2017 Best Charter High Schools in America

The 2017 Best Charter High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and charter school ratings.
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    Junior:GSMST is a very diverse and open-minded. The students and teachers here are very accepting of all races, religions, sexualities, and genders. Prejudice is not tolerated at all. GSMST is also a very rigorous school. Graduation requirements include: successfully completing a science fair project, a junior fellowship experience (semester-long internship), and a senior capstone experience (year-long internship), as well as having four elective units including two foreign language, five science units including chemistry, physics, and AP biology, four math units including AP calculus, four social studies units including AP macro- and micro- economics, and four language arts units including AP lang or lit. This is a hard school, but the perfect one for hardworking students, and it really prepares students for college.
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  2. 2

    Charter School of Wilmington

    • Wilmington, DE
    • 215 reviews
    Senior:Charter overall is a wonderful school. I love how the people are all competitive and at the same level. The teachers are great and everyone has your best interest's at heart. There is a nice balance between academics, extracurricular activities, sports, and outside-school events such as Homecoming and Prom. However, I do wish that Charter offered more college preparation. My English class never worked on our Common App essay and we hardly ever were updated regarding news and deadlines from the counselors and administration.
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  3. 3

    Benjamin Franklin High School

    • New Orleans, LA
    • 321 reviews
    High School Sophomore:Although it has its cons, I love this school! The environment, being around other intelligent kids has challenged me and motivated me to work much harder. It makes me feel bad when I see all these over-achievers around me. There are a lot of clubs and organizations and school events, and I've made many friends and felt more comfortable expressing myself at this school compared to my previous one. I love the diversity of the student body at this school too; it makes me feel not so ostracized. I feel like I'm growing into a better person because of this high school. My only complaint is the quality of some of the teachers, and some of the administration, who are not the most organized and don't communicate with the students very well.
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  4. 4

    Raleigh Charter High School

    • Raleigh, NC
    • 154 reviews
    Senior:I appreciated my time at Raleigh Charter Highschool. I previously attended an early college and my transition as a transfer student went smoothly! Throughout my years at this school, I was supported academically and emotionally, given extra help, and never forgotten. The benefit of going to such a small school is that every student is seen as an individual rather than a mass.
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  5. 5
    Senior:As students, we have things that we hate about the school but also things that we truly enjoy. We agree that the organization can sometimes be unbearable, but we believe that it has strongly improved this year than it has been in past years. The sense of community is unmatched by other schools, because of the caring teachers and staff who make the school the great place that it truly is. I believe that I have a net that I can fall back on if I am ever feeling swamped with work, or even life. While there have been multiple issues regarding things such as amounts of homework and communication, we feel as though AMSA is stronger than ever, and will remain to be our home away from home for many years to come. Thank you AMSA for the past seven years, and we hope that it will remain strong as long as it can.
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  6. 6

    Granada Hills Charter High School

    • Granada Hills, CA
    • 1,075 reviews
    Senior:Granada Hills Charter High is a diverse, welcoming, and enlightening environment for any student. As a Latina from Panorama entering a new school in a completely new community was intimidating, however today I am proud to call myself a Highlander. Although the rules may be outstandingly strict, the educational opportunities never cease. Before entering high school I was merely another student who struggled in every class, after only a couple weeks of Granada I noticed a drastic transformation in how my teachers acted differently; they supported, challenged, and guided me to success.
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  7. 7

    Orange County School of the Arts

    • Santa Ana, CA
    • 375 reviews
    Senior:My time at Orange County School of the Arts has been an amazing experience. I am part of the conservatory Integrated Arts and it has given me the opportunity to explore so many different art forms that I love including screenwriting, stage combat, and theatrical make-up. The academics are very rigorous as well and we have fantastic teachers who are passionate about their work. I particularly love the language programs. I was personally able to explore Spanish for four years and now I am attending a Mandarin class. Additionally, I love being a part of the Taekwondo program and having the opportunity to participate in rank testings. I have learned so much in this loving and accepting community of artists!
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  8. 8

    BASIS Chandler

    • Chandler, AZ
    • 26 reviews
    Senior:BASIS is a very academic-driven school. Although there are other non-academic activities, such as sports, art, drama, and music, there's an obvious focus on the academics. The student body is extremely competitive. It seems as though someone else's success means your own failure. But, at the same time, the students form a tight-knit community that you can't find at another school. Plus, the teachers are incredible and provide the best feedback and support to help the students.
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  9. 9

    BASIS Tucson North

    • Tucson, AZ
    • 21 reviews
    High School Junior:This school's environment differs from other schools so much. Since it is a small community, everyone knows each other. Since this school pushes everyone to succeed (You have to have 6 AP credits before you graduate, and you have to pass at least one!), everyone is helping each other to succeed. There is always someone available for help whether it is administration or among the student body. I would definitely recommend this school since it has a great environment for education as well as having fun within the many clubs the school offers. The emphasis on success at this school can also be seen as a con, during AP season, there is a lot of stress within the school's atmosphere. Although it is very nerve-wracking at the moment, the teachers have prepared the students enough so that in the end it is completely worth it.
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  10. 10

