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Rancho Buena Vista High School Reviews

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The IB program is incredible. I'm receiving all of the support that I need in reaching my diploma. The opportunities with music and sports are perfect and the coaches/directors are super flexible with my busy schedule.
Honestly, the school wasn't too bad when I entered but now things have changed since I had last attended. . What I would like changed is there for it to be more vegetarian/healthier options and a longer lunch hour. The cafeteria lines to get food are packed and by the time you actually get your food, you have like 20 minutes or less to finish it. Additionally, a good majority of the adults there are sincerely nice and want the best for you but there are some adults(won't name any) whom seem to look down on you for not being an adult or at least make you feel like that. Another thing would be that, teachers should let you use the restroom whenever you feel the necessity to do so. Instead of you having to raise your hand or ask them permission multiple times. Things have changed and I understand safety is a 100% important but they exaggerate a bit. Now they lock the gates. Seems to be a bit more like a prison.
It's a big school with something for everyone. I would like to see more electives as curriculum so that it is not necessary to choose between spanish and drama, etc. I had to take college courses in addition to the school year to fulfill requirements so that both could be done.Overall AMAZING school though.
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RBV is a great school overall, offering a plethora of extracurricular opportunities for anyone, and they have a wide range of clubs that one can choose, from religious clubs all the way to a club on tennis. I appreciate the schools encouragement to take on rigourous courses by offering to cancel out one's Physical Education if they do full IB or going Marching Band (including some other sporting activities). However, I would like to complain that the funding isn't the best here. Now this isn't necessarily he school's fault; it is more from the VUSD which controls most funding. Some of our school's faucets don't continue running for awhile after applying pressure to the top, and activities such as Marching Band and Drama usually have to heavily rely on student contributions and fundraisers.
This school was a great social and learning experience for me personally. The food was ok for school food but at least the pizza tasted like pizza. They do try to keep all of their books up to date and motivate us to learn and be on time for class. But other than that it was just school.
The academics, sports, arts, teachers are all perfect. There is much school culture and spirit. Our food is very healthy and we have many choices to choose from. We have a huge society of athletes and sports. From football and basketball to tennis and water polo. Our band, they are like one huge family. Everyone is very accepting and there aren't many problems. Our teachers actually want us to do better, some even give up their own time to the ones who are struggling. You can tell they really love their job. In addition to all these benefits, we have our never-ending list of resources. Someone would even get insurance or a WiFi box for their home if they can't really afford it.
I loved going to school here, the staff is amazing and it is such a strong community. They take pride in their arts programs which I think is great as most schools don't focus on that anymore.
I like the asb and all of the clubs. Be a part of asb if possible. Also, the classes are either hard or easy. There’s no real in between.
Rancho Buena Vista High School is in my opinion a very great school. The teachers at this school are often wonderful, especially the AP and IB teachers who have helped me personally out a ton. The school overall has a great atmosphere, however, it’s not perfect. Almost all schools have students who are not very interested in learning so of course you will have that typical “rebel” group, but in general it’s a great learning environment. The administration is often very helpful, and we have many sources available for finding possible scholarships, careers, and colleges.
What I liked about Rancho Buena Vista highschool is they have great academics. I love there AP and IB program because they help students prepare for exams. I also like the clubs at the school like Ballet Folklorico and best buddies which help you interact with other people. What I don’t like about the school is the dress code because some girls at the school wear crop tops and show there stomach and girls who wear shorts get dress coded. The dress code policy is not fair and it should be corrected.
The school is part of the community. The teachers are excellent and really care about the students. And the students are encouraged to find themselves and be their best in whatever they choose to do.
Rancho Buena Vista High School was a great experience. The main reason the experience was so amazing was the faculty. All four years of my education I had amazing teachers. The material is mostly universal but my teachers made it so interesting and made attending class every day enjoyable. I can recall all of my teachers, every year from freshman to sophomore year who I will never forget because of their enthusiasm. Along with the teachers, I had an amazing counselor and we also had a lot of opportunities to challenge ourselves. There were multiple AP courses and tests offered as well as off-campus internships to help us understand what career path is best for us.
I had a great time at RBV my four years there. The teachers are great and really care about the students. Being a part of the basketball program made me feel like i had a second family. The history of the school and traditons are still kept alive .
All of the teachers I've had here have been really cool, and it's an Honors school because many of the students are honor roll. There are fitness classes you can take if you don't want to take regular P.E, like Team Sports, Dance, Weight Training, Kickboxing, etc. You have an option to take extra class periods (0 or 7), and seniors can choose to not have a period 1 or 6 (your choice) if you have all of your required credits. Juniors and seniors can get an off-campus lunch pass, and there are a lot of food places near the school to go to. The Career Center and counselors support your college search and help you find scholarships, financial aid, and call you in about every month to check on your progress, as a senior.
My experience has been okay so far. Some of the teachers aren't the best, some are wonderful. Bullying handled well, some mean kids. Food here isn't that great, I've gotten sick many times. I wish they would upgrade that.
Rancho Buena Vista has been a school that pushes students to strive forward for the best. However, such words equate to empty promises. A student can be and have the potential to be something but that doesn't mean that they will. The school is positive and encouraging but not in an effective way. They lack the ability to engage students, something extremely important. Most students just want to get school done at this point. I want students to start caring about where they are and the opportunities that they have.
I like the teachers and the people attending the school. It is easy to find resources about something you need. The school is, for the most part, clean and the education we receive from teachers is useful and good overall.
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The arts are incredibly valued and the International Baccalaureate program is unrivaled throughout the district. The option for both IB and AP classes molds incredibly ready graduates. The previous year's valedictorian currently attends Yale.
Rancho Buena Vista is a large school in the Vista District of California. The buildings have just been painted and the campus itself is quite decent. What's best about this school, is all teachers are required to learn about the uprising LGBTQ+ to help students through hard times as well as offer help through counselors and available printers. The downside of the school, is through the support, lot's of issue around the campus go uncontrolled
What I love about rancho is how calm everything is. There is no drama at all. Taking AP classes is not as difficult as one may think. The teachers are very helpful and take their time when it comes to explaining something that you don’t understand.
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