2017 Best Catholic High Schools in America

The 2017 Best Catholic High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents. Ranking factors include SAT/ACT scores, the quality of colleges that students consider, student-teacher ratio, Catholic school ratings, and more. Data sourced from the U.S. Department of Education, Niche users, and the schools directly.
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  1. 1

    Regis High School

    • New York, NY
    • 85 reviews
    Niche User:Regis has left me with countless fond memories. Just spending the day with the great group of guys that go to Regis is enjoyable, but Regis also offers so many opportunities to get to know the amazing students at the school in a better way. One thing that exists at Regis that I have not seen anywhere else is the expectation to stay after school. Every day, there is a sport practice or club meeting that you can attend, and if not, people stick around to get work done in the library or resource centers, or just end up playing Lower Gym Basketball or hanging around the Upper East Side. The teachers at this school are also very involved with students, and many moderate multiple clubs and stick around after school to make themselves available to students seeking help. I would not go to any other high school if I had a chance to do it over, and I think most Regis students and alums would agree with me.
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  2. 3

    Sacred Heart Schools Atherton

    • Atherton, CA
    • 88 reviews
    Niche User:Tremendous leadership. The head of school pushes for improvement constantly. Major upgrade of lower school teaching staff in recent years. Middle School teachers are especially strong. Significant program expansion, including a first-rate Fine Arts program, writing specialists, and international travel opportunities. Academics are strong. Extracurriculars are also great. Athletics program is notable for its willingness to build several teams in each grade. My daughter is not a great athlete, but because the school encourages every student to participate, she can play on the third basketball team, for example, and the athletic director works hard to give that team an excellent schedule, and everyone gets plenty of time on the court. Practices are during PE, which makes it easy.

    The school takes advantage of its unusual preschool through 12th grade community with such activities as the All School Musical, where kindergartners can become friends with high school students.

    The community is as warm and supportive as any group I have ever been part of.

    With 60-plus acres in a prime location, the facilities are unmatched.
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  3. 4

    Delbarton School

    • Morristown, NJ
    • 60 reviews
    High School Senior:This school is incredible. It is difficult, but not absurdly hard. Most teachers do a very good job in preparing you for college. AP teachers get lots of 5's on exams. The atmosphere is very embracing of all people. In addition to very strong sports, Delbarton has great success in music, art, drama, forensics, and more. I don't want to leave this place.
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  4. 5

    St. Louis Priory School

    • Saint Louis, MO
    • 69 reviews
    High School Sophomore:Priory might have a small class size, but that is because it strives to have small classes of the best students who want to excel in academics. Priory is a challenging school, but it prepares us so well for college and the skills I learn here help to prepare me for the rest of my life. It not only focuses on academic skills, but it strives to develop every aspect of a young man, academically, physically, and spiritually. Mandatory athletics are a huge part of the school and help develop valuable skills and brings classes together. With the small class sizes, everyone knows everybody, even across grade levels, and the friendships you make at this school not only help you with homework or that next test, but for the rest of your life. Priory students share a special brotherhood that is unique to the school. Last, and certainly not least, with a thriving English benedictine monastery on campus, the catholic chaplaincy program is second to none, and retreats and vocational awareness are two areas that it excels in. Not only does it prepare students for life and (hopefully) heaven, it brings the students together too. The theology department does an incredible job of educating us about what we believe and why, offering some courses that even match up to the seminary. Priory also offers some courses that you can't find anywhere else, such as mandatory latin for three years (And optional AP after that) and has an amazing fine arts program that even includes medieval arts, such as stained glass window making and calligraphy.
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  5. 6
    Niche User:Challenging academic program supplemented by excellent arts and strong athletics produces well rounded students. The faculty and staff here genuinely care about these students as individuals and their holistic development. I love this place and my son is so fortunate to be in school here. Now that he is there, we can see it is definitely one of the very best schools in the United States.
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  6. 7

    St. Sebastian's School

    • Needham, MA
    • 29 reviews
    Niche User:I am a recent graduate of the school - class of 2013. I've spent 6 years at the school and have made life long friends. I feel that the school fully prepared me for college. The Freshman writing course (mandatory) as well as having to prepare and execute many speeches has provided me with life long skills. I would attend this school again and plan to send my children (boys) here.
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  7. 8

    Convent of the Sacred Heart

    • New York, NY
    • 28 reviews
    Niche User:When I look back on my experience, I remember how much I really felt at home every day. The environment really welcomed me. I did not feel embarrassed.
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  8. 9

    Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

    • Lake Forest, IL
    • 33 reviews
    High School Senior:It was between Lake Forest Academy and Woodlands for me, and I can safely say if I could do it all over again I would still choose Woodlands. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing and can often times be a bit too strict, but the love shown in the community at Woodlands is something I wouldn't trade for anything else. I have made life long sisters in my community and everyone sincerely cares for one another. You really learn to be a woman of the Sacred Heart at Woodlands, instilling in you the ability to be kind to others (especially fellow sisters), see the world as a whole, and grow in both self confidence as well as self knowledge. As a senior going to college next year, I feel Woodlands has both prepared me in confidence in in my self as well as the abilities and talents I possess.
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  9. 11

