2017 Best Public High Schools in Utah

The 2017 Best Public High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and high school ratings.
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  1. 1

    Itineris Early College High School

    • West Jordan, UT
    • 243 reviews
    High School Sophomore:Itineris Early College High School is the best for several reasons. The first being that the teachers are great teachers, they want to be your friend and they are open for suggestions. It is also good because it prepares you for college by the teachers actually teaching you how to succeed in college and because the teachers and administrators don't want to, and won't try to baby sit you.
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  2. 2
    Niche User:NUAMES was the best decision I ever made. It was a family comprised of enthusiastic students and teacher willing to push the limits of our brains. They and the rest of the administration are amazing and always there for you, even after you have graduated as I have come to find out. I will always love NUAMES.
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  3. 3

    Park City High School

    • Park City, UT
    • 240 reviews
    Niche User:Teachers are really great and care about the success of the students. The environment as a whole is great. All the students know each other because it is a small town, so not a lot of issues occurring between students.
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  4. 4

    InTech Collegiate High School

    • North Logan, UT
    • 29 reviews
    High School Freshman:It has an amazing curriculum and it is a tougher school than any of the other schools in my state. But there is an amazing social and friendly environment and everyone gets along well, its just not the perfect school for me that is why I have not rated it as five stars.
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  5. 6
    High School Senior:Maeser Prep has been an incredible opportunity that I have be able to experience. I love the teachers and positive atmosphere. Being taught a classical education has been a great experience as well. Through the Socratic method I have learned to think critically and communicate effectively. Reading the classics in their original form has been one of the most effective learning tools. I would definitely do it all over the same way.
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  6. 7

    Timpanogos High School

    • Orem, UT
    • 240 reviews
    High School Senior:Timpanogos High School is a great school. I have enjoyed all three years that I have attended. I mostly enjoy the incredible fine arts courses that my school offers. Timpanogos has an exceptional choir program that has been the highlight of my high school experience. As a someone who is considering majoring in music, I feel that my high school has given me some off the the best music education in the nation.
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  7. 8

    Davis High School

    • Kaysville, UT
    • 451 reviews
    High School Senior:So far I have loved my experience at Davis High School, and I will be graduating this year so that shows a lot. Davis High students are very responsible. Most of my friends, including me, are on the high honor roll every term. Davis High Students call our student section the MOB. This has been one of funnest high school experiences to unite with such strong school pride
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  8. 9

    Skyline High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 389 reviews
    Niche User:Skyline has bountiful opportunities to learn and grow through clubs, service, and extracurricular activities. I was involved in many clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America, DECA, Operation Smile, and Astronomy Club where I grew socially and further developed my sense of competition in the workplace. I was Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America and I helped set up service opportunities with fundraising through Lifting Liberia, collecting diapers for March of Dimes, and collecting coats for Community of Caring. I got to collaborate with many people and I learned how important service is in my community. What truly makes Skyline High unique is the volume of high achieving students, which can be proven with our high-placing Sterling Scholars, highest ACT scores in the state of Utah, and the vast amount of credits earned through AP classes and concurrent enrollment programs such as the Academy of Finance (which I can proudly say that I was involved in). The only thing that could possibly improve this school would be hiring more qualified counselors that are more involved in the college and scholarship application processes.
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  9. 10
    High School Sophomore:This is the best school I have ever been to. In all of the schools i have been to, I have been accepted by students at this one. I have been bullied at my other schools, and bullies just do not exist here.
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  10. 11
    Niche User:AMES overall has been an outstanding school. AMES has helped me get into a good head start into college and also gave me a sneak peek on what college will really be like. AMES has also done a great job in preparing their students for college and helping students who do not really feel prepared. AMES is a school where they want each of the students to graduate and get into a good college that will prepare us for our future careers. My favorite experience at AMES would be meeting the students and forming a good study group. Having a great group of friends who aspire to reach similar goals has really helped in furthering my education and making good decisions. AMES is unique for various reasons. The first reason would be that AMES offers an amazing program that is connected to the University of Utah where students can already start taking college classes for an extremely cheap price compared to regular college tuition. Every student at AMES has an opportunity to take these classes and earn college credit that goes towards your General Education. The second reason AMES is unique is that AMES has an amazing student body. Everyone is accepting of each other, basically you can be who you are without getting judged. AMES students respect everyone. AMES also lets kids create their own clubs that are unique and different from other schools. The faculty of AMES also get to know each and every student and helps them with their grades or offers help to students who are struggling in certain subjects. I would choose this school again because from hearing my friends who graduated from different public high schools, they were not able to have the educational opportunities that AMES has to offer like concurrent enrollment etc. The small class sizes also helped in contributing to a great AMES experience where you got to know each of your peers and teachers.
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  11. 12

