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I had an average experience overall. My classmates weren't always trying their best, and many teachers didn't seem to care about it. I had a great relationship with some staff members who helped me by giving me advice on how to accomplish my goals given all of the issues I had. My experience with the school was poor, but thanks to some teachers and administrators I learned tons about college and how to reach my American Dream.
Ranchview may get a bad rap for being a new school in the cfbisd school district, but it is a good school, where you get your own chrome book and you have a lot of choices on what you want to do. I would like to see a more of a strictness in disciplinary, because you can't just let everyone run around, you have to put your foot down some time.
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My overall experience at Ranchview was very positive. I was fortunate enough to have many amazing teachers who went above and beyond to genuinely connect with their students and help us succeed outside of their classrooms. I also love how many organizations/clubs there are for students to join because I am someone who loves to be involved and believes it's important. My favorite part about my experience was the social culture because we were very supportive of our arts programs/performances, sports events and out traditions like homecoming.Academically, I believe that senior year, the faculty does a good job at preparing students for college however I would like to see more push for students to take dual credit courses and possibly looking at offering AP courses along with IB courses.
Ranchview high school became a place for me that’s truly been a school to flourish and expand my mind to not only academics but to people as well. I’ve learned so much in my short amount of time there and I wish the same for anyone else looking to enroll!
Ranchview High School was an overall okay school. In general, I have encountered several issues at this school regarding the staff and students. There could be many more opportunities given to the students and the school administration could put in more effort. Although I did have these issues, the school wasn't horrible . I will be prepared for college when I leave, and I did have some good experiences at Ranchview.
I like Ranchview because it is a small school, there’s not to may students. I also like how diverse it is
Ranchview is a great school. Although the staffing has some flaws, over all it is good. Full IB is a great program that the school provided but of course it could use a lot of work on the scheduling of when things are due.
Ranchview is a very diverse school with amazing fine arts and sports programs. The college prep could be better but Ranchview is always improving year by year. Good school overall.
RHS just makes me feel comfortable while pushing me to new levels of learning at the same time. The school culture is very upbeat and there are many opportunities and so much diversity.
I made really good friends, some that I don't wanna lose ever. The teachers are very understanding and help you through the way as much as possible.
What I like most about Ranchview is how they always help whenever you need help. They make really fun activities like pep rally’s, student vs teacher game, etc. The counselors always try to do everything they can to help us with anything we need and plan for our education. They make presentations that show us the opportunities that we have and give us guides on how to achieve those goals that we want to accomplish. The students always get along and try their hardest to keep their grades up. We are proud of our school. Together we bring our school to greatness, victory and success. Wolf Pack Pride!
Ranchview High School has provided me with good education to thrive off of and has helped me stay in a nice and kind environment while I'm receiving good education. The International Baccalaureate program is allowing me to be ready for college so I feel prepared. The clubs and organizations are very open to everyone attending the school and they help improve your social skills.
Ranchview is an environment that begins to feel like your second home. The small, but diverse school caters to people of all different backgrounds and allows students to flourish in their own ways, while still allowing kids to feel like they have a solid support system.
I liked that the educators actually cared about you and wanted you to do well. They showed it in their actions.
Ranchview High School has great diversity with cultures from across the globe. Being able to coexist with people with different beliefs and heritage is an experience I will never forgot. I get to learn about various countries and cultures around the world without stepping outside of Ranchview High School. The one thing, however, that I would change would be the lack of teachers' ability to recognize what makes students engaged in their education. Many teachers simply make us read or lose our minds do packets. Teachers need to make students excited about learning through different methods of teaching such as showing videos and have debates to get us involved. We are the future of this country and world and in order for us to be successful and lead this world to a safer and healthier existence, it is important to educate the young people of society.
I think that Ranchview I very well organized and clean. Since the school is small though, you see a lot of the same people everyday which can be annoying.
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I feel that here at Ranchview it's very mediocre. They try to maintain structure and give us the education we need. But they expect us to enjoy coming here everyday when we have nothing to enjoy. Every time kids try to enjoy themselves, they're either "too loud" or "unprofessional." Preparing us for college and taking away our innocence are two different things. School just isn't enjoyable anymore.
Better preparation for college for seniors. Maybe needs better control of the kids who misbehave. Principal very involved and goes to as many extra curricular activities to support students as possible.
The school is very heavily sports-centered, not leaving room for their academics or arts programs to really grow. As someone who is not involved in athletics, I am able to appreciate the work that the students who are involved put into their programs, but I am also able to see all of the neglect the arts and academics receive.
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