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Overwhelming amounts of drugs on campus, teachers refused to work with some students, most security guards do not care if a student is leaving campus. Some teachers can be rude, sexist, and homophobic towards students. Other teachers are the best you will find in the district. Unless a student is in AVID or other prep classes, there isn't much college prep and most student arent taught basics when it comes to college applications and scholarship info.
The high school follows a quarter system which allows students to take fewer classes at a time and have more free time to study. My son and daughter loved their high school and both went on to large universities.
I like that the principal is very involved and is approachable to students. I think the school needs to be renovated. The buildings are a bit old
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My experience at Rancho Bernardo High School was one I would never regret. My peers have always been so supportive and most teachers are like a second mom. RBHS has a family like feel that I don't seem to feel anywhere else. 4/5 Stars. One missing because some facilities need to be renovated, but I know that is coming in the near future!
The teachers have been very helpful and are very generous. Many tend to have after school tutoring sessions aside from the counselor lead tutoring sessions. The incoming students seem to be bringing in and aiding an increasing drug problem.
Rancho Bernardo High School is your typical suburban school and is actually not bad as a school. The staff is great and are super nice and helpful. I rated it as average because the school is super dirty and could really use some remodeling.
I just moved to the U.S in my sophomore year and Rancho Bernardo High School has been a great place to start my future in this country. It has helped me determine and follow my college readiness path. I have met a lot of nice and supportive people who have helped me get connected with the campus. Rancho Bernardo High School also has a high diversity of students, which helps understand other students' culture. Every day I go to school, I always feel safe, because I know the school us highly secured. As a member of the school's JV team, I can't express how grateful I am to be a part of that team. Every player contributes their best effort to the team's achievement and never stop trying to get better as a whole. What I would wish the school to improve on is the food. Instead of junk food, the school should have more healthy food choices for students. But overall, my experience at Rancho Bernardo High School was amazing and memorable.
I enjoyed my stay at Ranch Bernardo High School. I went there for 4 years (2013-2017). The teachers there were all passionate about what they were teaching, although some of them were truly rude and mean for no apparent reason. I did band the 4 years I was there. I enjoyed it immensely and I wish I could go back sometimes.
Going to school at Rancho Bernardo has been a good experience. The teachers are great and care if you understand the content. The students are great too. I've made many great friends at RBHS. They have the 4x4 schedule which made it easy to complete classes faster than other high schools. It really prepares you for college.
My older siblings went to this school before I did and from what they told me this school is definitely improving. I’m glad I chose to go here instead of any other school. I do wish the everything was a bit cleaner and that they never took the lockers out
I attended Rancho Bernardo High School and enjoyed almost every moment. I was an athlete for the volleyball team and participated in many school. The teachers were knowledgeable and truly cared for their students. The buildings were clean, the campus was safe, and students were able to focus on learning and finding subjects that interested them. My life has been positively impacted by attending this school in many ways.
It's a great school but some of the staff is rude. I had to call and complain about the front office staff.
It’s a good school all around. I did three years there and then transfer to a highly academic prep school back east. I was some what prepared
Rancho Bernardo High School is a very rigorous school that prepares you well for college. They offer many sports, extracurriculars, and AP courses that give you the opportunity to succeed. I personally believe RB high is a great school for anyone to attend no matter their interests. I can attest to that having played Bass for the Orchestra, Varsity Golf, Varsity Cross Country, and having a 3.9 GPA while doing so.
Rancho Bernardo High School is a fantastic school with a welcoming community of students and staff. The teachers and faculty are very supportive of student endeavors, so we have a lot of great opportunities on campus. The biggest area to improve would be our facilities.
Overall, Rancho Bernardo High School has been very good. The teachers for the most part care about how well you are doing in their class, and they want all their students to succeed, depending on how much effort they put in. This school takes a big amount of pride in their athletics, so other areas of the school are not as looked at as much. The only complaint that comes to mind is that this school needs to start spending more money on improving the campus and focus the money more on student activities like prom.
RBHS's location is great because there are many plazas and parks around it. All the teachers I had while attending Rancho Bernardo High School were some of the best I had during my high school experience in two other schools. The faculty and staff provide students with as many resources as possible to prepare for college. The biggest downside to RBHS is their poor installations that make the school unsafe. Teachers have to guard the entrance and exit during lunch to keep track of who leaves campus because their fencing system is pointless. My experience graduating from RBHS was pleasant and I am thankful to all of my teachers who helped me get where I am today.
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My experience at Rancho Bernardo High School has been nothing but positive. Whether it’s the incredible teachers or the people that you meet, there is always something positive to experience. I wrestled for the school and Coach Terribilini is one of the best coaches to train with along with the rest of RB Wrestling staff.
Strong Leadership in World Language Dept., weak leadership in English Dept.
Best library in content and patronage of any of the five academic high schools.
Only school in PUSD and possibly California with an annual student poetry contest in four languages--English, French, German, and Spanish. Contest ends with a Poetry Reading and Awards ceremony in the Performing Arts Center. All student poems are assembled into a book that is published by PUSD and copyrighted.
Rancho Bernardo High School is a very competitive school and is doing a great job with their students. The sports teams always have people there supporting, clubs are excelling in competitions and the school has a large sense of community. With 4/5 stars there is something missing from Rancho Bernardo High. The thing that is missing from this school the pride the students have at this school. This can easily be fixed by scheduling real pep rallies and having more serious activities for students to do while at school. Overall, Rancho Bernardo High School is a great place, the staff is amazing and always go above and beyond for their students.
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