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PSJA North Early College High School Reviews

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What I liked most about this high school is that all administrators and counselors are really pushing forward on taking college courses because it is going to save you money in the future. It is a great and outgoing school that I will miss very much. One thing I would like to change from there is making sure we have kids under controlled and doing what they need to be doing.
I liked the fact that PSJA North High School gave us a chance to have a head start in life by enrolling in early college classes with STC. It showed hand on hand work on how college will be for me in the future.
I loved the people and the administration. I believe that they were always there when I had a question or concern!
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What I like about PSJA North Early College High School is the teachers never give up on students. We encourage each other to be supportive and to work hard. It's fun to be in activities that you get to be part of and something you enjoy. What I like to see change at PSJA North is the food in the cafeteria to be better. My experience at PSJA North will be unforgettable and always in my heart.
I enjoyed how some of the teachers were very calm and well collected, it helped me understand the content of the course way better which is how I would prefer the rest of the staff at the school would be.
A good environment overall, enjoyed my 4 years here as a student. Classes provided ample opportunity to learn and were mostly engaging.
This school is absolutely beautiful and perfect for every student attending or wanting to attend. Having the right teachers involved in making each student comfortable and ready to succeed is actually what PSJA NORTH ECHS is all about.
I enjoyed my experience at PSJA North Early College. For the most part, I loved my teachers. I feel like they properly taught their subjects and prepared me for college. I especially appreciated my high school advisors, they worked very hard to help us, seniors, understand the college application process.
My experience at PSJA North there are good staff and bad staff. What is considered as bad staff are teachers that actually want to educate the kids so they are tough on them and what is considered good staff are the teachers that do not care. Makes no sense
I really like that no matter what you choose to do with your future, the administrators and counselors are always there to help. For example, a student might want to change their career path or endorsement because they prefer to study that as oppose to what they were studying. In this case the counselors will do their best in order to accommodate the student.
I Graduated from PSJA north high school in 2018 and overall my experience there was amazing. They staff and my fellow classmates were amazing and supportive of one another.
Honestly there was a lot to love about the school. However there was not a lot to love about the work. The teaching ranged from people who cared about everything you did. To those who wouldn’t care if you showed up to class. I wish they didn’t force projects on kids that already have a lot on their plate. Honestly it’s a pretty good school and it would be a good choice to send a student here.
This school is amazing, because it is on open area where all the students can go outside and enjoy the sun and fresh area. The environment at PSJA North is a open and very friendly with many smiling faces where you will always feel welcomed.
My experience at PSJA North was great. I had great teachers and met some amazing friends. The staff was nice and if you ever needed help, they would gladly be there for you.
I liked the guidance I was given by my counselor. However, most of the administration is not very helpful and will, most of the time, brush you off when you ask for help.
I liked that the school has a great variety of extracurricular activities. It would be nice if the school offered more support to its students when it comes to their mental health.
It was a great experience as a student and the staff is great. They guide you towards the right path for college as well as dual credit courses that are very helpful.
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Many teachers had no motivation or were just as immature as the students. More professionalism is highly recommended.
Gives students the chance to get a head start in college and graduate high school with an associates. The administration are really up-tight but they have to be so that it's not chaotic.
I remember the first day when I was new to Raiders. I was nervous being my first time on a high school. A day before I got super nervous because I didn't know how high school was. Being a freshman I had trouble looking for the classes the administration would help us a lot, even the students that were there before us. The academics that they offered are really good. For example, they have the TSI and the good thing is free for us , so we can take college classes.
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