2017 Best Catholic High Schools in America

The 2017 Best Catholic High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents. Ranking factors include SAT/ACT scores, the quality of colleges that students consider, student-teacher ratio, Catholic school ratings, and more. Data sourced from the U.S. Department of Education, Niche users, and the schools directly.
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  1. 1

    Regis High School

    • New York, NY
    • 85 reviews
    Senior:Regis is an extremely difficult school to get into, and depending on the courseload/extracurriculars one takes it can be very overbearing, especially if a commute is involved. I am currently on the soccer and volleyball teams, both of which played in the city championship this past year.
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  2. 2

    Cistercian Preparatory School

    • Irving, TX
    • 24 reviews
    High School Senior:Cistercian is most likely the top school in Texas, and one of the top schools in the United States. Cistercian however is rigid and does not have any room for schedule flexibility. The Form (the class) takes the same courses throughout Middle School, but in High School you can choose one class (the rest of the classes you take are the same as the other boys in your Form). Although this may seem like a negative, it is a positive due to the size of the class. With only ~44 boys in your Form, the entire Form helps each other with classwork.

    The most major negative about Cistercian is accommodations for those with learning disabilities. A close friend of mine has Dyslexia, but receives absolutely no accommodations from the school (i.e. no extra time on tests).

    The teachers are what make academics at Cistercian what they are. They demand, teach, and test at the college level (many alumni comment on how they often tutor in college using their notes and tests from Cistercian).

    The foreign language department is the weakest department at Cistercian, but they have hired a brand new teaching staff in the last 3 years.
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  3. 3

    Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

    • Atherton, CA
    • 88 reviews
    Niche User:Tremendous leadership. The head of school pushes for improvement constantly. Major upgrade of lower school teaching staff in recent years. Middle School teachers are especially strong. Significant program expansion, including a first-rate Fine Arts program, writing specialists, and international travel opportunities. Academics are strong. Extracurriculars are also great. Athletics program is notable for its willingness to build several teams in each grade. My daughter is not a great athlete, but because the school encourages every student to participate, she can play on the third basketball team, for example, and the athletic director works hard to give that team an excellent schedule, and everyone gets plenty of time on the court. Practices are during PE, which makes it easy.

    The school takes advantage of its unusual preschool through 12th grade community with such activities as the All School Musical, where kindergartners can become friends with high school students.

    The community is as warm and supportive as any group I have ever been part of.

    With 60-plus acres in a prime location, the facilities are unmatched.
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  4. 4

    Delbarton School

    • Morristown, NJ
    • 61 reviews
    Niche User:SPECIAL school that espouses WORK ETHIC, KINDNESS, COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP. Administration & teachers are compassionate, astute in planning curriculum, knowledgeable about subjects. Standards are high/ RIGOROUS, workload is demanding, each boy expected to do best work following HONOR CODE. Facilities encourage ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - have to walk outdoors between building for meals, gym, and some classes. ARTS PROGRAM has great teachers/ musicians/ artists with TALENTED students. CLUBS are numerous. Community service is a sport here - not required but everyone does it by choice. All sports and participants are valued, great skills in TEAMWORK and SPORTSMANSHIP are learned outside the classroom. Many club sports too including gym soccer, ultimate frisbee, cricket. Sports not required, but many kids participate. The STUDENTS are responsible, conscientious. There is great community, comraderie, spirit. PARENTS are warm, welcoming.
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  5. 5

    St. Louis Priory School

    • Saint Louis, MO
    • 70 reviews
    Parent:A first-rate classical education! Founded in a tradition of Christian humanism that goes all the way back to Saint Thomas More, the school shies away from fads and gimmicks--real monks, real teaching, and real moral formation.
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  6. 6
    Senior:My experience related to Strake Jesuit was one of community. As it is a Catholic all boys school, one of the main components of life there was brotherly love. In addition to priding itself on its community, Strake is also full of many resources to aid academic progress for the students. The teachers are very well trained and committed to their job. The buildings are almost like college campus with SmartBoards for each room, an entire building dedicated to STEM, a lunch room full of a variety of gourmet food, and also a library replete with books and rooms for quiet time or socialization. The school has excellent extracurricular programs such as athletics, band and orchestra, and a variety of other clubs created by the student body and moderated by the faculty. Recommendations for the school would be to provide more affordable lunches.
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  7. 7