    Timpview High School

    • Provo, UT
    • 231 reviews
    Niche User:I attended both high schools in the area. I can tell you right now everything about Timpview was better, other than the location, just because Provo High was closer to my house. The people were so friendly, and most were down to earth and motivated. Every sport that Timpview has to offer the students are very successful in. We have the best coaches! Academics are very important there, and almost everyone was motivated to do their best and graduate. All of the teachers were so willing to help you succeed. I was on the dance company at Provo High for one year, and Timpview for two. I don't know how it's possible, but the amount of talent in the students of Timpview was so much more. I absolutely loved the concerts that we preformed at the end of the year to show our work. We almost always win at any sport we play. We usually play in the state championship for football. Our school spirit was very high and so fun, we had the best assemblies. Going to games was a great way to get out of the house and socialize with our peers. If I could do high school over again the only thing I would change would be to not go to Provo High at all and be fully committed to Timpview. I also wish I would have taken AP classes because Timpview had a lot to offer, and it could have really helped me out in college.
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  12. 14

    Bountiful High School

    • Bountiful, UT
    • 355 reviews
    Niche User:It's a really awesome!! I just felt that it wasn't very diverse but overall it was always fun and the teachers were great except for a few that gave busy work.
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  13. 15

    Olympus High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 243 reviews
    High School Senior:My experience has been impactful. There are some teachers that I've really connected with. Some have helped me figure out what I want to do later in life as a career choice. I like most of our teachers, there aren't many good English teachers. The adults seem to be very interested in helping us succeed in our lives.
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  14. 16

    Orem High School

    • Orem, UT
    • 396 reviews
    High School Senior:I love Orem High School. We have so much school spirit and school pride. Out of every high school in Utah I think everyone would agree that Orem High is the kindest, one of the safest schools. That is what makes us unique, for the majority, we are one big happy family. It's always been a very safe welcoming environment. I think if I were to have a do over and begin at sophomore year again, I would be more outgoing and make more friends. I don't regret anything though. Orem high has been so memorable and I really will miss being an Orem Tiger.
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  15. 17

    Lone Peak High School

    • Highland, UT
    • 760 reviews
    High School Junior:Amazing academics program, great sports programs, I haven't met a student in all my time there that will turn away another student who needs help. Great support for students who are struggling.
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  16. 18

    Pleasant Grove High School

    • Pleasant Grove, UT
    • 497 reviews
    High School Senior:The teachers work so hard to help the kids succeed at P.G High. A lot of them have to have second jobs to support their families, because they don't get paid enough as teachers. Despite that fact, they spend extra time before and after school to help their students reach their highest potential.
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  17. 19

    Maple Mountain High School

    • Spanish Fork, UT
    • 345 reviews
    High School Sophomore:This school has a very good environment. The students are friendly and outgoing. The various programs are excellent and help students achieve.
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  18. 20

    Dugway High School

    • Dugway, UT
    • 8 reviews
    High School Junior:I would go here again because it has a great deal of experience and knowledge that no other school has. You are also able to join as many sports as you want to do. You would also get a lot of experience from that as well. There is a lot of one on one with the teacher that it is hard for you not to know what you are learning. The teachers are the best because they care a lot about your learning and your future. So if I had to do it again I would choose Dugway High School.
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  19. 21

    Sky View High School

    • Smithfield, UT
    • 371 reviews
    High School Senior:This school has a wonderful atmosphere and it's very enjoyable and academic. The teachers and staff truly care about the students, as do the parents. Due to this, they try to make the high school experience one to remember with fond memories, and they manage that. The school and teachers go beyond the expectations and that brings the school beyond expectations. Thanks to all that they have done for me, and my school experience, I don't want to leave high school and I would definitely do it all, all over again.
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  20. 22

    Wasatch High School

    • Heber City, UT
    • 521 reviews
    High School Senior:I have overall had a great experience throughout my high school years. I was always very involved with athletics so it was great for me and this high school has many options full of opportunities for each student and their individual interests.
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  21. 23

    SUU Success Academy

    • Cedar City, UT
    • 116 reviews
    Niche User:I love our school and all of the odd nerdy people in it. Everybody has their own personalities and we all contribute to a very unique and fun environment when we are at school and even outside of school. We all really connect and the teachers act like kids too which make it really fun to relate to them while at the same time, in class, they teach us with methods that really help the information stick. I love this school!
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  22. 24
    Niche User:My school was able to give me a glimpse of the bigger picture. It showed me the world in a way that I couldn't have at any other school. We went on trips, we studied different cultures, and most of all each course we taught in way that encouraged students to see beyond the classroom. I personally benefited from my this approach, in many ways. Not only did I work hard and try new things, but my school sparked a desire in me to change the world. I had the chance to excel academically, make a science project that made it to the Intel International Science fair, and much more. I was nominated one of the 20 students who will change the world by Utah Valley Magazine. It was my school that made that possible.
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  23. 25

    West High School

    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • 319 reviews
    High School Senior:The school overall is great. Has great academics and different classes to choose from. West High School is getting better with the new principal, has strict rules with sluffing and tardies. Which is great!
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