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I loved Quest! The teachers are super close to their students and truly want them to succeed. It was unlike any other school I had attended before.
Quest Early College High School is such an amazing and inclusive place. Although it may not be a traditional high school with a football team and homecoming, it's got an impressive academic program and staff. Many people often shy away from Quest Early College High School because of the difficult academics and personal responsibility that students must hold themselves to. However, Quest teaches students academic integrity and lessons for college life and later on.
Quest Early College High School helped me advance academically in the best way any parent could imagine. I took college level courses since sophomore year, graduated with an Associates degree covered fully by Quest, and graduated with such confidence going into college knowing that Quest had prepared me well while giving me the ultimate high school experience. It was an honor to have been accepted into Quest, I made life-time connections with the most caring and welcoming faculty members, teachers, and students. Together, we made one of the most diverse environments I have been in. Not just diverse, but such a prideful school which thrived with what it had. Quest allowed me to go beyond my boundaries, become a better leader by running several clubs, gave us the opportunity to join internships, and do service work every Friday. Quest provided all of the resources I needed to succeed in all of my classes, and made me into the person I am today.
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I loved attending this high school for the last four years. I was able to meet many amazing friends along with faculty that helped shape me into the person I am today. To successfully thrive in this school requires a lot of time and effort, but is well worth it in the long run.
Earn an associates of science or arts as well as a high school diploma with books included! Teachers actually care about students education and home life. Students and teachers becoming more diverse every year (ethnic). Regulations are a little bit "high school" (strict). Only downside no true athletics / UIL. However, there are many clubs to join.
Quest Early College High School is a very different type of high school. The school turns a blind eye to many electives in favor of school that takes every step possible to preparing the students for college readiness. The school is so much more rigorous than many other High Schools out there, meant for student who have a very profound vision of their future education. For that reason I give Quest Early College High School four out of five stars. The reason for the point deduction is because of the awkward transition from the high school to the college campus, often taking place in the middle of the day.
When I was a student at Quest Early College High School, I was given access to great academic support services. The AVID program at the school, while at times boring, greatly facilitated my organization in college and streamlined the scholarship application process greatly. That said, Quest is not for everyone. This school is best suited for students who are willing to work very hard and stay up very late for a good grade. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Quest.
For the most part, my starting years were great, don't get me wrong. However, it seemed that when we needed her the most, our principle vanished. My junior year became a testing ground for the new principle with her new rules and ideas. She didn't have experience in an early college setting, so it is understandable that she would have no idea how to treat us. In our experiences, though, she did happen to make bad situations worse with this inexperience. Thankfully, we had a better principal for my senior year, and she made the transition to college a little easier. Our teachers and professors were the backbones of the school itself, though, and it really shone through during our epidemic. They were the main supporters of the students. Overall, I would say maybe go to another early college as our building location is kind of up in the air. Furthermore, we do have a lack of sports and arts outside of clubs due to the heavily academic environment.
Quest Early College High School made me who I am today. I would not be as prepared for college if it were not for this school. As a Quest student, I got the privilege of attending a college campus while simultaneously being a high school student. With this experience, I learned to efficiently manage my time and resources. With that being said, I had three different principles throughout my four years, and the faculty was regularly changed. This was the clear result of poor communication and teamwork throughout the staff of the school, which inevitably resulted in dramatic changes in the environment and functionality of my school.
Quest Early College High School is an incredibly unique school thanks to the fact that it allows students to obtain an associates degree from the local Lone Star College for no cost, in addition to a blocked schedule where student's only see teachers twice a week, a consistent homeroom known as family, as well as not attending school on Fridays in favor of going out into the community and volunteering.
Quest Early College High School teaches students discipline through the dual credit program that is offered through instruction on navigating the sphere of higher education. The lack of extracurriculars, however, neglects to allow students the chance to explore the interests and talents that should be weighted at the same scale as their academic abilities.
My experience of QECHS was interesting but the word I can is, "meh". It does not have the normal high school morals but rather had this competitiveness. It was because our class size was less than a hundred students. There are clubs that tried to fill this void and sometimes work but it not perminate. I would say it teaches you how to be a college student. We would go to a college campus to do our dual credit classes which really gives a good look at what college life looks like and feels. Our school is really built for college readiness but it does not prepare for life.
This school has given me so many opportunities. I am currently working towards my Associate's of Arts, yet I have not had to pay a thing. I have been attending classes at Lone Star College-Kingwood through this school, and they both are really great.
I liked that I was able to communicate with teachers and professors easily along my journey to graduate with my Associate's degree as well as my high school diploma. The only problem was a constant change of staff which made it difficult to adapt to different rules enforced by different faculty members. Overall, the school was very diverse and engaging. It was very easy to find people to talk to or ask for help regarding college, career, and other life choices. The student body is small which made it much easier to focus in classes since they only had anywhere from 10 to 25 students. The school did a great job of introducing and teaching us, the students, about many topics that weren't necessarily crucial to our education, but to our lives. For example, we were taught about financial literacy.
This school made me realize how important education is. Most of the teachers are nice, helpful, and considerate. However, I would like to see more academic focus rather than social features such as "Family". I would also like them to offer AP classes alongside dual credit classes instead of Pre AP and dual credit ones.
Quest is a small early college high school and a community of smart, young individuals who built a long-lasting relationship with all of their friends, teachers, and the administration. They are passionately driven by intellect, dedication, service to others, and a desire to better the world around them.
Very welcoming school where teachers and students are able to share strong bonds and relationships to the point where they can be considered family. Teachers push their students and care about them deeply. This school revolves around allowing students to have time to do the heavy work load they will receive with the college classes being taken with high school classes.
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My first two years at Quest were great. We would go on all school field trips and have a blast. But when the principle left she was replaced by another one that didnt treat the staff correctly and most of them left. This year we have another principle that treats us like we are in middle school. The people who do what they are supposed to are being punished for other peoples actions.
good school in terms of studies, however, very stressful. Most classes freshman and sophomore year are high school or duel credit. once reaching jr and snr. yr most are taken at the college
Quest Early College High School (QECHS) is a school like no other. At QECHS, there is rarely a time where you feel alone and/or cannot reach out for help. The administration and staff at QECHS understand the stress you feel and the struggle you bare from taking both high school and college classes. Not only that but the environment at QECHS is open and, at times, peaceful and warm. However, even with the help of the administration and staff at QECHS, the stress can still get to you. Therefore, you thing I would change is the implementation of more stress relief activities at the school.
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