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I loved majority of my teachers. I loved almost all of my dual-enrollment teachers. Mr. Adams, Mrs. Reid, and Mrs. Harvey were my favorite faculty members I was with them for majority of my Junior and Senior year.
What I loved about Putnam County High school was the stem classes and my teachers. I feel as though the teachers really cared about you and pushed me to be the best in all that I did. The healthcare class is great for students who want to be potential nurses or doctors. Mrs. Harvey does an awesome job getting us ready for the real world with mock disasters, clinical trails, hands on stimulation and actually attending nursing homes and hospitals to get a feel of what’s its like in the real world.
Putnam County is in a country town which offered a dual-enrollment to students. It also allowed student to receive Associate degrees from Georgia military college and degrees from Central Georgia Technical College before even graduating high school. Overall, the school and the school system cared very much about the students and our grades.
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Putnam County High School offers a wide variety of opportunities for students. Students have the opportunity to leave high school with skills for wielding, healthcare, electronics, automotive, and culinary arts.
The only aspect that I really liked was the YES program. It prepared students for life after highschool in some fields including healthcare, and informational technology. What I didn’t like about this school was the food was terrible. Please pack your own lunch unless you would like dry, unseasoned, cold, and sometimes unsanitary food. Sometimes they would run out of food before every student got fed and resulted in giving out peanut butter sandwiches- no jelly. Also, some of the teachers and staff don’t encourage the kids to learn and promote them behaving in a bad way so that they can get them into trouble and have something to talk about.
When I arrived to Putnam County High School I felt weird because I was new and I did not know anyone. After going to a few classes I started to feel more like home, everyone was really nice to me: teachers, students, administration,etc. I have a lot to thank to PCHS because they gave me the opportunity to show my abilities and who I really am.
I liked the YES program and taking Dual Enrollment classes. Taking Dual Enrollment classes helped me to earn high school and college credits. It has given me a jump start on my college classes so I won’t have to take them when I go.
I have attended Putnam County Schools my entire life. I can proudly say that Putnam County High School has really influenced me to become the best version of myself in not only my academics but in my personal/work life.
Putnam County High School provided plenty of opportunities to me. These opportunities involve community service, free dual-enrollment, and numerous trips that exposed me to what the world has to offer. And it helped me discover what I can do for the world.
Putnam County High was a overall a good experience throughout my high school career. There are dozens of clubs and activities you can choose to be in. Putnam County offers a variety of dual-enrollment classes you can take to earn college credit while in high school.
Putnam county high school is one of the sorriest schools ever created. they have a charter system in which if you fail a class they restrict you from moving on with the rest of your graduating class. they know nothing about college preparations and the administration here is clueless. dress codes are wack.
At Putnam County High school the best thing here is the academics. The school offers many college classes that can help students get ready for the next step which is college. It allows you to be able to graduate high school with a college degree and it helps to get a head start on your career.
I like how education is the school's top priority, but i don't like how we have to wear uniforms and the cafeteria food is horrendous. I feel that we are constricted by having to wear our uniforms. We also have a bad problem with rodents and roaches being in our cafeteria.
I usually don't attend much extracurricular activities, but from what I've heard, they are fairly adequate.
I have not had the time of my life while attending PCHS, but I let the negative qualities motivate me to finish school with passing grades so I can graduate and leave like I so desire.
Some teachers are more dedicated to teaching the students than others, but overall some teachers do an adequate job.
The school is very diverse when it comes to culture, race, and sexuality. The school is very accepting of who you are as a person.
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Most classes are usually easy to handle, the classrooms are great environments and the teachers are easy to communicate with.
The safety at this school is great, I feel safe whenever I'm on campus.
There are alot of extracirricular activities at this school including Anchor Club, Beta Club, and Thespian Society. For most clubs, there is a high level of commitment required. Most students are in Beta Club and Thespian Society.
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