    BASIS Scottsdale

    • Scottsdale, AZ
    • 51 reviews
    Senior:BASIS Scottsdale prepared me to enter college as a freshman ready to take on the challenges of a rigorous curriculum. Its close-knit, diverse student body allowed me to experience new ideas and interests everyday. The AP heavy curriculum helped me take advanced classes and further my knowledge. I loved BASIS and would not change much about my schooling!
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  11. 11

    BASIS Oro Valley

    • Oro Valley, AZ
    • 45 reviews
    Senior:BASIS Oro Valley creates an incredible community, and it goes above and beyond when preparing students for college. The students at BASIS are molded to strive for greatness, and each student develops a passion to learn. Also, the teachers overwhelmingly support their students by providing numerous office hours and opportunities for students to get help if they need it. Along with this, students have a safe environment to learn in.

    With such a strong liberal arts education, BASIS Oro Valley allows each student to find some field to be interested in, and BASIS's strong curriculum allows its graduates to be above their peers when they matriculate. Nonetheless, BASIS Oro Valley does not sacrifice extracurricular opportunities. There are opportunities to get involved in numerous clubs like film club, volunteering clubs, cultural clubs, and an incredible sports programs (with many sports teams ranked number 1 in our league).
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  12. 12

    Florida State University School

    • Tallahassee, FL
    • 309 reviews
    Senior:I love FSU! It has definitely shaped my experience and I have learned and grown so much in my four years. The faculty and staff have all been extremely kind and it is easy to see how much they genuinely care about their students' success. They overextend themselves to make sure they meet the needs of each of their students.
    FSU is working to improve the eateries on campus, now adding dining options in residential halls and including more healthier alternatives to cater to different dietary needs.
    Diversity on campus is still an issue, as it is a PWI, a predominately white institution. There are safe spaces, however, for students of color to feel welcomed and comfortable. With over 600 organizations, FSU makes sure that every student finds a place on campus.
    The new student Union is also in progress, which will expand to provide more spaces for club meetings and resources for students.
    Overall, FSU is a great school and anyone can feel welcomed here, even if they aren't a student!
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  13. 13

    Peak to Peak Charter School

    • Lafayette, CO
    • 389 reviews
    Alum:This school is an excellent school. They feature rigorous academics, plenty of extracurricular options (like theatre, choir, clubs, sports, etc.), and a wonderful environment. The teachers make classes fun and interesting, boosting the standard of excellence that Peak to Peak carries. It was wonderful to go here. Highly recommended!
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  14. 14

    Lusher Charter School

    • New Orleans, LA
    • 170 reviews
    Senior:I have gone to Lusher since Kindergarten, and it's all I've ever known. That being said, I couldn't have asked for a better elementary, middle, and high school experience. Throughout the years I have made life long friends, and molded valuable relationships with teachers and coaches. Their core values of kindness, respect, hard work, and responsibility have helped me to become a better person. The diversity of the student body has helped me to become appreciative of all types of opinions and perspectives and has opened my eyes to subject matter and discussions I may have otherwise been oblivious to. My only complaint with Lusher is how much support they are willing to offer a student. I think that at times it is necessary to back off and a allow a student to struggle because in the end that struggle will benefit him/her down the road.
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  15. 15

    Pacific Collegiate Charter School

    • Santa Cruz, CA
    • 66 reviews
    Senior:PCS is a great place if you want to be prepared for college and are willing to work hard. All students have equal opportunities for classes and students take an average of over 5 APs. It's a stressful environment but teachers are supportive. There is a very special type of community because it is such a small school - especially in clubs and elective classes.
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  16. 16

    Walton High School

    • Marietta, GA
    • 385 reviews
    Senior:Walton is one of the most challenging and rewarding high schools in Georgia. The teachers are excellent and the students are friendly. I had an amazing 4 years here. Keeping grades up can be stressful, but all your efforts pay off when you apply to a college and get accepted. Many people think that the work is too hard or that teachers pile things on the students that are impossible to do. In my opinion, it's easy to succeed as long as you finish work on time and listen in class. Attending Walton has left me very prepared for college. All the staff at the school want you to succeed and do everything they can to make sure you do.
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  17. 17

    Uplift North Hills Preparatory

    • Irving, TX
    • 196 reviews
    Senior:It's difficult and the facilities aren't the best, but the community find a way to make it work. At first glance, it's doesn't look great, but I wouldn't be the person I am today without the teachers and students I'm surrounded by. Having teachers and students that care education really allows for a thriving classroom. In addition, this college prep school really does prep you for college. The counselors do a great job helping every student find a college that fits their needs. If you're willing to put in a lot of work(and are willing to work with your teachers if your struggle), this is the place for you! And trust me, there's a lot to work on in AP and IB classes.
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  18. 18

    Itineris Early College High School

    • West Jordan, UT
    • 244 reviews
    Senior:I have overall enjoyed my time at Itineris. I would rate it five stars, but for some of the teachers, and the massive overload of homework. I distinctly remember spending 8+ hours a day for the first few days of Christmas break last year on homework for one class - and I wasn't even behind! In an attempt to better prepare you for college readiness, the teachers load you with homework, and then still expect you to spend time doing service and extracurriculars. If you got to bed before 11:00, you were considered lucky.
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  19. 19

