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Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School Reviews

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My experience at Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School was absolutely fabulous. I attended this school from middle school to high school. I was able to build such a unique bond with everyone at that school that I consider them to be my family. From time to time I go back to visit previous facility members, teachers, and friends from the lower grades. This school prepared me to face college with the best resources and skills that I need in order to survive. I wouldn't trade my experience with that school at all because I am forever grateful.
The academics were amazing in Gateway and it was easy to get advanced courses. However, there was a lack of extracurricular activities and funding.
Gateway was an okay school. It's not as concentrated on health sciences as it used to be but in the last two years that I attended, they've tried their best to incorporate more health science classes into our schedule. The staff, more specifically the high school teachers, want us to do well inside and outside of the classroom. I thank Gateway's teachers for their help with college readiness because I think my teachers have done a great job at prepping us in our last two years of high school.
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I wish we had more clubs and had a schedule that had everything we needed to graduate from the first day of school
Queens gateway is an okay school.Its not above average like everyone make it seems.We have very little clubs and most clubs are taken by the same kids over and over without other kids being able to have a chance.
I have been a student at Queens Gateway since 6th grade. My middle school experience was great, but for high school Queens Gateway lacks extracurricular activities. However, the teachers rigorously prepare you for the next steps in the future, including college.
Queens Gateway was an alright school. The teachers are alright. It is just the management of the school. Its really poor. They are always messing up schedules and never doing anything right. They also are very limited when it comes to trips and any school activities.
The school overall was good, the teachers were nice and fun. However, I did not like the way the school was managed. We did not get our final schedules until the fourth week of school. There is only one guidance counselor for grades 9-12. She tries her best but has a lot to do. I need a social studies class and was given one but on the third day they made the class a physics elective when I already took physics and passed the regents.
When I first attended in 2010 I was a 7th Grader, throughout the years the schools character/ mission has diminished. This school was the level under a specialized school. As bad as this sounds the school was not as diverse as most would like, but I loved it. Many students looked like me, although we were all minorities we were all so different in other ways. This school used to be great in all areas but with new administration it is falling into shambles.
Queens Gateway is good for making friends and knowing everybody, however in terms of activities and academics we are severely under developed. We have no clubs, very few trips and our schedules are constantly messed up.
Great school for academics, very competitive! I've been attending for the last four years and the diversity and education is significantly increasing. There's low student activity involvement but theres great potential.
In the school, there is hardly any clubs or any extracurricular activities thus making school life incredibly boring. In terms of school lunch, it's usually disgusting and even though there is a school store it is usually sold out or never open.
The school can use more clubs but due to lack of funding, we don’t have much choices. Academic wise, it is very challenging and time consuming. Teachers are nice for the most part and want to see their students succeed. School doesn’t have many AP class choices so it is very restricted.
Needs more extracurriculars and trips; and for the extracurriculars available, they need to given much better funding. Literally the only thing that kept me alive were the teachers and my classmates, guidance could also need a little more work such as telling students the opportunities available to them and helping with college readiness.
Gateway has a reputation around the "brown" comunity as a very good school. The school building looks amazaing and so are the interiors. However, this school could make tremendous amounts of improvement. The students in class score very well however class grades and regents grade are not on the same scale. There are a handful of teachers who are excellent but there are some who do not teach as well or can not maintain the class. The adminstration is very shady, they require the teachers to provide their own materials to teach such as copy paper and claim there is no funding for the various activities students come up with. There are little to no extracirrular activites, only recently there were formations of extra ciricular activites. The school only has ap classes.
It was a good school before but under the new administration it’s more strict and you don’t get the feeling of joy being in school. Overall the teachers and staff are very nice and the school is clean and in A good location.
Queens Gateway is a school that provides and offers a great education along with most teachers being friendly and actually caring about our education and well being but has lackluster administrators and rude security officers.
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The teachers are very concerned about the welfare of the students. The school need more sports and events for students to participate in to develop leadership skills.
Super fun and interactive school only when the student body is willing to participate. Many opportunities ad support.
Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School is great with academics, but they don’t encourage you to be a part of be school community through the means of clubs and trips. They teach us things about the real world, but won’t let us use it when the time comes. The one thing I want to see change is the school being less passive and less restrictive.
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