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The teachers do not care about what they teach to the students. Are new computer teacher was put in to teach the class because he was a football coach he started off the first day by saying that we probably knew more than him and that will have to be teaching the class. The only thing he does in class is what highlights or the last football or basketball game or whatever sports news that happened. The principle does not care what we do one time I caught three students smoking pot in the schools AG Barn, and when I told the principle he said that I must have seen it wrong because they were good kids that would never do anything like smoke pot. At the end of the talk with him nothing happened to the kids and I was the one that was seen as the bad kid because he sayed that i was lying because I did not like the kids. The very next day was the day drug tests happen and I was the one choosen to take the drug test not the three kids who I had caught and turned in for smoking pot.
Most of all it’s been pretty good, but there’s definitely been some dull moments. The principle only cares about what he wants, and if he doesn’t care then it doesn’t matter.
Purcell High School is a place where everyone knows everyone and treats them like how they would want to be treated. It is a great environment that many, including me, have come and accepted and have enjoyed for the four years I have spent at this high school. I mostly spent time with the band program which I have come to call a second family. Our band director is one of the best high school band directors in the state. You'll come to love him as well as the many other teachers and workers at the school. Each and every single one of them does a tremendous amount of work to keep the school in good spirits and in a good light. Purcell High School is a great environment for kids to come a receive an education.
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In my experience as a Purcell High School student, I have enjoyed my high school years to an extent. Pep rallies held in the gym were always looked forward to by the student body, most teachers were willing to listen to students with an open mind and ready to help them succeed. Although, as my high school career comes to an end, I will be glad to graduate and continue my education.
I like all of the classes that they provide but I wish the student body was closer. There is too many cliques.
I like how small it is, because I feel very connected with everyone. Purcell is ver centered around sports. When there are any sports related events, everyone comes out to support and I like that a lot.
I like being here. I wish the cafeteria food was more edible, and those new fluorecent lights give me headaches. Otherwise, it's great!
The facility is very good and safe. There are a few teachers that are questionable. Some tend to try to hard to be the students friends. Some classes/teachers are taught by watching videos. Not much teaching going on. My main concern is my child preparedness for college in the form of studying. The counseling could use some improvement as well.
It is a really good school with meaningful morals. They have provided me a sound education. They only thing I would recommend is less focus on sports and more focus on other clubs and academic related opportunities.
The teachers at Purcell High School can be biased with students and their grades. The academics are better than some of the surrounding school, but some of the teachers do not reach out to students. If a child had a learning disability the teacher would not take extra time to go over the course with them. Also, the college readiness is not satisfactory. The school counselor doesn't reach out to students and they don't have many college events. The only thing that Purcell offers ism an ACT preparatory class. The school needs to be more involved with helping seniors get to where they need to be, not just say I am busy at the moment.
You have your classroom kids and you have your athletes and that's about it. There is not much in between.
Student involvement at sporting events back when I was in high school was so amazing. It has fallen off the map since then.
I was never really in clubs or organizations. But from what I hear, they're decent.
I loved that it was such a small school and you rarely saw anyone that you did not know.
Overall quality of teachers is decent. Although, there are teachers coming and going every year. There are always the few teachers that play favorites.
There is a select group of students in the school who are extremely involved in multiple activities and organizations, but the rest are completely disengaged. There is not much cultural or racial diversity within the school, but there is occasional exclusion or bullying.
Most of the teachers are very competent and care about their students' learning. However, there are little options for tutoring, technology, etc. Also, there is not an abundant choice of classes.
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This school offers normal classes and a few specialized classes.
The school is fairly secure and I have never felt in danger or scared. We have good emergency drills and many cameras throughout the building. We do not have a school nurse though.
The school offers a fairly large number of extracurricular activities considering its size. Many of the same students take part in many of the clubs and organizations, leaving many that are not involved in anything. Our student council is very active and impressive and our National Honor Society is one of the best around in terms of service activities.
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