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Ralston Intermediate School Reviews

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Bad. Just bad. Too much homework with too soon due dates. Has lots of bullying and administration does nothing to help. P.E. Is a bit much. Academics suck. Teachers were OK but some of them avoid teaching the class, like my math teacher.
This school is a place where they allow special ed kids to fight one another. This is also a place where kids say racial slurs to other students as i'm walking by. Absolutely horrible school.
The kids here are horrible. A kid made my son say a racial slur. This kid there was very mean. Stay away from this school. Worst school n the world. They only care about their athletics and don't care about how their kids succeed. Yet their school is still horrible at athletics. Stay away trust me. If you want your kid to be successful stay away from this horrible middle school
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This has been the absolute worst school ever! My daughter is being physically attacked and stalked by a special education student daily. She has come home with bruises, backpain and couldn't attend PE for a week due to an extremely violent attack. Even after many incident reports, many meetings, nothing changes. The school is totally unsafe! Please think twice before sending your child there.
Best Athletic middle school in California nice teachers a good old middle school. The teachers and staff are pretty lay backed I would recommend it for all students that can deal with things the classes can get a little out of hand but that is middle school
When I went here I was able to make lots of good friends. I loved most of my teachers some were alright. It was a really good experience.
It was an ok middle school I believe it could have been better. Sometimes the administration doesn’t do anything about an important matter that bothers someone, however the administration does a good job to support students.
Classes and teachers were mostly experienced and helpful. The only downfall was the P.E. department. Ralston is known for athleticism and have a very one sided way of testing students. It is not geared towards individualism but a baseline for all. No one can be graded on one scale as everyone's body type is different as well as puberty.
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