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What I like about Rancho Dominguez is that it's a very welcoming school. From the staff to the teachers and students you feel welcome safe in an environment like this. Theres many opportunities you can take on while you are at this school. Theres a lot of sports, clubs, AP courses, college classes, and magnet programs offered that can benefit you toward your college career. This school is also very inclusive due to the fact that it's a middle school and a high school combined. You get a variety of many students and teachers that you get to meet along the way while you attend this school. Overall if I were to recommend Rancho to a friend id definitely would say 10/10 attend here you'll love it. Lots of diversity and inclusivity. That's something some students or parents like to keep in mind towards when looking for a school. Also most importantly the staff is very aware of whats going on with their students as well as their safety. Theres always security along with cops just incase.
Rancho isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, especially considering it’s a new school. The school is small, so it’s easy to get used to the campus and everyone there.
Although my school experienced issues with things such vandalism and occasional misbehavior the experience was overall memoriable and the enviornment fathered a sense of community within the school.
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I am a parent and what I like about Rancho Dominguez Prepatory School is that they help kids succeed in life and I think it's a great opportunity for my daughter Kerra Houston to return to Rancho Dominguez because I want her to continue to stay in school where she feels comfortable with people she knows and even the staff and teachers there are very nice so hopefully Rancho Dominguez review my daughter's IEP again so I can return her because she needs to be back in school immediately.
I usually go to school with my Dad before going to Cabrillo in the mornings, and overall, I think the school is pretty nice...adequate. Needs better Janitors though. For classrooms and outdoors.
Although the first years Rancho was open there was a lot of things that occurred that gave rancho a bad wrap. It’s grown from then and now it’s a pretty good school and the teachers and staff are extremely helpful and encouraging. They want all the students to achieve the greatest education as possible as well as pushing ourselves (the students) to make it to a cal state as well as University’s. All in all my experience at Rancho has been great. Loved all my 6 years at Rancho.
At Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School there is a diverse environment. Administration and Teachers are welcoming and keep you motivated at all times. They do everything so that we could succeed in life. Our principal, Mrs.Lew, provides us with resources that could help our education. However, our school has a low population and there isn't much school spirit. Although, there is a small number of students I would like all tlsrudents to participate in school activities. By doing this we can show that we are in school where everyone is united.
Rancho Dominguez has given me the opportunity to meet new people and join sports like swim and cheer. This school also helped me to reach my academic goals through programs such as ETS the Educational Talent Search. Thanks to this program is now that I'll be enrolled in a four year university this fall. Although Rancho Dominguez is not a big school, it gives students the tools they need in order to have a successful future.
I have not been attending Rancho Dominguez for very long, so I continue to learn about it every day. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with this school. It is very small, so it has more of a tight-knit sense of community, and it is easier to form relationships with those around you.
my experience at this school was great. It helped learn who i am and developed me into a better person while teaching me new things.
Rancho Dominguez Prep is both a middle and high school. Teachers and administrators are kind and very encouraging toward students to thrive to do their best and attend college. Athletics do very well. Though, the it lacks school spirit, there are plenty of clubs and after school programs to attend.
It is a small school and everyone knows everyone. I’m able to get along with everyone even if I am not familiar with them and we show lots of school spirit.
Rancho Dominguez Preparatory helps those that want to go to college. They push students to their limits and provide funding for college.
Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School is a public middle and high school which is the border line between Long Beach and Carson. Thee staffs, parents and teachers very encouraging to students when it comes to education, safety and health.
I have been going to Rancho since the 10th grade and i am currently a 11th grader. At first it was a really big adjustment but i wouldn't change a thing at all. i am so involved now, my grades are amazing, and i made amazing friends. I do wish there was a bigger variety of classes or more teachers. Most of my teachers really care about me and they really try to work with me to understand the work. My principle is really awesome i love that she cares so much about our safety and education. She is also so hands on and easy to talk to. Overall i am so happy i decided to go to Rancho.
This school had little to no problems and troubles. They were always resolved. The staff and administrators were incentive to everyone they see, which makes the students a choice to be successful. Technology was issued and applied towards the school that made learning even better. Everyone was nice, made friends who I never knew in the first place. even the campus was clean most of the time. This is the type of school you'd love to come back every time.
They have a lot of things that they need to improve on in terms of academics
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They offer a lot of extracurricular activities, and opportunities to create your own. However, they offer very few resources to keep them going.
For the most part, the parents are not that involved with the school or the students.
The teachers are knowledgeable in their respected fields. However, they have little control, and interest in classes with "troubled" students.
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