2017 Best Public Elementary Schools in Oregon

The 2017 Best Public Elementary Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, student-teacher ratio, student diversity, teacher quality, grade school ratings, and the overall quality of the school district.
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    Hallinan Elementary School

    • Lake Oswego, OR
    • 6 reviews
    Niche User:Teachers stay aware how much workload they are assiging. When they see students having difficulty, they slow down, reduce the homework, and concentrate on the issues kids are having. My kids are very confident knowing their teacher will not brush them off if they say they dont understand something. We've had teachers in other schools ignore our kids because they had to move on to the next subjects. Teachers here take the time to teach rather than hand kids packets for them to figure out on their own.
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  2. 5

    Riverdale Grade School

    • Portland, OR
    • 8 reviews
    High School Senior:I'd say that Riverdale is great. A student gets what they make out of it. It can either be great or bad, but it's all in the mindset. The resources are all there.
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  3. 13

    Boones Ferry Primary School

    • Wilsonville, OR
    • 8 reviews
    Niche User:My oldest son went from a school where he was disengaged, disinterested, miserable, cried in the mornings begging to stay home, refusing to to his homework. He HATED school and his grades reflected it. The communication was poor and my husband and I couldn't understand why he was struggling. After moving him to Boones Ferry, he transformed into a happy boy. He works happily works hard in school to be a good student without any intervention from my husband or I. He just enjoys school now and wants to learn. He does his homework daily without struggle and never complains about school anymore. It's simply amazing the turnaround! Thanks to Boones Ferry, school is a happy experience for my children!
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  4. 21
    Alum:My son went here and loved it. They have smaller classrooms, caring teachers. The Singapore math program is excellent and it enabled him to start middle school in the Summa (advanced) program. I think because students have 2 language arts classes - Spanish as well English, they do extremely well in English, reading, writing. My son took the ACT in 9th grade and scored a 28 - college ready! We are definitely grateful for his time at Arco Iris.
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