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Rancho Vista High School Reviews

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I’m currently attending and am set to graduate in June. I started my senior year coming to Rancho and I was terrified because I’ve never been here. I had plans to just do what I needed to do, make no friends, and get out so that I could go back to TV. However, everything changed when I made friends and realized just how wonderful this school is. I’ve done better than I ever have in all my years of school. I ended up with a 3.3 GPA in my last quarter and this is coming from someone who got 1.0 GPAS in middle school to 2.0’s in high school which was okay but not great. All of the teachers I have are some of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. They are so encouraging, kind, and really believe in me. This school gave me a second chance and I’m actually happy I came here. I will not be going back to TV and I’m very excited to be graduating. Thank you, RVHS, for giving me the second chance I always needed.
There's nothing particularly bad or good about the school. It's worth noting though that we have never had any major fights or issues.
We don't really have the funding or space to have extracurricular opportunities.
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My experience was better than I could have ever hoped for. As someone who was terrified to not graduate high school this place gave me a lot of confidence to succeed even after high school. I figured out what my goals were for the future and even managed to earn a student of the year award while attending. If anything I felt like I had become something out of nothing just from attending here. My teachers were always welcoming and helpful and I actually wanted to be successful in my classes after attending Rancho Vista. Most people look at this school and see a lot of lost causes but that's OK because it's the faculty that sees so much more in us than anyone else.
It's often the receiving end of troubled students and teenagers but any one who has graduated from this school will tell you that the staff will turn around even the most hopeless of students. Teachers engage the students in a way they can relate and still manage to teach the material despite the challenges. There will always be at least one teacher at this school you can trust academically or emotionally.
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