    St. Sebastian's School

    • Needham, MA
    • 30 reviews
    Senior:For anyone looking for an all-boys day school, you will be hard pressed to find an institution better than St. Sebastian's, or "Sebs," as we affectionately call it. The faculty are incredibly dedicated to the success of each student, and most serve for ten years or more. There is also a wealth of extracurricular options, and every student participates in multiple of these. The only complaint that I could possibly have is that the Wednesday lunches are never great, but there is always a sandwich and salad bar for these scenarios.
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  8. 8

    Convent of the Sacred Heart

    • New York, NY
    • 28 reviews
    Senior:I can really say CSH is my second home! The classes are really hard but you make life long friends. The teachers are always there for you if you are behind, confused or just want to talk.
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  9. 9

    Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

    • Lake Forest, IL
    • 35 reviews
    Senior:Woodlands is a wonderful place, but sometimes babies the girls too much. As a senior, I can say that I am definitely academically prepared for college and am overall very pleased with my high school experience, but there are some small things here and there that could be changed about the school culture
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  10. 10

    St. Louis University High School

    • St. Louis, MO
    • 137 reviews
    Senior:I really love the school. I came here when I was a sophomore exchange student from China. I immediately fell in love with the school and applied for a transfer after three months–literally the first one to do so. Teachers are very supportive and students are hardworking, pious, friendly and passionate about what they are doing. SLUH is the best.
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  11. 11

    Marymount High School

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 93 reviews
    High School Senior:Being on water polo gave me confidence. Confidence to be comfortable in my own skin and to not be afriad to show how strong I am mentally and physically. Also Wapo connected me with the most amazing people. It helped to create a sisterhood that will never be broken. At times there can be some fights and drama, but it passes by really fast and everyone gets over it. Also Marymount may not be the most diverse school, but it is pretty accepting of all people for a catholic school. As a senior looking back on my wonderful high school experience, I would choose Marymount again in a heartbeat. It has changed me. I strongly recommend students to go to Marymount.
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  12. 12

    St. Anselm's Abbey School

    • Washington, DC
    • 16 reviews
    Alum:Highly challenging school and caring community. St. Anselm's will challenge the brightest minds, while providing a niche to explore many other varied interests. Small school translates to opportunity across the board... is not uncommon to see students cross between multiple sports, dramatic productions, and other extracurriculars. The Benedictine monastic presence is a huge asset, providing stability and values that promote education and life long learning. Caring and dedicated faculty. While St.. Anselm's is not for everyone, it has made all the difference for me. An indelible influence in my formative years and on my career since.
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  13. 13

    Stuart Country Day School

    • Princeton, NJ
    • 18 reviews
    Middle School Student:I attended Stuart for five years. I had many amazing teachers over the years, and some not so amazing. Stuarts education defineitly included learning through creativity. Stuart head a great education and some great opportunities. It also introduced me to wonderful people. A lot of my grade and the whole school were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Overall, I think Stuart was a great school even if it has areas in need of improvement, such as the arts and athletics.
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  14. 14

    Loyola High School

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 147 reviews
    Alum:Loyola combines the advantages of extreme financial privilege and resources with the advantages of real world diversity, a traditional, almost chivalric code of values and altruism, and teachers with deep roots in the Los Angeles community, many former Loyola students themselves, and many who have served for decades. Loyola values education, tradition, diversity and innocation, and I am proud to be a Loyola graduate--the last of six sons in a family of eight children to attend. My parents wanted the best for all of us, and we got it. My 2 year old son will attend someday!
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  15. 15

    Marymount School

    • New York, NY
    • 11 reviews
    High School Freshman:You wouldn't find anything better
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  16. 16

    Portsmouth Abbey School

    • Portsmouth , RI
    • 56 reviews
    Junior:I studied in Portsmouth Abbey for a couple of weeks. Rhode island is a wonderful state to study. By far, Portsmouth Abbey has the nicest campus I have ever seen in my life! The education is rigorous and supportive, but you have to seek help if you want to. The schooling system is very great but a student must be independent to actually be successful. The staff is excellent, very understanding and fun. Something I would like to see that PAS changes is the food. It is very unhealthy, for a growing student we should have more organic options. other than that, I would likely send my children to this school because it is awesome!
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  17. 17

