
    • 390 reviews
    High School Junior:I honestly love Cherokee Trail High School. I am a student in the IB program and I love the relationships bonded between students and teachers and counselors. Every faculty member is rooting for us and we have their full support. Outside of the academic world, there is so much school spirit! Student leadership tries to get every student to feel like a part of CT, making us "bleed navy and burgundy." There is nothing more fun than sitting (or more like jumping!) in the student section on a Friday night decked out in spirit gear yelling "Let's go, Cougars." Beyond that, the clubs and activities are great. As a participant in orchestra and choir, I love the performing arts program and the dedication from the directors. As an officer for FBLA as well, the school really pushes each club to succeed and, with the hundred or so clubs available, there is something for everyone. I have enjoyed my years at CT and will miss everyone when I graduate.
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  4. 4

    Aspen High School

    • Aspen, CO
    • 74 reviews
    Senior:My school has such an amazing group of teachers. They actually care about your education and give you the opportunities to be victorious. Many of my teachers push me to think beyond what I am used to. Pushing me out of my comfort zone while exploring the world around me. I am so incredibly grateful for them, and how they have impacted me positively. Each day I feel like my mind has been opened to new thoughts and ideas. There's never a dull moment. The teachers actually make going to school sufferable. The people their I personally don't get along with. At least the teachers and education is grade A. The only thing I think my school can improve on is diversity. Our minority rate is fairly low, and I'd like to see more diversity in my school.
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  5. 5

    Arapahoe High School

    • Centennial, CO
    • 431 reviews
    Senior:From the past four years at Arapahoe High School, I can confidently say that I feel prepared and ready for college and higher education. While there are many great parts of Arapahoe, such as the variable schedule or off-campus privileges, I believe that the best part of being a Warrior are the teachers. All of the teachers I've known care greatly about the school and their students. Most teachers will meet with students to help them before/after school and during their office hours. As a further testament to the teachers at this school, I and many others have gone back to past teachers for help in a new subject finding that our teachers are glad to help! While the academics can be challenging, the teachers are truly there to help students succeed and achieve their goals.
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  6. 6

    East High School

    • Denver, CO
    • 454 reviews
    Senior:Overall, I am very satisfied with Denver East High School. Not only is this school absolutely beautiful, but it is very diverse and offers amazing opportunities. As an athlete, I was very impressed with the skills and standings of the athletic teams at East. Every coach I had put the players first, while pushing them to do their absolute best. Not only that, but nearly all the teachers I crossed paths with were very encouraging, willing to help, and provided me with an amazing education. Whether a student is very self motivated and smart or struggles in academics, East provides classes for everyone. The school is a perfect place for nearly any student, as it provides a variety of amazing clubs, sports, and courses.
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  7. 7

    South High School

    • Denver, CO
    • 205 reviews
    Junior:With the end of my junior year approaching quickly, I've begun thinking about my school and the impact it's had on me. One thing that I'm 100% proud of is that South HS is the most diverse high school in all of the Denver Public School District. I'd even go as far to say in all of Colorado. There are kids here that come from all corners of the world and excel in AP and Honors classes. Being exposed to this level of diversity definitely, expands my cultural awareness and makes me a more educated person. Our academics and teachers also do an amazing job of preparing the student body for college or whatever path they want to take after graduation. One thing that I'd change about South is our location. While we are located right next to beautiful Wash Park, we aren't really near anything interesting or urban like other DPS high schools.
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  8. 8

    Evergreen High School

    • Evergreen, CO
    • 213 reviews
    Senior:Evergreen is truly an exceptional school! Challenging, interesting classes are taught by caring, knowledgeable, supportive teachers. Lots of great technology and other resources. Athletics are outstanding. Most students are great kids-by senior year pretty much everyone is friends with each other which is a really cool atmosphere to be in. I had a blast going here and I'm definitely going to miss Evergreen but I feel very prepared for college. For anyone considering Evergreen, I'd highly recommend it!
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  9. 9

    Steamboat Springs High School

    • Steamboat Springs, CO
    • 85 reviews
    Senior:My entire time at Steamboat Springs High School I have always felt that as a student I mattered. That my teachers were concerned with my well being and wanted the best for my future. Being in a predominantly white town and school district a large portion of english and history curriculum is spent making us aware on civil issues and historical and current racism to make us aware of problems that we do not face in our everyday life. There are a lot of opportunities to take classes as well as participate in internships which are specific interests to you due to a flexible class schedule. . I have never felt in danger at school, however there is a marijuana and vaping problem, but it is easy to avoid and does not get in the way of school if you avoid it. I would like to see a change in how the school deals with waste, we still use styrofoam trays and it is ridiculous.
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  10. 10

