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My experience here at Raby high school was a good one. Coming in my freshmen year I was so clueless and thought the teachers wouldn’t care for you like the elementary teachers did. I was actually wrong they took me in gave me more knowledge than I already knew. I joined the basketball team my Freshmen year and continue on to my Senior year, I also joined other sports such as Volleyball and Softball. Raby give kids a lot of opportunities. They helped me get into this program called CPFTA (Chicago Police Fire Training Academy) and it was the best thing ever. Getting the experience to train with police officers and fire fighters. I really recommend this school.
what i like about raby is that we are one team one family we all help each other out a lot and do different types of activities
I like how nice and helpful the teachers are to the students. How they really can if we make it far in life.
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They are selective in which students to help. There is also the fact that when students go to them for help.Some schl officials are unethical in airing the child's probelm/needs in school assembly. There is also issue of in school suspensions given improperly & procedure not goes on lock down numerous times a wk. The safe passage patrol is rarely at their posts. They give janitorial/lunch rm employees substandard cleaning products. Kids have been so disruptive that they have physically hurt some teachers/ other students. no library. no nurse. The schl don't report /inform cops or parents of numerous situations that occur in , on or around schl involving raby students. The schl loses important medical papers and will repeatedly ask you to bring it in.yet when you leave they dont have it & admit they have no clue where it is.LI (low incidence) Students poorly supervised.Hopefully incoming principal Ms.Harrell can clean it up.
There are lots of things that Raby does that I like. Like the fact that they learn about who the school was named after. They try to make the experience of high school fun while getting your work done. The staff and students interact with eachother they build bonds and help students no matter the situation they go through. They try to involve the parents as much as possible.
Raby High School is like home to me. I've been here for 4 years now, teachers and staff, have always treated me with respect and they care about me. The sports and culture here is really warm-feeling, and they strongly push college on you because they want you to be successful. The principal and the dean have always been like parents away from home because they want to see the students exceed.
My experience with Raby High School was great. I started going there my junior year and I graduated in 2015. I met a lot of people that I still know today. I made a great bond with certain teachers and staff members who I still keep in touch with today and that helps me with anything I need. I would like to see more sports brought to the school and more outings.
I like the environment because the staff and students make you feel welcome. It's like one big family at Raby HS .
What I like most about Al Raby is it treats you like family, once you enter the school it feels like home. When I first came to Al Raby I was nervous I did't know anyone and was very shy but once I got to know the teachers and staff it was easy from there.
I like at Al Raby we have a saying "One Team,One Family" that refers to when things happen to one person. I also like at Al Raby the teachers care. They see the future and they keep pushing you forward. The students help one another. I would like the lunch to change or off campus lunch.
My experience at Al Raby high school has been wonderful all of the teachers and staff are more than welcoming and more than friendly the atmosphere is never bad or uncomfortable. I've been at Raby for 4 years and I love the school and love the people that work within the school. Our motto is One Team One Family and we truly live by what we say.
they worried about everyone's health.
kids are excited to play sports.
Good and bad memories, I would do it again.
The teachers were nice no matter the situation.
Offers regular, honors, and AP
Always know what's going on
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Always their when you need help
Always something for you to do
Always they when something is wrong
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