    Woodside Priory School

    • Portola Valley, CA
    • 40 reviews
    Senior:A committed, deeply spirited yet deeply spiritual middle and high school. The kindness of faculty and staff as well as students is unbelievable and extremely evident, and the commitment of students to academics is what you would expect from a school in the Silicon Valley. There can be a lot of pressure and some students may slack while other push themselves too hard to have perfect grades, but Priory does it's best to keep students from overloading or not putting in any effort. Overall a truly outstanding school.
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  18. 18

    Georgetown Preparatory School

    • North Bethesda, MD
    • 39 reviews
    Alum:I recently graduated from Georgetown Prep and have to say that my four years there were the best I have had in my life. I have made life long friends with my fellow classmates and my teachers. The teachers care greatly for their students. After school, I would be able to talk to my teachers about life and for advice. The academics were rigorous and Prep provided enormous resources to help us students succeed. The facilities athletics and academics facilities are first class. All in all, I LOVED my time at Prep!
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  19. 19

    Newton Country Day School

    • Newton, MA
    • 21 reviews
    Junior:I love Newton. While the workload can be stressful at times, the teachers are available for help virtually all the time, and are very flexible when it comes to moving assignments if a student does not have enough time. Newton allows for its students to pursue any activity that they are passionate about, whether it's a club, community service, a sport, the arts, or academics. Newton has many fun traditions and the dynamics between grades are very friendly. While the grades themselves can be somewhat cliquey (as most high school grades are), the girls all love each other. Newton has prepared me so well for college and I will miss it dearly.
    I highly, highly recommend Newton Country Day to any prospective parents or students who want a loving environment where they can get a great education as well as loving and accepting environment.
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  20. 20

    St. Agnes Academy

    • Houston, TX
    • 205 reviews
    Senior:I have overall really enjoyed my years at St. Agnes. St. Agnes has fantastic teachers that truly care about you and want you to succeed. However, I certainly think some things can use some work such as the math department. If you don't click with math immediately you will struggle a lot, even if you see your teacher frequently and go to her tutorials. But all in all, with strong ideals, empowering staff and passionate teachers, it's hard to go wrong at St. Agnes! #Veritas
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  21. 21
    Senior:The academics remain superb. While few teachers put in little to no effort in teaching and expect students to survive on their own; however, it is with classes with difficult subjects and teachers that allows Carrollton girls to develop the grit and grace they are famous for.

    The students who attend Carrollton are kind, thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent. Their tendancy to band together and stay strong even in times of difficulty make them a rarity in the community, and an asset to colleges looking to recruit strong women.
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  22. 22

    Loyola School

    • New York, NY
    • 6 reviews
    High School Junior:Very loving community which values each student. The accademics are quite rigorous, but the teachers help make it managable. Best high school experience!
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  23. 23

    St. Francis High School

    • Mountain View, CA
    • 214 reviews
    Senior:I really like St. Francis provides so many opportunities and challenges for me to grow as an academic student as well as a musician. I found that the curriculum at St. Francis is very rigorous as teachers teach students how to apply their learning to different situations. Instead of memorizing theorems, historical facts, and the like, you are called to critical thinking and analysis. As a musician, I was provided with many opportunities to explore different genres of music. Originally a rock drum set player, I learned to play in different environments like marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band. I am confident that St. Francis has provided me the tools necessary to succeed not only in college, but also in the professional world.
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  24. 24

    The Willows Academy

    • Des Plaines, IL
    • 18 reviews
    Works Here:TWA is the best! Everyone here cares so much about each girl, loves her as she is, and challenges her to grow! Our graduates get into top colleges, but they know that their grades matter less than their character. They make lifelong friends here, and they discover their great dignity. I love going to work each day and working with the parents, faculty, and students to help girls grow!
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  25. 25
    Parent:St. Ignatius is an amazing place - they take their mission of creating "men and women for others" very seriously. The teachers are top-notch and the academics are extremely challenging. The environment is supportive and collaborative. If you are considering Ignatius, visit. Meet the wonderful students and staff for yourself. Best private high school in the city!
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