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There are a lot of different opinions on Public Safety Academy. The school is a very safe environment but the older people on the campus are so disrespectful towards you. Rules are outrageous. But overall, since Ive been at this school since it had opened, its something that Im very used too. Some teachers are willing to help you get prepared for your future and some just don´t even know what they are teaching.
Overall, this school is average at best. Some of the teachers aren't that well trained or they just don't seem interested in what they do. Events at this school aren't the best either, because of the lack of funding. The school is also devoid of sports, which could be huge when deciding which school to go too. The staff are annoying, getting mad at students just because they can. Academics is alright, with some AP courses available.
I liked that it is an environment with little to no distractions which makes it easy to learn. What I would like to see change is that amount of classes available to high schoolers because there aren’t many options.
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The discipline that one develops, along with the leadership charisma gained from being a cadet here, are character traits that can be easily gained. It is such an outstanding school. From involved and caring teachers to fun and challenging lessons. From the six pillars of character to being a family school. This is a school like no other.
My experience at the Public Safety Academy was average, not the worst or the best. Things that I would like to see change is that 100% graduation pass. They are will to bend the school rules so that every student in the grade can graduate. It's unrealistic and it cheats people could of the reality of life. Another thing that I would like to see change is having formation every day. Honestly most of the announcements that are given outside and be given over the intercom. Sometimes when it is really cold that when the announcements are the longest and at that point everyone is getting restless. What I thought was good was some of the teachers. Most of the teachers create a good bond between the students and makes the environment safer and better.
I believe the teachers at The Public Safety Academy are great at what they do and have great relationships with their students. I also believe the courses are great, but there is very a small selection in electives available and many students complain about that. There is also a small amount of clubs and sports, and there is not much focus on it. A big reason for this is because the campus is simply not big enough to support extracurricular activities. Along with that there is a lower population of students compared to other high schools, so everyone knows everybody. Some people take this as a good thing, others don't. PSA doesn't give you the "high school experience" but I still believe it is a great school that focuses on education and it is probably the dream school to a student wanting to pursue a career in public safety. The biggest problem I can acknowledge is lack of in-school events and communication.
The Public Safety Academy is the perfect place to build project based learning skills, respect, and discipline. It is a military based school that gives you a foundation to prepare you for life outside of high school. One thing I would change however, is the quality of our food.
The routine and structure and the school work prepares for college. The teachers and staff are approachable and willing to work alongside you to problem solve any issues you may encounter
The Public Safety Academy is a very good school and you can learn some things that you might not learn at other schools.
This school promotes conversation to discuss topics in a civil way that creates a deep understanding and change of perspective.
The Public Safety Academy is a great school to go to if you are looking for something different. Its not like most middle/high schools but what it lacks in "the typical high school experience" it makes up in the life long relationships you make with community member and staff .
The Public Safety Academy isn't your average school, you get a diverse group of student who grow up together from elementary all through high school and that is every special, because we actually do get to know each other and become a family. You have great staff member who you can go and talk to and as a student, you know that they will care.
My first few weeks at this school were very rough because I wasn't use to such a disciplined and high structured school. It is unlike any ordinary public school. This school gives you a better education and lots of discipline. It is basically a semi-military school and it mainly focuses on public safety, since that is what the academy is called. You have to wear uniforms which is nice because you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear everyday and have kids judge you on what you're wearing. This school gets you better ready for college and they are strict when it comes to academics. Having the kids wear uniforms gives them a better attitude and overall it makes the kids more mature. The teachers are awesome at this school because they really focus on the students with their education.
Public Safety Academy truly is a great school that provides rigorous academics as well as a intimate atmosphere. The school is only currently 5 years old but as each year goes by the program improves more and more. I started school as a sixth grader and am now a sophomore and will end up being apart of the third graduating class. The teachers here truly all care for their students and help all that come to them. Even though each grade is fairly small compared to other high schools it allows for the teachers to build great relationships with each and every student. The academics here, although focused on public safety fields, ready you for any and all careers.
The Public Safety Academy is a para military school. It teaches their cadets a form of discipline in order to prepare them for the future. What I like about this school is the understanding and bond between the teachers and students. The teachers at this school actually take time to help each student that needs help, even if they don’t seem like they need it. The students at this school are also different than those in other schools. We have high ethical standards that we all follow, we hardly have any issues and when we do it quickly gets solve. However, what I would change about our school is the campus size. I feel that our campus is too small for all the grades 5 through 12.
Some of the things I liked of the PSA was that they kept us the students in order and on check . Although some students can agree that there was some very unfair moments because of teachers there. There wasn't much liberty like a regular high school .
The staffs and students are very friendly. It has a accepting atmosphere that makes learning easier because of its environment.
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Some extracurricular activities after school are Student Council. Student Council is an opportunity for all grades to be represented and speak out their ideas. If a specific grade wants to fundraiser for an event they are planning to do and need money, they go in and propose their fundraiser, and we approve it. Student Council also plans school events and works hand-in-hand with leadership to make events that will be fun for everyone.
My overall experience at this school is very positive, I tend to go to most of the school events and I always end up having a great time. Our school is not very big, we are pretty small but that is okay with me because teachers can focus better on students and have a better connection with them.
The teachers at my school are pretty great. Most of the teachers stay after school for a minimum of 30 minutes and leave their doors open for anyone who has questions or needs help. For example, last week my AP Calculus teacher helped us for an hour after school to help us further understand a topic and be prepared for our test that we had the next day. She really helped me grasp the topic even more than I already had and clear up a lot of questions I had and thankfully passed my test.
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