    Marymount High School

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 93 reviews
    High School Freshman:If you are blessed enough to come here, it will be an amazing experience overall. It has its ups and downs, but in the end it's all about what you are looking for in a high school. Come here if you are looking for great academics as well as being surround by elite socialites. The community of girls is exceptional and everyone has decent manners and graces. Being a Catholic school, faith plays a big role in the school as well as good morals and behavior. This school is also athletic to a somewhat limited extent. Our volleyball, tennis, and basketball teams thrive among others, while some are meant to have fun, stay active, and meet new people. Marymount is a relatively small school with only abut ninety girls per grade, but the upside is that everyone knows and loves each other. Come to Marymount for a fun, academic, and loving environment.
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  10. 12

    St. Anselm's Abbey School

    • Washington, DC
    • 15 reviews
    High School Sophomore:It's a school that involves a lot of work and dedication. Without either of these things, your experience will not not keep the benefits that this school offers. If you work hard this school will take you places.
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  11. 13

    Stuart Country Day School

    • Princeton, NJ
    • 18 reviews
    Niche User:Stuart produces women of strong moral character with an excellent academic base. The women are sensitive to their community and the wider world.
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  12. 14

    Loyola High School

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 145 reviews
    Niche User:As a transfer student, ever since I stepped foot on campus I have felt welcomed and apart of the brotherhood. The teachers are very accommodating and willing to help me succeed. It's an awesome experience, and I will be sad to leave when I graduate.
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  13. 15

    Marymount School

    • New York, NY
    • 10 reviews
  14. 16

    Portsmouth Abbey School

    • Portsmouth , RI
    • 56 reviews
    Niche User:For those who believe that religion is essential for education ( and most Prep Schools used to) then this is the only Boarding School that you can honestly send your children to. It is as simple as that.
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  15. 17

    Woodside Priory School

    • Portola Valley, CA
    • 40 reviews
  16. 18

    Georgetown Preparatory School

    • North Bethesda, MD
    • 38 reviews
  17. 20

    St. Agnes Academy

    • Houston, TX
    • 203 reviews
    High School Senior:My overall review of St. Agnes Academy is that the school is a safe place for young women to grow in intellect, faith and confidence. The school allows for much intellectual freedom, which enables young girls to take full advantage of their intellect. Without the distraction of boys, classrooms offer a safe place for us to express ourselves with confidence in ourselves and in out classmates. The faith aspect of the school is amazing. We are offered in our curriculum the ability to explore our faith in new ways we would have never imagined. On our various class retreats, we are able to pursue this exploration of our faith with our classmates and share that experience with them. The confidence that grows throughout the years of attending St. Agnes Academy truly encompasses the value of this school. With confidence, knowledge and faith, Academy women are able to do anything they sent their minds to. The knowledge and experience we receive here at St. Agnes fully equip us to become successful in the future.
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  18. 21
    Niche User:This school has helped me grow from an immature child to an educated young woman and I am proud to have shared four years of my life with such a powerful, confident, and courageous community.
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  19. 22

    Loyola School

    • New York, NY
    • 6 reviews
  20. 23

    St. Francis High School

    • Mountain View, CA
    • 212 reviews
    High School Senior:My time at this school had been great, but I wish they would focus and have more attention to the minority of the school. They do have great programs for us like HCA, but I do wosh they had a Latino student union, African American student union, and clubs like that. We do have an international club, but I feel like if that does not make justice for everyone at school.
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  21. 24

    The Willows Academy

    • Des Plaines, IL
    • 17 reviews
    High School Junior:I chose to transfer to The Willows Academt 4th quarter of my freshman year of highschool and it has been of the best decisions I have made. The Willows has made such a great impact on me and has truly shaped me into the woman I am becoming. The Willows is so different from other schools because of the small class sizes and it being all girls. I can personally say that I absolutely love having a junior class of a total of 30 girls because you get to know each and every girl and with such small classes you really get to know your teachers and are taught on a more personal level. Academics at the willows has made me more responsible in my work and has really pushed me to true limit. As well as academics, Willows has also helped me grow spiritually with mass worked into every student's schedule at the end of each day. I would, without doubt, chose The Willows Academy again, and if I could re-do high school I would have chosen The Willows Academy as my high school from the beginning.
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  22. 25
    Niche User:Ignatius has offered me everything I could have asked for, and more. Academically, I have been greatly challenged. The teachers are not easy, and the grades given to me have most definitely been earned. I have left my comfort zone, become more confident in my intellectual abilities, and have built a wonderful foundation for college. Athletically, I was able to participate on both varsity softball and varsity golf. Not only was I a starter on both teams for the majority of my high school career, I even went to State my sophomore year for softball. Religiously, I have had the chance to explore different viewpoints. I have participated in great community service opportunities- such as going on trips as far as California- and I even got to go see the Pope with a delegation of students. Overall, Ignatius has given me the tools to succeed in life. I know how to fulfill high expectations, I consider myself a nicer person leaving this kind environment, and I have gained a love of learning. I would DEFINITELY choose to go to Ignatius again.
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