    Haas Hall Academy

    • Fayetteville, AR
    • 107 reviews
    Senior:I switched to Haas Hall for my junior and senior year after attending a large high school in Springdale. I appreciate having the smaller class sizes and the individualized education. I don't suggest coming to Haas for the athletics. Though we do offer a diverse choice of sports, it could be better. That being said, Haas is proud of its academic rigor — and rightly so! A typical day in the classroom consists of course-related discussion and busy work is rare (and sometimes nonexistent in some classes). The teachers and faculty have (very) high expectations from the students, which can be motivating or frightening, so when you come to Haas, be prepared to work hard.
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  20. 20

    University Preparatory

    • Redding, CA
    • 170 reviews
    Senior:I have attended U-Prep since sixth grade, and I must say that it is a superior school. The faculty and teachers here have become a second family to me, as to other students as well. The rigorous education taught here absolutely prepares students for whatever their future may hold, whether it be work or college. It's small community allows close-binding relationships to form, and I believe most of those will last a lifetime. As much as the school tries, however, their difference in culture among students lacks. Compared to other schools across the districts, U-Prep holds much lower numbers in diversity of race, religion, and social class. I hope that there comes a possibly to change this, like maybe changing the bus route to allow kids from other neighborhoods to get to school. Although it may not be as culturally diverse as it should be, U-Prep remains an outstanding school with an irreplaceable staff and endless opportunities for students to thrive.
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  21. 21

    University High School

    • Fresno, CA
    • 206 reviews
    Alum:The administration and staff work together and do their best to give students he best opportunities and the best education they can. The quality of education is excellent: in depth teaching for understanding and application rather than simply to do well on tests. Overall, students learn important strategies for approaching and overcoming any task. Similarly, the competitive environment creates an ambitious student culture. Although said competitiveness can create its own social conflicts he experiences, good and bad, are priceless. The workload is surely intense, and it requires the best from its students. Burn out is very likely, especially if one does not learn how to manage his or her time well. However, it's one of the many lessons that comes with being a phoenix. I learned many things inside and outside of the classroom. The academic and social experiences contributed to who I am, and made me the Honors Student at UC Irvine that I am today.
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  22. 22

    Paragon Science Academy

    • Chandler, AZ
    • 11 reviews
    Senior:Paragon Science Academy is a small, yet extremely diverse school where I was fully able to be comfortable and was given countless opportunities to participate in various activities such as Science Olympiad, National Honors Society, the Congressional Award program, the Chief Science Officers Program, and countless others.
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  23. 23

    Helix High School

    • La Mesa, CA
    • 603 reviews
    Alum:Helix is an amazing school for anyone looking to attend a four-year university. The teachers, and the academics are made to get students prepared for college. Because of that sometimes the work can be really challenging, but the school offers a lot of resources to help make things easier. I know that Helix prepared me well for college, because when I first came to Humboldt State University I wasn't as lost like the rest of my colleagues, because I had been to exposed to a lot of the material before hand. Overall, I think this is a wonderful school for anyone. Once a scottie, always a scottie!
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  24. 24
    High School Senior:There is simply no other school in Fort Worth Texas quite like my school FWAFA. The academic rigor and everyone's desire to be great, makes me want to strive to be great. It has been such a positive learning experience and I get to go to school and dance and do musical theater and sing! Meanwhile I'm being challenged to be the best student possible. Everyone is so hardworking, the parents put in extra hours to make sure everything is going smoothly in the classroom and on stage, while get ready to put on productions. We carry ourselves with the utmost integrity, and while we advance in the Academic UIL, I got the chance to advance in the UIL One Act Play we did at the same time, and acquired Best Actress at the Bi-District Meet. They recognize your gifts and magnify it, so they can cultivate it and bring forth the best out of us. Our teachers are so amazing! Their kindness is overwhelming and their dedication to us as students because they recognize that the arts are so important to us leaves me so unbelievably grateful that I go to this school. The school musical is our state championship, and the cabarets are our homecomings! The way every student expressed their love for the arts whether it's through art or singing a Latin piece or playing the trumpet and guitar or just performing on stage, it's all magnificent in its own way. Every single person has a place at FWAFA, and I am so fortunate and blesses that I occupy one of them!
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  25. 25
    Senior:I've been going to University Preparatory Academy for 4 years now and I think It's a great school, even though it lacks in extracurricular activities. UPA helps students everyday, teachers devote their personal time to help students in any subject and prepare them for universities, students help each other, and everybody has access to any materials they need for educational purposes like printers,laptops,etc.The staff cares about the school and to keeps it clean&safe. The academics are great for anyone who wants a future in engineering or the medical field. The courses consist of lots homework & projects but recently that has changed,teachers are suggested not to assign homework on the weekends. The food is great but there is no lunch program. The administrative now tries to make everyone’s school experience at UPA memorable by hosting carnivals,movie nights,dances and free dress days.The only sports at our school are basketball,volleyball,cheerleading,& cross country.
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