2017 Best Public High Schools in Utah

The 2017 Best Public High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and high school ratings.
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  1. 1

    Itineris Early College High School

    • West Jordan, UT
    • 244 reviews
    Senior:I have overall enjoyed my time at Itineris. I would rate it five stars, but for some of the teachers, and the massive overload of homework. I distinctly remember spending 8+ hours a day for the first few days of Christmas break last year on homework for one class - and I wasn't even behind! In an attempt to better prepare you for college readiness, the teachers load you with homework, and then still expect you to spend time doing service and extracurriculars. If you got to bed before 11:00, you were considered lucky.
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  2. 2
    Junior:NUAMES is the best school out there. Class sizes are small and all of our teachers are professionals in their field. If you ever have a question or concern, everyone is willing to help. They have a legit no bullying tolerance. It's seriously a cute little family. They have a million clubs for everyone and if you can think of another you would like to add, then you can start your own! Add on the Early College opportunities that they offer and I couldn't imagine a better school!
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  3. 3

    Park City High School

    • Park City, UT
    • 243 reviews
    Sophomore:I've only been at PCHS for a few months now but I'm already in love! This school is a hot spot for innovative ideas to flourish and for academic skills to be challenged. As part of the PCHS Student Council I've been able to witness how exciting and entertaining the school events are. But I would have to say the most rewarding part of being a PCHS student is how proud everyone is to show their school spirit/miner pride!
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  4. 4

    InTech Collegiate High School

    • North Logan, UT
    • 30 reviews
    High School Senior:InTech is a pretty great school. It's easy to have a personal relationship with teachers, and it's easy to get help. Most of the students are considerate toward one another, and most people get along well. It's possible to enroll in college classes, which is beneficial to my education and it's cost-effective. At first I didn't want to attend InTech because of all the weird boys that went here my freshman year. Most of the ones that were hard to tolerate transferred out and I'm so glad I stayed. I would choose this school again, but I probably wouldn't realize how much better it was going to get if I had to do it all over.
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  5. 5
    Senior:This is one of the best school that I have ever attended. The teachers take so much time out of their schedules to help students prepare for the ACT and college. They have study groups every Saturday to help their students. In addition, they have multiple camps throughout the school year to also help you prepare for college.
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  6. 6
    Senior:Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy is a smaller charter school for students in the 7-12 grade. Maeser Prep is a whole culture that is about giving your heart and soul to something that is truly meaningful. Thier Board, Administration, Faculty, and Staff love what they do and are dedicated to provide a quality college-preparatory education that will “empower and inspire students to think critically, learn continually, and communicate effectively through use of the Socratic method to better themselves and their community.” I have been given many opportunities to learn how to learn about the world and many aspects of it. The students are kind and include everyone.
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  7. 7

    Timpanogos High School

    • Orem, UT
    • 243 reviews
    Senior:Best described as being the Hufflepuff of the Alpine School District, Timpanogos High School was voted the kindest school in the district due to it's unique student culture and service to the community. THS offers a variety of classes and has excellent English, Science, and Drama departments featuring wonderful teachers who encourage and expect their students to succeed. Among these educators include Ms. Broberg the Drama Mama, Stage Craft, and French teacher. Though seemingly severe she pushes her students to work hard and learn not for school but for life. Transcending the aspects of a traditional teacher Mr. Nagro shows through his vivacious, engaging personality a clear love for his profession. He is not afraid to share personal experiences and is very understanding of his students needs. He teaches AP English, English 10, and Shakespeare. Overall THS is a fantastic shcool that motivates and empowers it's students. GO T-WOLVES!
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  8. 8

    Davis High School

    • Kaysville, UT
    • 457 reviews
    Senior:I absolutely love Davis High School! It is a very large school that prepares its students for college and education beyond high school. They offer more AP and college credit classes than anyone could take and there is something for everyone. The staff works hard to have their students succeed and this is why pass rates on AP and state tests are so high. My experience at Davis has really given me a chance to expand my resume, knowledge and experience so that I can have more opportunities after graduation.
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  9. 9

