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My experience in Radford School was a fulfilling one. Even though many people will turn away due to the size of it I assure you that its not a problem. Due to the size of my class everyone of us are super close and very good friends.
As a student at the Radford School, the academic environment never fails to my stimulate my capacities to think creatively and explore my interests in the arts and sciences. The majority-AP curriculum and college preparatory atmosphere gives students a one-of-a-kind experience. The low student-to-teacher ratio is unparalleled by any other high school in the El Paso area.
Good lunch food, amazing teachers, challenging and rigorous curriculum, and friendly peers. Although the curriculum is tough, the teachers do an amazing job explaining it well and making sure I understand it. The school tradition and architecture is amazing. Bullying is practically non-existent here, everyone is family.
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Radford was essential to cultivating my skills as a student that I took on to college. I loved my teachers and experience there very much!
Teachers good overall. Just feel like administration should listing more to parents and students overall. There have been multiple complains about the same teachers overtime and the administration just seems to not care at all
My child has attended Radford for several years after having attended a public school. The classes are small, and the teachers and administrators know all of the students. Everyone has an open door policy, and I am always comfortable in coming to school. My child participates in the swim team and the Trap and Skeet team, and he loves this school. I wouldn't have my child attend anywhere else.
I am a recently graduated senior from Radford. I am currently enrolled in a University and can not attribute many of my skills to any of the helpings of the teachers at Radford. The few teachers I can name that were helpful to my experience as a high schooler and currently as a college student were Mrs. Jan Herron, Mrs. Rosa Fonseca, and Mr. Andrew Streeter. Academically, nothing is taken very seriously, and there is not much preparation for the college admissions process. The administration is corrupt, the student population isn't diverse, the facilities are worn-down, sports are very minimal, and there are little to no opportunities or clubs to get involved in. Overall, my experiences at Radford were horrible at best, and there needs to be some serious change in the near future before it eventually shuts down completely.
I have attended Radford School since the seventh grade. I have always had a great experience with the school. I love that the grading scale goes from from 93-100 (A) 84-92 (B) and so on because it elevates our percentiles among high school students. Only troubling aspects is student participation in school events and administrative enforcement of rules.
Radford is very small so it is very easy for anyone (talkative or not) to make friends and get to know others. My experience with Radford was good, I enjoyed all of the friends I ever made in my 12 years there and the food is beyond amazing. However, it can be very unorganized sometimes and many of the teachers were not very good at what they were supposed to be doing and treated the children completely different when administration wasn't present compared to when they were. Sometimes they wouldn't even bother teaching because another class had made them mad - not even anything that we had done. Of course, that was only some of the teachers. There were several that we genuinely LOVED but they either left the school or had to change their ways because of the administration. The athletic area of the school is also very good.
I went to Radford School Pre-K through 12th Grade. They were my second family. Faculty and staff are genuine and caring. I will absolutely be sending my kids to Radford, and I feel confident they will choose to do the same.
Even though Radford is a small school, there are many activities the students can participate in such as Trap and Skeet, band, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and theater. There are also a variety of clubs, such as NJHS, NHS, NHHS, student council, latin, art, chess, film, and photography among others. The teachers are very dedicated and care about the students. Most of the high school classes are AP.
Radford is a good school. We are very small about 500 student fromp Pre-K all the way to senior year. There is about 12 student per class. The food is amazing. We don’t have many clubs but we are Thebes only school in El Paso that teaches Latin so if you are interested in that then I think you will enjoy it. We are really like a family here since she there aren’t that manubrio of us we all know each other. There are seniors who are super close to the 6th graders so it’s a pretty unique experience. As far as classes go they are okey the teacher really get to know their student and their need so that’s nice.
The administration and board ignore serious, sometimes dangerous issues, impacting the welfare, health, and safety of the students.
It is a small school where you can form very close friendships and teachers are truly devoted to the students academical growth.
Please see previous response on resources and facilities.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and because the teacher/student ratio is small, the students are very much engaged and participating.
The students graduate with a well-rounded education both academically and with a commitment to the community.
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School administration is very helpful and are always working for the students well-being.
Students can be involved in theater, various sports, and trap and skeet. There is Student Council, National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, and National Hispanic Honor Society
Health and safety are strong. Home style cooking is prepared and given to the students on a daily basis. There is a strong physical education program. Students can participate in swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and trap and skeet.
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