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Great teachers, they all motivated me to keep working hard and to go to college! Their push is what I needed to be successful.
Putnam is a fantastic school to go to with a really strong community that lifts each other up, but there are also some realities that every school faces. Our bathrooms are frequently "repurposed" by students for drug usage, (mainly juuling and weed) and I as a student often have trouble using the bathroom even in the middle of a class period without encountering this. I would love to see that change. Putnam is a recognized IB school, so that's pretty neat. We have a really strong theater program as well as athletics department and a vibrant orchestra/band/choir.
I thought that the staff for counseling and advising were very helpful in helping me stay on track for graduation.
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At Rex Putnam, the teachers and staff are incredibly nice and understanding; they take the time to listen to you and support you through your high school career. The students here are also welcoming and friendly and it's easy to make friends here to make a connection. The classes are diverse, and we have so many to choose from, since we are connected with the Sabin Schellenberg Center which offers career opportunity programs which helps you pick what career might best fit your interest. There are also multiple clubs and sports to choose from such as basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, tennis, cheer leading, dance, the National Honors Society, Rocket Club, Robotics Club, the Unity Club (LGBTQ+), etc.
Some of he teachers were amazing, and were the reason I graduated early. Other teachers taught their opinion. I felt safe due to some of the teachers and the school security. I loved the experience Putnam offered with the Sabin Schellenberg program. I do believe they should be more strict on the students.
I grew up in the area so that was great. Teachers are humble and not up tight. Anyone who puts for the effort can succeed here.
First off, there's a lot of negativity there. The students are very rude. As if the teachers my math teacher makes fun of me in front of the class. A student got a concussion from other students who threw a trashcan and hit him. I wouldn't recomend this school .
Pretty typical high school experience. Everyone was pretty chill and accepting of others, most classes were fairly easy.
Putnam was a very good experience. It was always a good environment. I always felt safe and that everybody there cared about me. The students were nice and so welcoming. We had a great educational program and they really prepared me for college. I would change how much school spirit the school has and would encourage more students to participate.
Putnam has many AP courses which are amazing for college! But what's inconvinient is that due to the small student body, there are t as much AP classes as there could be.
Education at Putnam is made easier by caring teachers and staff who are there to help you succeed. Other students are also caring and there to help each other. Many after school activities and programs are supported through the school, from athletics to clubs and after school help.
The atmosphere at Putnam is great it really feels like a family and you always have a leader to go to if you need help.
Very welcoming with a diverse array of teachers to match their diverse classes. Very oriented towards college readiness (with Avid and IB programs), it also partners with the award-winning Sabin-Schellenberg Technical center (with programs in Health Sciences, cosmetology, business, robotics, fire science, and more). They also are home to an award-winning Acappella choir and Thespian program.
I love their college readiness and career related classes. I believe they help students get ready for college.
I was able to continue my bilingual studies at Putnam and I'll be able to graduate with a bilaterally seal on my diploma. Friday night football is always a good time though sports teams seem political.
Rex Putnam High School is a good school in a not so good area. While the suburbs of Milwaukie have been getting better in the last years, Putnam can be proud of a great IB program and a great staff willing to work hand in hand with the students. Given the area, many don't seem to prioritize school, however if you want to succeed Putnam is a great place. It also has a decent athletic department if you are trying to play in college.
I moved to Putnam for my Junior year of high school. I had live in another state my entire life but I instantly felt right at home. The students are welcoming and the teachers are more than happy to assist year learning in any way you need. Each extra curricular at Putnam works very hard. The theater program is especially excellent. The IB courses that are offered provide rigor and an element of college prep. I am very grateful for my experience at Putnam as it has shaped me not only into the hard working student I am today but it also a generally better person.
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I love Putnam, a lot of the teachers take a different approach to teaching especially in science; they take a rather more hands on approach. There are also many many sports/clubs to join like rocket club, coding club, and your basic sports team. Putnam also feeds into Sabin-Schellenberg which offers work related classes and even more clubs after school, my personal favorite being robotics. One of the most important things about Putnam is that they don't have AP classes they go with a program called IB which is almost like the same thing but more exclusive and has harsher testing. Granted the food sucks and one thing I truly hate is the lack of communication between staff and student, I don't mean teachers I mean like the office staff; for example I'm a junior and I wanted to take the SAT and ACT this year to get a feel for it and to my surprise the deadline is one day away.
I like how the school has really cool staff. They are always open to help and support you. I wish i could see some change in the way teachers cared. Some don't care if a student asks to use the bathroom and don't come back until the end of class. And don't hold us back after the end of the day bell because someone else did something. Some of us have to catch the buses that leave too early.
What I like the most about Putnam are the teachers, especially the counselors. They make sure they give you all the resources and tools they have so you can be successful once you graduate from high school. I didn't have a good grade in one of my classes, so my counselor called me to her office so she can know what was going on. She gave me advise to help me in my class and also helped me raise my grade up. I like how involve they are because they stir you to the right direction. We even get emails for scholarship opportunities and I love that they do that!
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