    Skyline High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 392 reviews
    Alum:I was a student at Skyline High School, but I was not in the school boundaries. However, I attended Skyline for their IB Program, and it was a great experience. I was 100% ready for college. I graduated from Skyline in 2016, and my first semester was breeze. The IB Program is difficult, but definitely worth it. All of the staff at Skyline were great! They were able to address any questions or concerns I had quickly, and they were all friendly. They truly care about their students' success and it shows.
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  10. 10
    Senior:I went here for three years and enjoyed a lot of the time I was there. There were times where I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed but those moments always passed with dedication and hard work. The school had fun, low-key activities that aren't required but many of the students still go! The teachers genuinely care about their students, which I find rare among other high schools. They are always happy to help with anything the students could possibly need.
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  11. 11
    Freshman:I love how AMES is a small school so we are able to connect with each other very easy. I was able to socialize more at this school than my old school. Everyone here seems to know everyone. Talking to older kids was a very helpful thing because they were willing to listen to you and give you advice. The teachers are very kind to help us when need and understand us. I very like how there is some extra credit involved to help students get their grades up. The homework wasn't overwhelming. Compared to my old school, I loved how there were less test than having almost a test every single day. The counselors are always available to help you when needed. I really love AMES and I'm very grateful for choosing AMES as my high school.
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  12. 12

    Timpview High School

    • Provo, UT
    • 235 reviews
    Junior:I loved how passionate everyone is at timpview. As soon as you walk in you can feel the student body's school spirit in the environment which unites us all. We have so much diversity and are all friends with each other. Our teachers are great too! They all have a deep involvement with all their students and want was all to succeed and go on to bigger and greater things. I think Timpview is great.
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  13. 13

    Salt Lake Center for Science Education

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 36 reviews
    Junior:Extremely diverse, close knitted community full of wonderful and bright peers and faculty. The teachers go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and important. Every single teacher there has taught me incredible life lessons I will never forget. There is only one sports team, which is the mountain biking team. The food isn't great - and there isn't a whole lot to do after school in terms of clubs. But, you can always start a club if you'd like! There are only a few downsides but for the most part, it's an incredible school that I am so fortunate to go to!
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  14. 14

    Bountiful High School

    • Bountiful, UT
    • 358 reviews
    Alum:Bountiful High is an incredible school with great administration, faculty and students. There are many ways to get involved in the school with clubs and organizations, sports and academic readiness activities. The PTA and parents are heavily involved and oft times run programs and student recognition on the campus. Overall, as an alumni of BHS I loved every second of it!
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  15. 15

    Olympus High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 249 reviews
    Junior:I love this high school so much! I went to the junior high that fed into a different school, but the people there were just too judgmental and snobby for me so I decided to attend Olympus. Everyone at Olympus is so kind and accepting and it is just a wonderful environment. The teachers are some of the best I have ever had and I have done the best academically in my entire span of education. It is such a wonderfully perfect school.
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  16. 16

    Orem High School

    • Orem, UT
    • 396 reviews
    Senior:I love Orem High School! The teachers are all wonderful, not only as teachers, but as mentors and friends. They are very supportive of everyone's interests. Orem High hosts several student activities each month and I've enjoyed each of the activities I've attended. The students at Orem High are generally very kind and inclusive. I’ve enjoyed making friends through the numerous extracurricular activities Orem High offers. Orem High has wonderful programs for the performing arts, athletics, and music, just to name a few. I feel very privileged to have been able to enjoy the Orem High School experience.
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  17. 17

    Lone Peak High School

    • Highland, UT
    • 764 reviews
    Senior:I absolutely loved my time at Lone Peak High School! The Honors and AP classes they offer are some of the best in the nation and academically enriching. The students at Lone Peak are very friendly and welcoming. There is a stereotype that Lone Peak is a school full of rich Alpine kids who don't care about anyone other than themselves, but through my experience at this school I have come to the understanding that this rumor is a falsehood. The principal at Lone Peak is incredible. She truly cares about the students and constantly work to improve the school for the student'ts benefit. Lone Peak is such a wonderful school to spend your high school years and gain a meaningful education with teachers who truly care.
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  18. 18