    Eaglecrest High School

    • Centennial, CO
    • 402 reviews
    Alum:Eaglecrest has an outstanding STEM program. The Sci-Tech program is recognized and appreciated by top universities, including Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado. This challenging advanced program gives potential engineers, doctors, mathmeticians, etc. the oportunity to design a unique project in a STEM field of thier choice, I.E. attempting to redesign an airfoil of a jet airliner. The school has received multiple grants for CNC machines, Laser cutters, plasma cutters, and FDM machines because of the amaziing program the school boasts. HUNCH (High schools United with NASA to Creat Hardware) is a big part of the STEM program, the school has an experiment on the International Space Station. Eaglecrest High School is respected by NASA for its organization and competency in project management. Eaglecrest High School's STEM program sets this school apart from any other school in the district, state, and country.
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  11. 11

    Rocky Mountain High School

    • Fort Collins, CO
    • 214 reviews
    Senior:Rocky Mountain High School is truly an amazing place! The community here is like nowhere else I've ever been and the students here have a definite sense of purpose. My favorite thing about Rocky is a program called Adopt a Family, which is a school-wide event put on by the school each year during the holidays. Every homeroom 'adopts' a family and gets them basic necessities to help them through the holidays and bring them happiness. Last year I helped on the day where Rocky gave the gifts to the families and it was such an emotional and joy filled day. One thing about Rocky that I would change, however, is the documentation of such events, because i believe that when other people see what the people here at Rocky are doing, they will be inspired to do similar things.
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  12. 12

    Heritage High School

    • Littleton, CO
    • 240 reviews
    Alum:Heritage High School has a very intense education program. Students are held to a high standard and they have many opportunities to excel in their school careers. Heritage has several Honors and AP classes that any grade level can take. These high level classes allow students to challenge themselves as well as achieve highly in the classroom. Through the classes as well as extracurricular activities, students are exposed to different types of people and ideas. These activities and people give students the opportunity to expand their thoughts and they are able to leave the school with a broader sense of community. Through the LINK program alone, everyone in the school comes together to celebrate their pride of being an Eagle. This is what made going to Heritage such a great memory.
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  13. 13
    High School Junior:RV is an overall great school! Honestly, I regret having not taken every opportunity that I have been offered since freshman year. My favorite experiences derive from taking these sort of opportunities, such as the Peer Mentor Program, Student Government, and sports teams. The school has a very slim range of types of students, which is my only regret. I wish that I would have been able to engage with a greater range of students, who aren't all totally similar.
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  14. 14

    Cheyenne Mountain High School

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 158 reviews
    Senior:I was greatly challenged at Cheyenne; it is competitive, the teachers expect the best from you, and unless you are an outstanding athlete or scholar, you will certainly have some trials to overcome. That being said, I know that I am well prepared for whatever I will face going into what follows high school. In addition to that, I met some of the most wonderful and influential people in my life through this school. Cheyenne is the place where I have grown and blossomed into who I am today. In short, high school is high school, but this high school had quite a few good attribute not to be written off.
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  15. 15

    Pine Creek High School

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 307 reviews
    Parent:Nice community, great teachers, and outstanding councilors! This school has been very welcoming to military families.
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  16. 16

    Thunderridge High School

    • Highlands Ranch, CO
    • 346 reviews
    Senior:I loved TRHS, they have great teachers that truly care about you and your education. Particularly the TRHS pro-start program really gave the passion to go into baking and pastry as a career. Mrs. Waskey (pro-start teacher) really care about our learning and preparing us for a career path in the restaurant industry. Mr. Tabeling (the principal) is amazing and would do anything for anyone in that school. He is one of the most amazing and hardworking people I know. Now one of the best parts of TR is the family feel and the crazy school spirit! I have loved TRHS and will be sad to leave! <3
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  17. 17

