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Ralston Valley Senior High School Reviews

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I am so glad I attended Ralston Valley High School. I believe I have received a wonderful education and this school has a lot of different opprotunites to take advantage of. For example, there is a wide variety of courses from engineering, to architecture, to business, which allows for options for any student. Although it is an academically rigorous school, the teachers are great and the scheduling allows plenty of time to partake in the classic high school events such as football games, and the spring musical. I was even able to partake in an internship at Colorado School of Mines over the summer, which is an opportunity I wouldn't have gotten at my old school.
It's pretty good but there are certainly a lot of drugs (just like most other high schools). I've enjoyed all of my teachers and classes thus far.
Volleyball, Football, Swimming have great organizations but softball is definitely not one. Less and less people are going out for this sport and it's not because of the girls, it is because of the poor coaching staff.
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Ralston Valley is an excellent school for academics. The teachers are all very qualified and helpful for students. They all really care about students and creating a positive learning environment.
Everything about this school sucks. Most of the teachers couldn't care less about their students. All of the students are POS and only care about themselves. The school in general only cares about their sports and state ranks with academics. The teachers put no effort into making a students life "easier." If a teacher can clearly see a student is having a hard time in a class, they just be like hey fix your grade you can do it, they dont reach out and help you like the school says theyre going to. this school is a pos and no one likes it here. its prison
I like the students and the academics, the teachers are meh, most of them really don't care about the students. The teachers who do are in Spanish and SS.
Ralston Valley is an environment full of students who are eager to learn. The environment is very clean and safe. All the teachers are kind and willing to help all students. Overall Ralston Valley is a great high school and a great place to learn.
I love that the teachers really care about what they are teaching. The student body overall is a bit less accepting than other high schools, but overall the atmosphere is fun.
I love the culture of Ralston Valley. Compared to my other high school, Ralston Valley appropriately prioritizes studies with a healthy care for students by all the staff.
Overall, I enjoyed Ralston Valley. It definitely had its ups and downs as everything does, but for the most part it was good. The English teachers were phenomenal but some of the math teachers needed to be replaced. The school mostly focused on football which was fun to go and watch, but it would have been nice to have money and attention placed in other aspects of the school. They really pushed hard for good grades and for preparing us for the SAT's which was nice but also was stressful at sometimes because it almost seemed as though that was the only thing that was important; our reputation of the school.
I really liked the classes offered. The school provides a wide range of challenging courses built to get the student ready for college. The students are encouraged to get involved in the classes they attend and teachers are helpful with questions and furthered learning. I especially liked the amount of hands on experimental involved projects the science classes provided.
Ralston Valley has very good teachers and opportunities with academics, athletics, and clubs. I recommend it to any motivated and driven student or athlete. However, it does lack in diversity and this can affect students.
The academic environment is on the competitive side, which helped many kids thrive, and others not. Most teachers are very understanding and good at what they do. However, if you are looking for different cultures and backgrounds, this may not be the school for you. Most kids are white and come from a generally well off family.
Ralston Valley is a great school. All the teachers are helpful and want you to succeed if you put effort into your work. The hallways are crowed and would like them to not be shoulder to shoulder after the bell rings.
I love the teachers, most of the students, and the opportunities RV has to offer. The downside is that many students are so competitive and driven that stress takes over many students' lives.
Ralston Valley is a very proud academic focused school. Also with very athletic sport teams. We excel in the classroom and on the field/court. Our music program is phenomenal as well. I loved my experience at Ralston Valley, my teachers were all very helpful and I believe I’ve really achieved a lot these past few years. Being a teenager is hard, you have to make friend, keep those friends, get good grades, keep your parents happy, try to date, do homework and everything else that life throws at your and the staff and teachers at RV truly get that. They know we are trying to find our place in this world and they do the best they can to help us get through it and be successful.
Ralston Valley is a school that cares about their students and helps to keep them involved in the school. The students all care about their school and take action to keep it a clean and safe environment. The school has many clubs and activities that everyone can participate in. The teachers help the students succeed and make sure they are on track with their assignments. The students are all kind to one another and take action when they see bullying or harassment. Overall, my high school experience was one to remember!
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Theatre is underfunded and everyone is focused on sports. Otherwise the culture is kinda bad and there is no diversity. However, if you can find the right crowd and stay away from drugs it won't be too bad.
It is a really great school. The whole staff is very supportive and their resources are excellent. The student body is very lively as well, and our sports are very respected in the state. GO MUSTANGS!
The academics and teachers are top notch. Ralston Valley has a very special student body that gets along well. The only thing I don't like about Ralston Valley is that they just cut their computer science program.
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