    Pleasant Grove High School

    • Pleasant Grove, UT
    • 506 reviews
    Senior:I have loved every moment spent at Pleasant Grove High School for many reasons. The culture is very welcoming at Pleasant Grove. As a transfer student my Junior year, I felt overwhelmingly welcome and accepted as a new student. Everyone including the administration made me feel like I was a great addition to the student body and would be valued greatly. My teachers strive to help me succeed and find the path I need to be on when I graduate High School to accomplish great things. With the environment being so kind it was not hard to find good friends with high standards that I fit in with. Everyone is your friend at Pleasant Grove High School, I am very proud to be a Viking!
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  19. 19

    Maple Mountain High School

    • Spanish Fork, UT
    • 347 reviews
    Senior:I have loved my experience at Maple Mountain! What I've loved most is the way the school fixes problems. Our student body is filled with good kids and we have so many, good teachers who care and try to make school worth every minute. Of course there are problems, like any school, but I've seen problems come and go because the school recognized and sought to fix them. Intense and rude student sections during assemblies were addressed and assemblies were changed to end such conflicts. The school has sent out emails asking students and parents advice on how to make the school better, and new ideas are used. My school has such a variety of good classes and clubs and every group works hard at what they do. Overall, Maple Mountain has been a great experience.
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  20. 20

    Dugway High School

    • Dugway, UT
    • 8 reviews
    Junior:It is a great school! You get one on one time with the teacher because the classes are so small. Classes are shorter but you get a lot done.
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  21. 21

    Sky View High School

    • Smithfield, UT
    • 377 reviews
    Senior:I moved back to Cache Valley right before my senior year, and I was dreading starting at a new school for my last year. But I couldn't be happier that I attend Sky View this year. The administration and teachers have been so welcoming. All of my teachers so far are very good at their jobs and clearly love what they do.
    Most of the student body has been very welcoming as well. It would be nice if there was a program or club or something throughout the school year for new students, simply because not many people move into the area and make a flawless transition. Making friends in a new place is always hard, but when many students don't really know how to welcome new students, it can be hard.
    The academics are great! I love the variety of classes offered at the school, especially the concurrent enrollment classes offered through USU. The curriculum isn't as rigorous as it was at my last school, but my classes here haven't assigned as much homework, which has been nice.
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  22. 22

    Wasatch High School

    • Heber City, UT
    • 526 reviews
    Senior:There is a definite emphasis on sports, especially wrestling. Other areas like choir, theatre, and orchestra aren't as much supported by everyone as much athletics.
    Most teachers are excellent and are very willing to help you learn! There are a few difficult and not-so-pleasant teachers to work with, but you just have to learn to live with it. Otherwise, teachers are great!
    The students are very kind, accepting, and fun. There are still some form of cliques here, especially with diverse groups but it's not the typical mean girl sort of thing here. Everyone is friendly, and you can feel comfortable talking to almost anyone here.
    For college readiness, take lots of ap and concurrent enrollment courses.
    Counselors are great for the most part but there are a few who will try to badger you into what they think is your next courseload.
    Food is improving but lacks diversity.
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  23. 23

    SUU Success Academy

    • Cedar City, UT
    • 116 reviews
    Senior:I actually go to DSU Success Academy, but they are the same school, just located at different universities. This school truly prepares you for college because it is an Early College High School. We are taking college classes from sophomore year to our senior year. I know this school is unique in the resources and opportunities it provides us high school students in Southern Utah. I love this school.
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  24. 24
    Senior:Allows freedom of self expression, gives experiences no other school offers, and creates educated, inspired, and independent students.
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  25. 25

    West High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 325 reviews
    Senior:One of the key things I love about West High School is that it is one of the most culturally and racially diverse Schools in the state of Utah. It is also located near the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, making a variety of activities possible and letting students experience a city life unparalleled by any other high school in Utah. This School also fulfilled my academic needs with it being one of the 4 Utah schools which boasts the International Baccalaureate Program, which got me into UC Irvine and many of my friends into top-tier Ivy League Schools. I would Super-Senior Here if I could!
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