    Columbine High School

    • Littleton, CO
    • 294 reviews
    Senior:Columbine High School is a strong school community. We have each others' backs and the majority of teachers will go the extra mile to help you. Our principal and assistant principals care as well and are very much involved in the every day practices of our school. I am now a senior and have grown over this high school journey. Sure there are some uncomfortable moments as a freshman and such, but that makes it even sweeter as a senior. Our sports are strong, our Deca and Business Department is great as well. I have also enjoyed the dedicated and interesting History Department.
    Our school assemblies and after prom are amazing!
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  18. 18

    Mountain Vista High School

    • Highlands Ranch, CO
    • 290 reviews
    Alum:I remember one day feeling lonely starting a new school year with few friends to speak of, the principle walked right up to me and greeted me by name and asked me how I was doing. The faculty at this school truly care for you as a student and as a person! I quickly made friends with other students and teachers that shaped the person that I have become. The academics are top-notch and the extracurricular activities and programs make this school unique and fun to be a part of!
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  19. 19

    Discover Canyon Campus High School

    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • 226 reviews
    Freshman:Excellent high school with unique clubs and organizations you won't find anywhere else in Colorado. Although we personally do not have a swimming pool, it still makes us great. GO THUNDER! #thunderprideisthebestpride
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  20. 20

    Eagle Valley High School

    • Gypsum, CO
    • 98 reviews
    Senior:I really enjoyed my time at Eagle Valley High School, we are ranked among the top in the country for public schools, and Bill Gates has even visited our school. I learned so much and have had the opportunity to be academically challenged, there are many option for AP classes and other college classes through our local community college. The teachers are all kind and helpful. The community of the school is amazing as well, we support everything and everyone. Overall I had an amazing experience at Eagle Valley High School.
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  21. 21

    Smoky Hill High School

    • Aurora, CO
    • 313 reviews
    Junior:Smoky Hill High School is a wonderful place to be. The warming environment of Smoky Hill High School encourages students to show school spirit and participate in coming together to celebrate the school itself or come together to support one another. This school offers a wide range of academic programs to help students end as strongly as possible. Programs like AP, IB, and Honors that push students, challenges them, as well as prepare them for college and life after high school. Smoky Hill offers students five different resource centers and a library for students to get help and to have a wide range of resources to help them with their work. Smoky Hill High School is very diverse as well as very spirited. Parents are a huge part of Smoky Hill. They help run events such as basketball games, dances, carnivals and all kinds of fun activities at Smoky Hill. Overall Smoky Hill is a great, warming environment to be around.
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  22. 22

    Fairview High School

    • Boulder, CO
    • 337 reviews
    High School Sophomore:This school is great because they have great sports, great things to offer you starting with school relating things and stuff that does't have to do with school. They have great activities in which anyone can join! Something that really makes our school unique would be the support you have of one another and the diversity of the school there's a little bit of everything in our school. The support you get isn't only from the teachers, but from students and past students that have attended the school and have really liked it. Everything is Fairview high school is much appreciated.
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  23. 23
    Senior:D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School offers a well rounded education. It is a liberal arts school which places equal amount of focus on all core subjects, such as math, English, science, history, and government and economics senior year. The school's offer of equal variety helps in determining the strength and weakness of each student. The school has an organized plan of the classes and steps students must take in order to graduate. And additional help is always available through tutoring organizations throughout the school and during study hall. The school also offers different types of electives l, such as painting, jewelry, drawing, lifetime fitness, advanced weight training, choir, mythology, creative writing, and many more. The range of electives is not the best due to the lack of diversity of the main elective subjects. Overall, the school prepares its students for college and teaches the importance of hard work and perseverance.
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  24. 24

    Rock Canyon High School

    • Highlands Ranch, CO
    • 381 reviews
    Senior:Rock Canyon is phenomenal! Through out my four years at Rock Canyon I have connected with students and staff. The staff is great, everyone is always willing to help with whatever is put in front of them. At Rock Canyon they know how to treat their students with respect, and kindness and in return they get kindness from students. I have learned so much, not only academic but real world. I am so lucky that Rock Canyon is such a great public school, close to home, with great teachers and great staff. My experience has been delightful.
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  25. 25

    Fossil Ridge High School

    • Fort Collins, CO
    • 303 reviews
    Senior:This school was amazing! Through Fossil I learned so much more than I would've at the High School I would've attended in Florida. The teachers are great and really listen to you when you have a problem, and there are plenty of clubs and activities to join.
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